Mantaray Design Studio Profile And Portfolio 2009


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Mantaray Design Studio Profile And Portfolio 2009

  1. 1. mantaray studio t +27 021 556 9711 +82 952 9464 +866 552 616 laurian.miles w skype c f design e web design _graphic design magazines newsletters annual reports corporate ID dtp & layout project management books banners _brochures academic & research reports 1 portfolio... M ant ar ay D esig n S t u d io : : P o r tf o l i o : : 2 00 9
  2. 2. T h e T e l ko m Fo unda ti o n Annua l Re p o rt 2 009 2 annual reports... M ant ar ay D esig n S t u d io : : P o r tf o l i o : : 2 00 9
  3. 3. T h e T e l ko m Fo unda ti o n Annua l Re p o rt 2 007 /8 2007/8 ANNUAL REPORT 3 annual reports... M ant ar ay D esig n S t u d io : : P o r tf o l i o : : 2 00 9
  4. 4. Me n a t th e S i de o f th e ro a d P ro j e c t 2 008 4 annual reports... M ant ar ay D esig n S t u d io : : P o r tf o l i o : : 2 00 9
  5. 5. T h e T e l ko m Fo unda ti o n CONNE CT Ma g a z i n e 2 009 M ant ar ay D esig n S t u d io : : P o r tf o l i o : : 2 00 9 magazines... ISSUE 01 | MARCH 2009 WIN A LAPTOP! Extending a helping hand to disabled communities 2010 Schools project Published by the Telkom Foundation kicks off Telkom Tower East 152 Proes Street Private Bag X780 Pretoria Bernard Parker 0001 Tel +27 (0)12 311 2186 Fax +27 (0)12 311 2551 Email on his rise to the top Design and Production by Rothko Tel +27 (0)21 448 9457 Web Email Contributors: Writing Melanie Blythe & Natasha Arendorf Photography Mark Wessels (except iStockphoto images on Pages 10, 20, 22 & 23) Design Laurian Miles, Maryke Howard & Suzan McCreadie 5
  6. 6. Bota ni c a l S o c i e ty o f S o uth Af ri c a , V e l d & Fl o ra 2 009 veld & veld & M ant ar ay D esig n S t u d io : : P o r tf o l i o : : 2 00 9 magazines... MARCH 2009 . VOLUME 95(1) JUNE 2009 . VOLUME 95(2) flora flora Hottentots Holland: a floral fantasy Klein Karoo buzz A year of erica atlassing Rodent pollination captured on The Red Copper and the Black Sugar Ant Wild Flowers along the N7 Water resources that shape our 6 Small trees for gardens Expedition to the Otjihipa Sorting out Oscularia camera Gardening with waterwise flora Three common garden moths Mountains of Namibia Linnaeus, Ryk Tulbagh and two Grafting Mimetes West Coast plants Bulb capitals of the east and Save the Clanwilliam cedar Cape Parrots and yellowwoods scale insects hottentoticus Old fields of the Kamiesberg west Outeniqua mystery deaths A succulent grass Fairy rings w w w. b o t a n i c a l s o c i e t y. o r g . z a w w w. b o t a n i c a l s o c i e t y. o r g . z a K n o w, g r o w a n d p r o t e c t S o u t h A f r i c a ’ s i n d i g e n o u s f l o r a K n o w, g r o w a n d p r o t e c t S o u t h A f r i c a ’ s i n d i g e n o u s f l o r a
  7. 7. Bota ni c a l S o c i e ty o f S o uth Af ri c a , V e l d & Fl o ra 2 008 veld & veld & M ant ar ay D esig n S t u d io : : P o r tf o l i o : : 2 00 9 magazines... SEPTEMBER 2008 . VOLUME 94(3) DECEMBER 2008 . VOLUME 94(4) flora flora The douvygie, Drosanthemum hispidum. Photo: Gavin Maneveldt. Remarkable West Coast bulbs spring bling Dassiekrantz Is your garden green? Hessequa’s best kept secret Restoring valuable spekboomveld Disas of the Drakensburg The Desert Coconut 7 Honeybee pollen thieves Bulbine: a traditional, useful plant ‘A garden inside me’ - the Biodiversity in Learning to love aliens Delosperma in Gauteng Environmental education The butterflies of Fir Tree Park story of Manukelana Environmental Assessment Inspector CREWseau: Botanical The Plane Tree Avenue Enigmatic nerines Brush up on botanical art Tracking unusual Cape plants Gardening with sorghum detectives at work turns 100 Fire and humans Mesembs and Molecules Scale insects and Erica w w w. b o t a n i c a l s o c i e t y. o r g . z a K n o w, g r o w a n d p r o t e c t S o u t h A f r i c a ’ s i n d i g e n o u s f l o r a Know, grow and protect South Africa’s indigenous flora
