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Preso for BarCampNashville 11: The Zen of UX. Learn the methodology, then take what you need and leave the rest. UX is a state of being: kindness, courtesy and magic are what you need. Plus boxes and arrows.

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UX: See, Speak, Share

  1. 1. #UX See Laurie Speak Kalmanson #BCN11UX Share 1Saturday, October 15, 2011UX has a specialized vocabulary, but it’s really very simple: Be kind. Be clear. Be yourself /your brand.
  2. 2. #UX #CX Delight people Solve problems 2Saturday, October 15, 2011People like things that are wonderful, gracious and helpful. We don’t like things that aren’t.
  3. 3. Give people things they’ve never seen #coolstuff #whoa 3Saturday, October 15, 2011What can you imagine? What have you seen that is beyond your imagining?
  4. 4. Give people things they’ve never seen ...or imagined 4Saturday, October 15, 2011What can you give your users and customers that they haven’t seen before?
  5. 5. #interfaces are songs 5Saturday, October 15, 2011An interface has a rhythm. It has a beat. It can be synth/drums/bass, it can be what you hearwhen you’re lost at the supermarket -- but it has a sound and a mood.
  6. 6. Mobile has a beat you can dance to. 6Saturday, October 15, 2011What are the steps for the dance your interface does? What dance should your client’sinterface have?
  7. 7. Mobile goes vroom vroom beep beep. 7Saturday, October 15, 2011Mobile has unique constraints and opportunities. The focus is intense. The space is small.How can you add delight with motion? MiniCooper uses wiggles and bounces.
  8. 8. #videoof catplaying withiPad #videoof babyusing iPhone 8Saturday, October 15, 2011We know the jokes and we know the punchlines. #magazinesareiPadsthatarebroken
  9. 9. 9Saturday, October 15, 2011Two characters and one iconic device can tell a story.
  10. 10. 10Saturday, October 15, 2011When humans feel things, we want to share things.
  11. 11. HOW And you do I may ask work yourself, this? 11Saturday, October 15, 2011There are two kinds of experiences: Good experiences and not-good experiences.
  12. 12. #howdoiworkthis? 12Saturday, October 15, 2011These are not-good experiences: Facebook error messages are rude and the opposite ofhelpful. Don’t do this.
  13. 13. #howdoiworkthis? 13Saturday, October 15, 2011A two-floor elevator should have simple buttons that say 1,2 or Up/Down, or a simple toggle.Don’t do this.
  14. 14. #howdoiworkthis? 14Saturday, October 15, 2011These four experiences are good and not-good, each in their own ways. Take the good.Leave the bad.
  15. 15. #howdoiworkthis? 15Saturday, October 15, 2011This is the userflow for Facebook privacy settings. This is the opposite of a good experience.
  16. 16. #engagementarchitecture #mobile #website #ux #ia #contentstrategy #branding #visualdesign #lookandfeel 16Saturday, October 15, 2011These buzzwords and hashtags for the jargon and methodology of user experience are easyto research and easy to learn. Do that. Then take what you need and leave the rest.
  17. 17. #userflows #storyboards #personas #contentaudit #usernarratives #wireframes 17Saturday, October 15, 2011Same here.
  18. 18. 18Saturday, October 15, 2011
  19. 19. Which one are you? Which one would you rather be? 19Saturday, October 15, 2011Each of these is an experience. You might like one, two, three or none. What are your userstories for each of these? That’s the framework for personas and narratives for your site orapp or service.
  20. 20. Saturday, October 15, 2011Be kind. Do good work. It’s pretty much that simple.
  21. 21. Thank you. @lauriekalmanson slideshare.net/lauriek 21Saturday, October 15, 2011