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  1. 1. Let’s Begin Portland Realtor Thank you for inquiring about our services and how I can help you with your real estate needs. I always look forward to meeting and working with new clients. Laurie
  2. 2. Your Desires, Your Needs, Your Comfort Zone… All created under the Peniuk Real Estate, Inc./ Keller Williams umbrella, 3 rd largest Real Estate Company in North America. Our Sunset Corridor office is the fastest growing office in the Hillsboro/ Beaverton area. Laurie offers the ultimate real estate buying and selling experience - one which effortlessly blends all the coveted resources of an industry powerhouse with all the personal touches and care of a small business. Her desire is to custom build the real estate experience of your dreams! By developing distinctive real estate goals designed specifically to suit your needs and combining these with specific skill sets, savvy marketing materials and the latest technology; Laurie will provide you with the most solid and comprehensive resources available for the Greater Portland market. Allowing Laurie the opportunity to serve you, you'll find her services not only valuable but with dedication, honesty and integrity. Remember… Experience Is Measured By RESULTS, Not Just Years Of Service! Laurie Peniuk Keller Williams Realty, Sunset Corridor 1915 NW Amberglen Pkwy, Suite 250 Beaverton, OR 97006 Sunset Corridor
  3. 3. Keller Williams Realty, Sunset Corridor Recognizing Experience & Exceptional Service! Portland Metro Association of Realtors .
  4. 4. YOUR Decision… To Hire A Realtor Is Based Upon The PLAN, Not Just The Price! <ul><li>The Marketing Plan For Your Home! </li></ul><ul><li>A marketing plan will vary from real estate company to real estate company. </li></ul><ul><li>A marketing plan will also vary from agent to agent depending upon experience. </li></ul><ul><li>The Pricing Plan For Your Home! </li></ul><ul><li>The price range of your home will not vary between companies since it is determined based upon current market facts that are: a) available to all companies, and b) not in the control of any one particular company. </li></ul>Realtors Control MARKETING PLANS, But Never Market Price! Laurie Peniuk Keller Williams Realty, Sunset Corridor
  5. 5. There Are 12 Reasons Why You Will Benefit By Having Laurie Represent You with Selling Your Home! 1 Identify Your Selling Goals! 2 Attract More Buyers! 3 Market “Inside-Home” Effectively! 4 Market “Outside-Home” Effectively! 5 Reach Buyers Through The MLS! 6 Reach Buyers Through The Internet! 7 Qualify The Buyer! 8 Negotiate With The Buyer and/or agent! 9 Assist The Buyer With Financing! 10 Keep The Buyer After The Sale! 11 Stay Informed At All Times! 12 Determine The Best Asking Price! Selling Your Home Is So Important That It Deserves A Thorough Review Before You Select A Realtor! Laurie Peniuk Keller Williams Realty, Sunset Corridor
  6. 6. There’s MORE… To Selling A Home Than Simply Putting A Sign On The Lawn! But Don’t Worry, We Have A System That Puts The Odds In YOUR FAVOR! Do You Know… The Average buyer inspects 11 homes before deciding on one to purchase? This Means… 10 other homes are competing against yours. The Winner Will Be… The one who can best market your home effectively and bring out the details of a home in such a way to get it sold. The one who is successful in selling homes even in a challenging market and networked with local area realtors and a member of The Million Dollar Club through the Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors. Most importantly, the one who works hard and represents your best interests always. Someone you trust and can communicate with. Someone that works with you as a team accomplishing the same goals… Getting your home sold!
  7. 7. If you’d like to request a complete marketing campaign CD, please contact Laurie and we’ll get one out in the mail right away for you.
  8. 8. Home Video Presentation CD … Check out a video presentation at www.LauriePeniuk.com We don’t just provide flyers, we design your Home CD! We’ll make a professional Home Video Presentation CD of your home for prospective buyers to take home and review. When buyers are viewing homes, they usually do so in groups, up to 11 homes at a time. Since they are viewing so many homes, they may forget or confuse your features with the features of the other homes. This is an effective way for buyer’s to preview your home once again.
  9. 10. Get maximum exposure while your home is advertised on Laurie’s real estate book page each month. Distributing over 28,000 copies to 90 different locations throughout the West Metropolitan area and over 35 internet real estate websites. The Real Estate Book
  10. 11. Marketing Flyer High Resolution Photos and Color Copies
  11. 12. Laurie sends out 200 announcement postcards to your surrounding neighbors about your new listing inviting them to your upcoming Open House Event. Neighbors love to look at homes for sale in their neighborhood, and better opportunity to be able to choose their next neighbor. They’ll be sure to tell their friends, family and co-workers about your new home for sale in their area. Just Listed Postcards
  12. 13. Important Features… Are Also Highlighted Through In-Home Display Cards! This Presents Us With A MAJOR PROBEM! What We Do Together… We will make a list highlighting specific features we want the buyer to notice during a showing. • We’ll then place the in-home display cards throughout the home. Why? • MLS agents will bring their buyers to view your home. But The Problem Is… Each agent will show your home their own way. We want the buyer to see your home for all that it has to offer. Laurie Peniuk Keller Williams Realty, Sunset Corridor
  13. 14. Display Cards Give A Reason For The Buyer To ASK QUESTIONS! Laurie is Absolutely Determined… ALL BUYERS be given every opportunity to view your home properly. The In-Home Display Card Strategy Is… Our only solution to ensuring all buyers see your home in the SAME WAY. Can you see how this will allow your home to compete successfully against other homes within your price range? Laurie Peniuk Keller Williams Realty, Sunset Corridor
  14. 15. Your personal home website will also be syndicated to the following Real Estate websites for maximum internet exposure.
