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UE Bangladesh

  1. 1. basic living
  2. 2. Five points of cyclonic architecture 1 pilotis against flooding In order to protect the cyclone shelter from storm surges, the building has been raised 6 meters into the air by using pilotis made of concrete. 2 roof terrace for extra capacaty Since the cyclone shelters are often crowded during the disaster, the roof terrace can allow for extra capacity. 3 concrete walls for protection To make sure that all people using the cyclone shelter are safe and sound, the walls have to be strong enough to withstand the strong gusts of wind. 4 free floor plan The floorplan should be free enough, so that the shelter’s program can change all around the year. It can then be used as school or office for instance. 5 windows with metal shutters During a cyclone, the open windows should be protected from outside winds. Metal shutters make sure that everyone inside is safe and sound.