iPads - Accessing Files


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Class PowerPoint used during iPads - accessing your files and displaying PowerPoint class.

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iPads - Accessing Files

  1. 1. iPadsAccessing Files and Displaying PowerPoint Beyond the Basics Web Site Laurie Sherrod · laurie@clemson.edu · www.clemson.edu/~lauries
  2. 2. Connect to Projector1. Apple VGA Adapter - connects an iPad to a VGA projector via aVGA cable - ~$292. Apple Digital AV Adapter - connects an iPad to an HDMI projectorvia an HDMI cable - ~$393. Apple TV - displays your iPad wirelessly to an HDMI projector - $99($59 for Kanex ATV Pro adapter to connect to VGA)4. AirServer or Reflection - A program that you install on your Mac orPC that lets you connect an iPad wirelessly to your computer. There is acharge $$$.
  3. 3. SlideShark• Go to slideshark.com, create an account, upload a PowerPoint (using computer)• Add the SlideShark app to your iPad• Show your PowerPoint from your iPad while connected to a projector
  4. 4. Google Drive• Go to g.clemson.edu, sign in, click on Drive• Upload your PowerPoint converting• Install Drive app on your iPad• Display PowerPoint – To edit, use browser and change to “desktop mode”
  5. 5. Google DriveOpen in: • iBooks – adds as .PDF • Pointer – lets you annotate while showing • SkyDrive • Cloud On (very slow)
  6. 6. Dropbox• Go to dropbox.com, create account, install on desktop• Upload or drag PowerPoint• Install Dropbox app on iPad• Show file – Or Open In • Good Docs (adds to Google Drive) • SkyDrive • Cloud On (slow)
  7. 7. SkyDrive• Go to skydrive.com, create account, install on desktop• Upload or create files• Install iPad app• Display files
  8. 8. Box• Go to clemson.box.com – Creates account – Upload a PowerPoint• Install Box app on iPad• Install Cloud On app on iPad• Open PowerPoint• Open in Cloud On to edit
  9. 9. Cloud On• Create or edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint• Save to Box, Dropbox, Google
  10. 10. FTPManager Free• Install iPad App• Settings: – User name: .laurie.l.employee.clemsonu – CU password – Server: ftp.netware.clemsonu
  11. 11. EduCreations• Record drawing and save• Great for classroom demonstrations – chalkboard on an iPad• Another option: Doceri
  12. 12. Adobe Connect• Use to join an Adobe Connect session
  13. 13. Remote Mouse• Go to www.remotemouse.net and install on your computer• Write down the IP address of the computer• Install Remote Mouse app on your iPad• Control the computer mouse and keyboard from anywhere in the room via wireless!
  14. 14. PocketCloud• Remote connection to your computer
  15. 15. Screen ShotThe screenshot will end up in your Photos. You can click on it to emailit to yourself or share in other ways installed on your iPad.
  16. 16. Prezi Viewer• Go to www.prezi.com and create an account on your computer• Create your Prezi• Install Prezi Viewer on your iPad• Log in and show your Prezi in class