  8. 8. Un i ve rs i ty o f Ca p e T o w n, Gra dua te S c h o o l o f Bu si n ess: magazines... T4IB02329_MBA A4 ad 4/2/09 10:53 AM Page 1 C M Y CM MY CY CMY Bre a kw a te r Bus i ne s s 20 0 8 & 2 009 K M ant ar ay D esig n S t u d io : : P o r tf o l i o : : 2 00 9 b r e a k w at e r b r e a k w at e r b u s i n e s s b u s i n e s s 8 The magazine of the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Busine s s VolUme 9 #2 NoVemBeR 2008 The m agaz ine of t he Univ er s it y of Cape Town Gr aduat e S c hool of B us ines s VolUme 10 #1 mAY 2009 Bon voyage Frank! Value add GSB prepares for new era GSB celebrates strong values and big achievements Composite
  9. 9. Uni ve rs i ty o f Ca p e T o w n, Ma rke ti ng D e p ar t m en t : Unde rg ra dua te Ma g a z i ne , Y I Z ANI 2 007 /8 yi zani M ant ar ay D esig n S t u d io : : Po rt f o l i o :: 2 00 9 magazines... LIFE @ UC T | 2007/ 8> > the a to z diary 9 famous footsteps: richard e. grant, judith sepuma & mark shuttleworth exclusive interview with uct radio’s dj jonnie << S P U R R I N G T H O S E W H O H E A R I N TO A C T I O N 1
  10. 10. i to i T e c h n ologi es M ant ar ay D esig n S t u d io : : P o r tf o l i o : : 2 00 9 newsletters... [ PROFILE: WAYNE JAGGARD ] [ REGIONAL FOCUS: KWAZULU NATAL ] CFO accepts new challenge At the end of January i to i technologies had to say a haven of safety Durban University of Technology (DUT) is points. All recorders and access points are farewell to Wayne Jaggard - the man that has man- undergoing a major revamp to its campus linked back to the control room via a 1GB aged senior portfolios in finance and operations for security. With the help of i to i technolo- IP backbone installed for this purpose. Us- the past five and a half years. gies this renowned tertiary institution will ing VGA servers and alarm gateways, the i to i will be losing a gifted, fun-loving, extremely soon boast a security system that will help control room operators are working in committed and loyal friend. This was the sentiment protect staff and students, lower the risk real-time situations,” explains Jason. which surfaced from all at the company after hearing of vandalism on campus and ward off other The team at KZN has managed to im- his final decision. dangers such as theft and violent attacks. press Reverend Cele who is the Protection Juan du Toit, Marketing Manager, said that Wayne Jason Pretorius of the Corporate Sales Services Manager of the DUT. Rave reviews would be missed, but management is satisfied that he Division at i to i (KZN) says that this con- circled the i to i offices. has found a place to put all the experience gained at tract is so huge that work on it is most i to i to excellent use. likely to span two to three years. “I believe the i to i teams’ profes- Wayne Jaggard began his career heading up the fi- Jason, who started his career at i to i as sionalism and hard work on this con- nancial affairs of the International Intervid Group in a technician, moved on to a Project Man- tract was what facilitated such excel- September 2002. After the merger, which saw Intervid ager position and in October 2006 became lent reviews, as well as the fact that become a part of i to i technologies, he then took over experience in taking companies through the process of getting listed on the a big part of the sales team for KZN. we played quite a big role in helping the role of Executive in Operations for a period – and JSE. This was something I felt confident about since I had the experience and “I believe that my knowledge of the tech- Durban University of Technology put later went on to become Chief Financial Officer. felt that Trellicor could make use of my skills,” he commented. nicalities of the job helps when I’m pitch- together the strategic details of their Present at i to i’s significant changes, Wayne said Wayne attributes being able to move into a position such as this directly to ing a solution to a client. When I tell them tender document,” says Jason. that it was a difficult decision to leave. i to i and says he still has a lot of vested interest in the company. about the solutions we can offer, clients this contract is being managed and at- “The decision to leave the company that has afford- “I believe i to i is a dynamic company filled with a host of interesting, usually trust that I know what I’m talking As a result of this good work, i to i has tributes the success i to i has achieved to ed me so much experience and great times over the highly skilled people. In the past year