  15. 16. Internet Websites Helping You To Reach Buyers Through The Top Real Estate INTERNET WEBSITES! According to NAR – National Association of Realtors 87% of buyers start their home search on the internet. A strong internet presence is essential in today’s market. It’s The MOST EFFECTIVE Internet Marketing System Available Today! Laurie Peniuk Keller Williams Realty, Sunset Corridor
  16. 17. Laurie’s Website Your home featured on Keller Williams National website and Laurie’s personal website
  17. 18. Internet Marketing… with Social Media Laurie is personally networked with over 700 local area Realtors through Facebook. Establishing business relationships with other realtors is a key factor in getting your home sold quickly. When you’ve had successful transactions in the past with other realtors, they enjoy bringing their buyers to your listings. It’s a Win, Win for everyone.
  18. 19. Laurie Provides her clients with The Home Feedback System. Keeping Sellers informed of home showings and what other agents and prospective buyer are saying about your home. If there’s something wrong with your home, we want to know immediately so we can fix it and be prepared for the any potential buyer. Seller’s Home Feedback
  19. 20. When Selling Your Property it is important knowing what your agent is doing for you. Seller’s Home Feedback
  20. 21. Laurie’s average marketing time for homes sold, is less than 30 days. Pricing your home + Strong Marketing = SOLD! Listed: 6/8/2009 Pending: 7/7/2009 (DOM) Days on the market: 29 days Offer Price: $219,847 Closed date: 8/10/2009 Terms: FHA Sold Price: $219,900 Listed: 6/25/2009 Pending: 6/26/2009 (DOM) Days on the market: 1day Offer Price: $229,900 Closed date: 8/28/2009 Terms: CONV Sold Price: $229,900 LISTING AND SELLING AGENT: Laurie Peniuk Listed: 9/26/2009 Pending: 9/26/2009 (DOM) Days on the market: 4 Hours Offer Price: $234,900 Closed date: 11/6/2009 Terms: CONV Sold Price: $235,100 Listed: 6/8/2009 Pending: 6/11/2009 (DOM) Days on the market: 3 days Offer Price: $294,900 Closed date: 7/6/2009 Terms: CONV Sold Price: $294,900 You get results when you list your home with Laurie
  21. 22. www.FreePortlandMarketReport.com for a FREE MLS report of specific to YOUR home or any neighborhood that you or anyone you know is looking to research, buy or sell in. Has the Market Stabilized in Your Neighborhood? Receive a real time market report of homes for sale or that have sold YOUR neighborhood or any desired area you wish to research. Your Neighborhood Realtor Beaverton Hillsboro Aloha
  22. 23. Helping You To Negotiate With The Buyer! A Realtor Uses Market Data To PROVE Home Value To A Buyer! Laurie Can Get You More Money! Negotiating an offer is not easy, for emotions tend to get involved. (Example: Unions & Management) Real Estate Is Often The Same! Should the seller and buyer negotiate directly, often the emotional difficulties of negotiation causes the seller to lose the buyer. A Realtor serves as a third party and is in a much better position to maintain the buyer to current market value. Laurie Peniuk Keller Williams Realty, Sunset Corridor
  23. 24. Keeping You Informed About The Progress Of The Sale! Service To Me Means Making Myself AVAILABLE To YOU 24-7! Daily… When you list with Laurie, She promises to keep you up-to-date every day. Your Service Center Web Site! Just visit the service center site that will be created for you. It will keep you informed on what’s going on at all times. Personal Contact! In addition to the service site, Laurie will contact you personally by phone as well on a weekly basis. Laurie Peniuk Keller Williams Realty, Sunset Corridor
  24. 25. 21 Tips For Selling Success! 1 Curb Appeal: Bring it to the best appearance possible. 2 Driveway: Fix needed repairs, wash it or clean it. 3 Roof: How is the condition? Be Sure to clean it. 4 Mailbox: Make it attractive. 5 Front Door: Must be in the best shape possible fresh paint if needed. 6 Windows: Clean and crack free? 7 Exterior Paint: How is the condition? 8 Garage Door: How is the condition? 9 Front, Side & Back Yards: Must be in the best shape and mowed. 10 Your Cars: If not in good shape, remove from driveway for showings. 11 Front Entry: Clean & free of clutter 12 Closets & Rooms: Remove as much clothing and furniture as possible. 13 Carpet: Must be clean. 14 Door Leading to Garage: Have door unlocked and garage clean. 15 Interior Paint: Must be in the best shape possible. 16 Light Bulbs: Make sure all work and brightest bulbs possible. 17 Furnace & Air Conditioner: Clean them up and replace furnace filters 18 Home Clutter: Eliminate it. 19 Kitchen: Clean and bright at all times. Remove everything off refrigerator & magnets. 20 Baths & Bedrooms & Pool: Clean and bright at all times. 21 Home Smell: Must be fresh. If you smoke… use air freshener. Laurie Peniuk Keller Williams Realty, Sunset Corridor
  25. 26. Receive a One Year Home Warranty Plan, Courtesy of Peniuk Real Estate Inc. when you list with us.
  26. 28. Contact Laurie For Any of Your Real Estate Needs Contact Information PENIUK REAL ESTATE, Inc. Website: www.LauriePeniuk.com Email: Homes@LauriePeniuk.com www.FreePDXForeclosureList.info www.FreePortlandMarketReport.com Direct: (503) 969-2073 Fax: (503) 270-5728 Going the extra mile to get your home SOLD! 2009 & 2010 Multi-Million Dollar Realtor