Presentation for social media


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Presentation for social media

  1. 1. Company’s value &Social Media -----------Laurity Gao
  2. 2. What is ValueThree Levels of Value 1. Espoused Values 2. Perceived Values 3. Actual Values
  3. 3. Espoused ValuesThe values an organization or leader intends.They are formal and communicated both inwriting and verbally.This is “ What I say who I am”
  4. 4. Perceived ValuesThose values the employees believe theorganization or leader actually embody. They arethe values the employees believe are behindactions.
  5. 5. Actual ValuesThose values which actually underlie how theorganization operates. They may or may not bearticulated, or even conscious.
  6. 6. Why by Social Media1. Large number of current and potentialcustomers.2. To accept a value need time. (There is adifference between accept cash and acceptvalues.)3. Along way evaluation.(Interact, and grow upwith customers further customer loyalty)
  7. 7. How to do Make social media pages along with companies value.Social media stage Repetitively talking about company’s value in related campaign on the social media channelAct as says Nurture your value in your target audience’s heart not force them to accept.Water is stronger than metal
  8. 8. Social Media stage Make social media pages closely connect with organization’s value Be simple but not boringFast, high quality news, and free talks
  9. 9. Act as Says To help audience understand organization’s valueby launching related campaigns and topics, postthem on the social media channel.
  10. 10. Water is Stronger than MetalWater can saturate sand.Water =soft skills to illustrate organizationsvalue.Dry sand=groundswell
  11. 11. Bad ExamplesMcdonald’s wanted to reintroduce its mint flavorShamrocking, by encouraging customers to postlike an captain.
  12. 12. McDonalds brand mission is to be our customers favorite place andway to eat.
  13. 13. What Li and Bernoff saysFirst, it is important to take this step by step.Second, each of these stepping-stones leads in anatural progression to the next step.Third, you have to have executive support.
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