there has been substantial groundwork about due to my background,” says Jason. also been verbally contracted to man- the Project Manager, Robin Bailey. Robin, past few years was not an easy one; I had to weigh up laid for huge growth and all the hard work is already proving to be paying So what does the DUT security solution age the monitoring of the system and Ja- his team of sub-contactors (Vikela, Pro Au- my options and decide what was best for me and my off. I truly believe in the future of i to i and in fact have recently invested entail? With such a vast area to secure, son comments that there might be great dio and TC Electrical) and Rasendra Naidoo career,” he explained. my personal funds into the company.” Jason says it first and foremost requires things to come in the future in terms of (assistant PM on this job) have done ex- Wayne was offered an exciting opportunity to join the i to i has yet to appoint his successor, but Wayne says whoever they choose complicated strategic planning. technology on this contract. ceptionally well to keep the project ahead Trellicor Security Group who wanted to list on the JSE. will certainly benefit from a good support base and says that i to i’s financial “The applications used are CCTV cam- “There is definitely no shortage of of schedule and on budget. “I was thrilled at the prospect of becoming a part of structure is set and ready to be taken to the next level in terms of investment. eras placed in strategic positions so as to technology that can be used for the DUT “Robin has gone beyond his job de- this company and ultimately made my decision based “I wish whoever is chosen, all the best, and my message to the rest of the capture any out of the ordinary occurrenc- solution and I predict that in the future scription to ensure excellent customer on two things. The first was that in this position I was i to i staff is a simple one: you belong to a company that has worked hard at es as well as carefully planned-out access systems such as voice evacuation, guard relations. Projects can fail due to lack of going to be working as part of an Executive who would finding its place in the market. At this point the future looks tremendously points with turnstiles and booms. tracking, asset RF-ID tracking and building communication with the client but he has be focussing on expanding the business – something bright and everyone should be proud to be a part of this. I have made many Approximately 144 cameras are being management will be on the cards.” proved that this is definitely not going to that I saw as being very beneficial to me. The second friends and look forward to continue to hear about the achievements of the installed as well as 42 access controlled Jason says that DUT is proud of the way happen here,” he says. was that Trellicor was looking for someone who had company in the future.” [ NEW DEALS ] [ MARKETING new vision for KZN [ ONGOING DEALS ] HIGHLIGHTS ] With footprints across South Africa and Africa, i to i’s vision is maintained. So The KZN branch has struck multi-million rand deals in the last few years: in the Education CLIENT: Greenpoint Stadium says Darryl Nortje – Regional Manager Sector, they secured the Durban University i to i has been awarded the high-profile for the Eastern Cape and recently ap- of Technology contract worth R4.5 million; contract of securing the Greenpoint Sta- MINING INDABA: i to i once again had a pointed Regional Manager for KZN. an ongoing contract with Grindrod, the ship- dium currently under construction for the CLIENT: Holiday Inn Express huge presence at Africa’s most important “My vision for the region is to modify ping, freight logistics company, for R4 million 2010 Fifa World Cup. i to i is now a part- i to i recently secured a contract worth mining event that took place at the Cape the business focus from being a CCTV and in the Estates sector have secured Blair ner of Dimension Data in a contract worth R20 million with Holiday Inn Express, part Town International Convention Centre surveillance provider to a solution pro- Athol for an estimated R8 million. 