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Mooc project 3 groop gum


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Mooc project 3 groop gum

  1. 1. TEETH CLEANING WITH GUM: FIGHTINGTHE ILLUSIONMay 12 2013Michael JohnsonCraig FinlayJustin Pevnick
  2. 2. GUM GIVES THE ILLUSION OFCLEANING TEETH According to professionals even gum that can clean teeth doesnot replace daily dental hygiene needs (
  3. 3. DESIGN GUM THAT ACTUALLY CLEANSTEETH Sticks to plaque like it sticks to shoe
  4. 4. WHY WOULD THIS BE GOOD Save people time Prevents dangerous behavior Saves people money Can be used mid-day in order to add an extra brush Reduce heart disease
  5. 5. HOW WOULD IT WORK? Particles in the gum would bind to the plaque pull it off the teeth
  6. 6. WHEN ARE YOU DONE? The gum would change flavor as the plaque bonded once the newflavor completely takes over then the process is over
  7. 7. CAN BE DEPOSED OF INCOMPOST The gum can be deposed ofin compost People should not swallowthe gum because it keeps theplaque in the body yourtrying to get rid off
  8. 8. THANK YOU!!