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IESF General Presentation

  1. 1. International Executive Search Federation
  2. 2. IESF Global ReachYou find IESF in over 130 locations with more than 1,500 consultants/employees around the world. We are the largest Executive Search group in the world  Americas: (85 offices) Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, USA  Europe - Africa: (30 offices) Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom  AsiaPac - Middle East: (17 offices) Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, United Arab Emirates
  3. 3. IESF OverviewIESF Overview Search capabilitiesThe largest Executive Search Group with global and unified search 20 % Searches and services for talentscapabilities of talents, executives and mangers 20 % Searches and services for CEOs and the entire C-level executivesSpecial strengths on Emerging Markets (BRIC, Eastern Europe) 60 % Searches for Managers and Specialists1500 consultants/employees work out of 130 offices in practically all Covering all functionsmajor cities around the world One of the largest candidate pools for talents and leadersOver 2500 international and local clients Global leadership - and assessment tools3000 searches per year 42 % Americas, 38% Europe and Africa, 20 % AsiaPac and Middle EastGlobal Reach – Local Knowledge “To provide exceptional talented leadership as the preferred global executive search partner to clients in emerging and mature markets, with global knowledge and expertise”
  4. 4. Managing Across BordersIESF recognizes that each country around the world has its own social and cultural framework.We believe that our clients are best served by professionals who live and work in the locationwhere the appointment is to be based, who can bring specialized understanding of these localbusiness customs and practices and who have ownership in the business in which they work.The consultants of our partners are leading professional staff who have extensive experience insenior management in multi-national companies, or who have worked previously with otherleading recruitment practices. As a result they are experienced on how to ensure that client andcandidate relationships are best developed and nurtured towards a successful outcome.The IESF operates on the principle of one partner firm per country. This allows those invited intopartnership to make the highest level of commitment to their work with international clients andavoid conflicts of interest.Client and Candidate ChartersYour IESF partner is your partner to assist you to recruit high quality executives to ensure yourbusiness success. A Client Charter and Candidate Charter have been prepared to enable theparties to understand their obligations and to work in trust and harmony together.
  5. 5. Organizational Chart Americas Europe - Africa AsiaPac - Middle East Joint President Joint PresidentIESF Vital Statistics: Mark Geary Jacob Hoekstra1500 Consultants IESF Leadership andworlwideGroup Turnover: Development CouncilUSD$ 300 million VP Business Development Commercial Director Frank Zwicky Chris Geary Marketing Officer Practice Group / Sector Leaders Regional Leaders
  6. 6. IESF Practice GroupsAgri BusinessApparel and LuxuryIndustryBanking, Financial and Business ServicesPharmaceuticals and Life SciencesConstructionEnergy and EnvironmentOil and GasRetail and FMCGIT and TechnologyLeadership and Board ServicesLogistics and Transport
  7. 7. Unique International Search Process Search Market Candidate Candidate Briefing strategy and review and approach and and client competences identification evaluation interviewsWhat we stand for What you can expect Visible, transparent international process  Commitment in time and process True understanding of request  Delivering results Weekly updates  Escorting the candidates properly Clear milestones agreed  Guiding the client honestly Driving the search project  Prompt and meaningful feedback Availability of consultants  Consultants with passion Honest and open information
  8. 8. IESF Timeline TIMELINE - MILESTONE CHART Milestone Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10Briefing with clientsOffer/Order confirmation+ Job profileTarget listResearchIdentification in internal +external databaseSourcing/Direct search ofcandidatesWeekly status reportPersonal interviewsShortlist/ConfidentialreportPresentation of qualifiedcandidatesReference checks/offerformalitiesPlacement/Signing of thecontractClients feedback/Projectclose
  9. 9. What makes us different?• Local market knowledge & Global search capacity• Largest network with more than 130 offices worldwide• Strong presence in the emerging markets (BRIC, Eastern Europe, UAE etc.)• Coherent high quality standards• Common search process• Independently owned country businesses (= no internal competition)• 12 Practice Groups• Best ratio value-quality fees & flexible T&C
  10. 10. IESF Clients
  11. 11. To find outstanding talent ... … you need a service that stands out from the crowd
  12. 12. IESFDalton House60 Windsor Copyright © 2009 IESF. All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is prohibited