10 R80million. Johan Viljoen, Account Man- of hotel giant Holiday Inn. Johan Viljoen, on the 4th – 7th of February. The event vider focused around risk analysis. I’m Darryl Nortjie, Regional Manager for KZN ager, says i to i will get about R8million for the Account Manager, says it entails pro- hosted over 3,000 delegates from 60 happy to report the team have begun to and Eastern Cape, says that KZN is also turning providing an IP-based CCTV system, access viding a communications, safety and secu- countries, and exhibitors covering every put that into practise,” he adds. their sights to secure Public Sector contracts control as well as building management rity solution for 11 hotels in South Africa. aspect of the global mining value chain. Numerous training sessions are like soccer stadiums and public buildings. for the stadium. “Construction is now well “The system includes CCTV camera sys- planned for 2008 which will assist the “We are keen to bring our services to the under way and an architectural engineer tems, speaker phones, access control for RETAIL RISK CONFERENCE: Delegates sales team in handling future change. Public Sector. High-tech security is becoming from i to i will be working with Di Data all entrance and exit points, fire detec- will be informed on how to safeguard “i to i has come a long way in secur- more and more sought after and we’d like to throughout the process. i to i has been tion and an evaluation system with voice their retail business and customers at the ing its place in the market and we need have i to i featured across all major sectors of awarded the contract for the 2010 sta- warnings,” explains Johan. i to i will also conference on the 26th February in Cape all regions to continue to build and se- business and the public domain in the years dium being built in Port Elizabeth, should supply the hotel rooms with DSTV satel- Town, 28th February in Durban and on the cure this company,” says Darryl. to come,” he says. Dimension Data win the bid,” says Johan. lite systems and internet access. 4th March in Johanessburg. 2 3
  11. 11. All i a nc e f o r Ch i l dre ns E nti tl e me nt to S o c i a l S ec u r i t y M ant ar ay D esig n S t u d io : : Po rt f o l i o :: 2 00 9 newsletters... NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2007 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2007 ACESS NUUS ACESS NEWS Alliansie vir Kinders se Geregtigheid op Maatskaplike Sekerheid ACESS Alliance for Children’s Entitlement to Social Security ACESS ‘n Stappie nader, maar ‘n lang pad lê nog voor One Step Closer but Still a Long Road Ahead Karen Allan In hierdie uitgawe Karen Allan Inside this issue 2007 was ‘n opwindende en uitdagende jaar vir ACESS. Belangrike ACESS-akti- witeite wat in 2005 ‘n aanvang geneem het, is afgehandel, soos die provinsiale oor- 2007 was an exciting and challenging year for ACESS. Important ACESS activi- sig- en strategiewerkwinkels en opvolgvergaderings in al nege provinsies. Dit was ties started in 2005 were concluded, such as the Provincial Review and Strategy ‘n belangrike proses vir ACESS en het die geleentheid aan nasionale personeellede Workshops and follow-up meetings in all nine provinces. This was a significant gebied om weer met ons lede in die verskillende provinsies kontak te maak. Die werk- 2 process for ACESS and provided the national staff with the opportunity to reconnect 2 winkels en opvolgvergaderings het as platform vir lede gedien om met die besluitne- Hallo en totsiens with our members in the different provinces. The workshops and follow up meetings Hellos and goodbyes mers indie provinsie in gesprek te tree en die gapings in dienslewering aan kinders 3 served as a platform for members to engage with the decision makers in the prov- 3 uit te lig. Regeringsamptenare en deelnemers het saam oor provinsie-eie oplossings ACESS se strategiese ince and to highlight the gaps in the delivery of services to children. Government ACESS's strategic en aanbevelings ooreengekom om ‘n werklike verbetering in kinders se lewens te raamwerk vir 2007-2008 officials and participants together agreed on provincially specific solutions and framework 2007-2008 sien. Ons moedig al ons lede aan om hierdie kritieke werk in julle onderskeie provin- 4 recommendations to see a real improvement in the lives of children. We urge all 4 sies voort te sit. ACESS se landswye personeel het voortgegaan met die bevorder- Projek 1: Jongste nuus our members to continue this critical work in your respective provinces. ACESS Project 1 update ing van die uiters belangrike omvattende pakket, bestaande uit toelaes, dienste en 7-17 national staff continued to promote the all important comprehensive package made 7-17 voordele vir alle kinders tot die ouderdom van 18, by verskeie plaaslike, provinsiale, Projek 2: Jongste nuus up of grants, services and benefits for all children up to the age of 18 at various Project 2 update landswye en selfs internasionale werkwinkels, vergaderings en konferensies. ACESS 10-13 local, provincial, national and even international workshops, meetings and confer- 10-13 het sy werk voortgesit om toe te sien dat die Kinderonderhoudstoelae tot 18 uitge- Provinsiale Oorsig- en ences. ACESS continued its efforts to see the Child Support Grant extended to 18 brei word en is vol vertroue dat die uitbreiding eersdaags sal plaasvind. Daar word Provincial Review and Strategiewerkwinkels and is confident that the extension is imminent. Work continues around ensuring steeds daaraan gewerk om te verseker dat kinders wat in die konteks van armoede that children living in the context of poverty and HIV are appropriately assisted both Strategy Workshops 18-20 en MIV leef, op toepaslike wyse finansieel sowel as psigo-maatskaplik bygestaan financially and psychosocially beyond the Foster Care Grant, without placing further 18-20 Projek 3: Jongste nuus word buite die bestek van die Pleegsorgtoelae, sonder om ‘n verdere las te plaas burden on the child protective system as put forward in the ACESS alternate model Project 3 update 21-23 op die kinderbeskermingstelsel, soos in ACESS se alternatiewe model vir wees- Projek 4: Jongste nuus for orphans and vulnerable children. 21-23 kinders en kwesbare kinders voorg- 24-26 The battle to ensure that all children Project 4 update estel word. Die stryd om te verseker Projek 5: Jongste nuus and their caregivers obtain the neces- 24-26 dat alle kinders en hul versorgers sary documentation to make applica- Project 5 update 21 die nodige dokumentasie kry om vir tions for grants has not yet been won, 21 ACESS gaan hof toe om toelaes aansoek te doen, is nog nie but ACESS has seen some progress ACESS goes to court to vir kinders te veg gewen nie, maar daar was wel vorder- in relation to the court case which will 27 fight for children ing wat betref die hofsaak wat vroeg be heard early next year. ACESS has Nuus en kommentaar van 27 volgende jaar aangehoor sal word. also seen advancement in relation ACESS het ook gevorder met betrek- ons lede News and comments to the Home Affairs campaign and king tot die Binnelandse Sake-veldtog the campaign to improve the lives of from our members en die veldtog om die lewens van jong ACESS Nuus young children and children infected ACESS News kinders en kinders wat deur MIV/Vigs Redaksie: Karen Allen en Patricia and affected by HIV/AIDS. Editorial Team: Karen Allan geïnfekteer is en beïnvloed word, te Martin (ACESS), Medewerkers: and Patricia Martin(ACESS), Karen Allen (ACESS), Sharon Contributors Karen Allan (ACESS), verbeter. Op beleidsvlak is ons ‘n September (ACESS), Laura At a policy level we are one step closer Sharon September (ACESS), Laura stappie nader daaraan dat kinders se Markovitz, Eamon Allan, to seeing children’s rights being com- Markovitz, Eamon Allan, Kagontle Kagontle Child Centre, Engcobo Child Centre, Engcobo Community regte omvattend aangespreek word, Community Advice Centre. prehensively addressed, like for exam- Advice Centre. soos byvoorbeeld deur die Kinderwet, Ontwerp en Uitleg: Rothko ple through the Children’s Act, the Design and Layout Rothko die Nasionale Strategiese Plan vir (Kaapstad) 021 465 9642 National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS (Cape Town) 021 465 9642. MIV/Vigs (2008/2011), skoolgeldvrys- (2008-2011), school fee exemptions 11 telling en geldevrye beleide, en ver- and fee free policies and various other skeie ander beleide. Daar lê egter policies. However, there is still a long steeds ‘n lang pad voor wat betref die Kontak ACESS road ahead in terms of ensuring that all Contact ACESS versekering dat al hierdie beleide wat Tel. 021 761 0117 these policies that will have an impact Tel 021 761 0117 Faks 021 761 4938 Fax 021 761 4938 ‘n impak op kinders sal hê, geïmple- Kantoor 1, Suite 1, 1ste on children are implemented. ACESS Office 1, Suite 1, 1st Floor, menteer word. ACESS se personeel Verdieping, Gabriel-oord, staff and members have continued Gabriel Place, Corner of en lede het steeds matelose ywer in h/v Gabriel- en Hoofweg, to show a great deal of commitment Gabriel and Main Road, die realisering van kinders se sosio- Plumstead, 7800 to realising children’s socio-economic Plumstead, 7800 PostNet Suite #78, PostNet Suite #78, Private ekonomiese regte getoon en moet Privaatsak X3, Plumstead, rights and should be commended for Bag X3, Plumstead, 7801, aangeprys word vir al hul harde werk 7801, Suid-Afrika all their hard work throughout the year South Africa deur die jaar, soos uit die jaar se akti- E-pos as evidenced by the year’s activities Email witeite en prestasies blyk. Webwerf and achievements. Website 1 1
  12. 12. Uni ve rs i ty o f Ca pe T ow n : newsletters... S o uth Af ri c a n T ube rc ul o s i s V a c c i ne I n i t i at i v e M ant ar ay D esig n S t u d io : : P o r tf o l i o : : 2 00 9 singaliphumelela idabi esililwa NE-TB staan saam - maak TB iets van die verlede die werk van satvi in die boland-overberg I-TB naphi na yi-tb ndawo yonke sebenzisanani nenze I-TB ibe yinto yexesha eladlulayo satvi leads new TB vaccine development in worcester hoe voel dit om aan kliniese satvi doen kliniese studies in worcester Why the world needs new TB Vaccines The only registered TB vaccine, BCG, was developed 86 years ago. The studies deel te reem? SATVI IS In die jaar 2000 gestig. Die pro- tegnici, kliniese navorsingswerkers, data-in- BCG vaccine is not always effective in preventing lung TB. A more effective vaccine is needed. Persone wat tot dusver aan SATVI se studies deelg- jekkantoor by Brewelskloof Hospitaal in voerders en algemene werkers in. Kliniese eneem het, voel almal dat hulle iets vir hulle gemeen- Worcester is in dieselfde jaar geopen. Vanaf leiding word verskaf deur Dr. Hassan Maho- South Africa needs a cure for TB South Africa has one of the highest levels of TB infections in the world. We have skap kan teruggee en ’n bydrae kan lewer deur te Brewelskloof Hospitaal, en met die samewerk- med, wat twee maal ’n week van Kaapsad na seen an increase in the number of TB patients for whom some or all of the TB drugs are not working any longer and help om middels teen die TB-epidemie te vind. ing van klinieke, skole en die gemeenskap, is Worcester toe reis om die studies te lei en die who may be infecting others unknowingly. The rapid spread of HIV/AIDS in our country has resulted in more deaths navorsing in die areas van Worcester, Ceres, span bymekaar te hou. SATVI se laboratorium due to TB amongst HIV/AIDS patients. We also need new drugs and better ways to detect the disease. Schomuree and Schomune Pietersen (bo regs), die 15-jarige tweelinge in Graad 10, het Robertson, De Doorns, Rawsonville en om- by die mediese skool van die Universiteit van by die tienerjarige studie aangesluit toe hulle in Graad 8 was. Die een suster sê: “TB is ’n gewing begin. Tot dusver is verskeie studies Kaapstad beskik oor die heel nuutste toerust- Why the delay? Some believe that because TB is a disease that affects mainly the poor, most scientists and ernstige probleem. Ek het vriende wat TB het en miskien kan ek help om die probleem op onder babas, tienderjariges en volwassenes ing en wye kennis. Hierdie laboratorium word researchers in rich countries have not shown too much interest in developing vaccines or drugs that work better. te los.” Sy sê ook, “TB is glad nie ’n skande nie! As mense net die pille drink, kan hulle TB uitgevoer. deur Prof. Willem Hanekom bestuur. Governments and scientists need to be more involved in TB research to deal with the high TB infection levels in poor behandel word.” Schomuree voel dat die SATVI-verpleegsters goeie werk doen en dat sy Op Worcester lei mevrou Elmarie Simon die countries. SATVI works with many partners from overseas and locally who want to develop vaccines that work in a dus graag self ’n dokter wil word. Die navorsingspan by SATVI koördinasie van die projek, in samewerking developing country like South Africa. Navorsers by SATVI is besig met studies om te met die onderbestuurder, mevrou Veronica Ferdinand Conradie sê dat dit die tweede keer is wat hy aan ’n studie deelneem. Die eerste probeer verstaan hoe TB as ’n siekte ontstaan, Dirks. Hulle span hoogs gekwalifiseerde per- Vaccine trials could lead to a new effective vaccine by 2015 Vaccine trials could lead to a new effective vaccine keer was in 2001. Hy sê dat hy baie gemaklik gevoel het, omdat die verpleegsters deurten- en hoe dit byvoorbeeld met die VIGS-virus soneel het die verantwoordelikheid om te by 2015. SATVI is the only research institute in South Africa that is concentrating on the development of a new tyd kom seker maak het dat dit met hom goed gaan. reageer. SATVI se toegewyde span onder sorg dat die veldwerk gekoördineer en voltooi vaccine that gives better protection against TB. This ground breaking research is happening right here in your com- leiding van Prof. Greg Hussey werk nou ono- word. munity, in the Boland-Overberg District. We hope to have a new TB vaccine in a few years. SATVI is committed to Rose Ockhuis is ’n werknemer by SATVI wat ook ’n deelnemer in die studie is, en sê “Hulle phoudelik om meer omtrent die siekte te wete making such a vaccine affordable and easily available to the poorest communities. het my onder waarneming gehou, my koors geneem, uriene getoets en bloed getrek.” te kom. Die SATVI-span bestaan uit mense Samewerking met gesondheidsdienste wat in Worcester die veldwerk hanteer, asook Die klinieke en ander gesondheidsfasiliteite in navorsing onder tienderjariges baby studies diegene wat die werk in die laboratorium by die gebied speel ’n belangrike rol in kliniese die Universiteit van Kaapstad verrig. Dit sluit studies, en is besonder behulpsaam met die wetenskaplikes, verpleegkundiges, dokters, inskrywing en inenting van babas vir die studie. SuSTer FAzlIn KAFAAr en haar span is verantwoordelik vir belanghebbendes omtrent die doel en metodes van die studie TB vaccine studies Young BABIeS AnD children can get severe TB. They can become paralysed, get brain hierdie studie, wat omtrent vier jaar sal duur. Daar is tans ’n ingelig. Voordat enige toetse gedoen word, word onderhoude damage, or die. That is why it is important that they get their BCG vaccination at birth or toename in TB onder tienderjariges. Die studie beoog om uit te uitgevoer om inligting in verband met ’n persoon se gesond- Do you know about SATVI’s TB vaccine trials? soon after birth. For the past few years, SATVI has been doing important studies in your vind of die TB-vaksien in kinders tussen 12-18 jaar oud beproef heidstoestand en geskiedenis in te win. Bloed word getrek, Dr Michele Tameris and Sister Linda Van der Merwe community to understand why children get TB so severely, even when they have been vac- kan word. Die studie wil ook uitvind wat die omvang van TB- spoeg word getoets en die TB-veltoets word voltooi. Adoless- and their team are responsible for doing the TB vac- cinated. One of these studies looked at what the best method is for vaccinating children. It voorvalle in hierdie ouderdomsgroep is. Die navorsing onder ente word verdeel in twee groepe, naamlik ’n groep wat aktief cine clinical trials at the site in Worcester. TB vaccine involved 11 600 newborns in the Boland-Overberg area. Many mothers reading this news- tienderjariges is ’n studie wat by 11 hoërskole in Worcester en opgevolg word (die aktiewe groep) en ’n groep wat nie aktief clinical trials are when TB vaccines are tested on peo- letter today enrolled their babies on it. The results of this study were significant, and SATVI omgeving uitgevoer word. Ongeveer 6,359 tieners is reeds by opgevolg word nie (die passiewe groep). Diegene wat in die ple. Clinical trials are conducted according to strict has become known throughout the world for it. The results are important for testing new TB die studie ingeskryf. Die gemeenskap is geraadpleeg. Alvo- aktiewe opvolg groep val, sal elke drie maande vir ’n tydperk safety standards. This is monitired by international vaccines on children, not only here, but elsewhere in the world. tiender studie rens daar met die studie begin is, het SATVI tydens vergade- van 2 jaar besoek word. Die betrokke toetse word elke ses and national legal authorities. SATVI is testing 3 new vaccines against TB. We started in Au- rings en besoeke aan ouers en die onderwysdepartement die maande herhaal. gust 2005. We are mainly testing these new vaccines for safety at this stage. indima yabahlali kumsebenzi we-satvi/die rol van die gemeenskap in satvi’s se werk ukuthatha inxaxheba koluntu ngokuzi- abantu base-Worcester, De Doorns, Ceres, uZenith Williams. Abahlali bayinxalenye yobu bulingane boku- in Worcester, De Doorns, Ceres, Robertson en Die gemeenskap se reg tot inligting tahndela ngokusekelwe kwimvume enol- Robertson nemimandla ephahlileyo bathe fumana ugonyo olutsha. omgewing deelgeneem aan kliniese studies Voordat enige persoon instem om aan ’n wazi bathatha inxaxheba kuphando lwezonyango Ilungelo labahlali lokufumana ulwazi wat SATVI begin het. Sonder die gemeenskap kliniese studie deel te neem, moet hy/sy oor Ukuthatha inxaxheba nakoluphi na uphndo olwaluqalwe yi-SATVI. Ngaphandle kwent- Phambi kokuba nawuphi na umntu avume Vrywillige gemeenskapsdeelname is geba- se samewerking, kan SATVI nie die studies voldoende inligting beskik. kukuzithandela. Akukho mntu unokunyan- sebenziswano yabahlali, iSATVI ayinako uku- ukuthatha inxaxheba kuphando lwezonyango, seer op ingeligte instemming doen nie. Dit is belangrik om te verstaan wat die doel zelwa ukuba athathe inxaxheba kupahndo qhuba uphando. I-SATVI ngoko ke, ithanda kufanele abe nolwazi olwaneleyo. Kubalule- Deelname in enige studie is vrywillig. Geen SATVI bedank dus die mense wat tot dusver van die studie is, wat die studie behels, en engafuni. Phambi kokuba naluphi na up- ukubulela bonke abantu abathe bathatha in- kile ukuqonda kakuhle ukuba yintoni injongo persoon mag teen sy of haar wil gedwing word aan die studies deel geneem het. of die nodige veiligheidstandaarde handhaaf What happens at the SATVI Case Verification Ward at Brewelskloof Hospital? hando luqale, abantu banikwa ulwazi oluph- xaxheba kolu phando ukuza kuthi ga ngoku. yophando, ukuba luya kubandakanya ntoni om aan ’n studie deel te neem nie. Voordat Die gemeenskap en SATVI is vennote in die word. eleleyo olubenza bakwazi ukwenza izigqibo Abahlali ne-SATVI ngabalingane kwimfuna- na uphando, nokuba ingaba imigangatho enige studie begin, word mense van volledige soektog na meer doeltreffende TB voorkom- SATVI glo dat mense oor genoeg inligting SATVI has its own ward at the Brewelskloof Hospital. This ward is for children who are malunga nokuba bayanqwenela kusini na lwazi yothintelo olusebenza ngcono lwe-TB. I- yokhuselo eyimfuneko igciniwe kusini na. I- inligting voorsien wat hulle in staat stel om te ing. omtrent enige navorsing in hul gemeenskap part of the SATVI studies, whom SATVI staff want to send for further investigation for TB. ukuthatha inxaxheba. SATVI ikwenza konke okusemandleni ukwazi- SATVI ikholelwa ukuba abantu kufanele babe besluit of hulle wil deel neem of nie. SATVI doen ook alles in hulle vermoë om die moet beskik. Sonder die samewerking van Sometimes the mothers are also worried that their children may have TB or may be at risk sa abahlali malunga nomsebenzi owenziwayo nolwazi olwaneleyo malunganalo naluphi na gemeenskap op die hoogte te hou van die die gemeenskap kan SATVI nie kliniese na- of getting TB, then they take them to the clinic. The children may then be admitted to the uluntu/Abahlali banendima ebaluleke ka- e-Worcestor. I-SATVI incede ukwakha iBhun- uphando olwenziwayo ekuhlaleni. Ngaphan- Die gemeenskap speel ’n belangrike rol in werk wat hier op Worcester gedoen word. vorsing doen nie. Die gemeenskap is ’n deel SATVI ward with their mothers. During the 3 days that they spend there, they are observed khulu kuphando lwemfuna-lwazi ga leNgcebiso yaBahlali. Umhlali-ngaphambili dle kwentsebenziswano yabahlali, iSATVI navorsing SATVI het gehelp om die Gemeenskap- van hierdie venootskap om ’n nuwe entstof te while blood, skin and sputum tests are done. Depending on the results, the children are dis- Ukuza kuthi ga ngoku, amalungu aliqela weBhunga leNgcebiso yaBahlali nguMama ayinako ukwenza uphando lwemfuna-lwazi. Tot dusver het baie lede van die gemeenskap sadviesraad op die been te bring. vind. charged on treatment or sent home to be followed up by clinical research workers of SATVI. 12 2 satvi community news i am stopping TB . World TB Day . 24 march 2008 satvi community news 3