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National Geographic Webinar Deck


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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National Geographic Webinar Deck

  1. 1. JUNE 2011What PhotoBuyers WantElizabeth KristSenior Photo Editor,National Geographic
  2. 2. MEET ELIZABETH KRIST• Graduated from Princeton University• Asia Society – Asia magazine• Fortune magazine w/ Michele McNally & Alice Rose George• Senior Photo Editor, National Geographic (1994-present)• Judged photo competitions including NPPA, State Department & RFK Journalism Awards• Portfolio reviews at Palm Springs, Review Santa Fe, Eddie Adams Workshop
  3. 3. BASIC OVERVIEW OF THE MAGAZINE LAYOUT• Front of the book: – Visions: 3 horizontal single shots – Your Shot: editors’ and readers’ choice – Departments: developed by staff• The “well” – 5-8 feature stories – Looking for wide range of subject matter• Back of the book – The Moment: features photogs from the field – Flashback: highlights historical shot
  4. 4. PHOTOGRAPHY THAT MAKES YOUR JAW DROP• Storytelling that delves deep into a subject & reveals something extraordinary about: – Natural history – Culture – Environment – Science – Adventure – Archaeology – Geopolitics• Looking for narratives over single images
  5. 5. PHOTOGRAPHERS ARE “GODS” HERE• Invests resources to put photogs in the field for ~4-12 weeks for feature stories• Seeks out photogs w/ deep intellectual curiosity• Involves photogs in every stage of producing story – Brings them to headquarters to edit & present coverage
  6. 6. BEHIND-THE-SCENES AT NAT GEO• 50/50: half the stories conceived by freelance photogs & writers, half by the Nat Geo staff• Photogs are commissioned on a per-story basis from a core group of regular contributors• A photographer might shoot 10,000-60,000 frames for a story – Totals 1.5 million images a year for Nat Geo
  7. 7. HOW TO GRAB ELIZABETH’S ATTENTION• Focus on needed specialties• Exhibit or speak at photo festivals• Sign up for portfolio reviews• Dedication to long-term projects• Expertise in multimedia• Secure a referral• Major plus: access to rare events or hidden worlds
  8. 8. LUMINANCE 2012 A different kind of photography conference featuring Facebook, Tumblr, Blurb & more. Plus workshops by Joe McNally, Corey Rich, Robert Seale & others. September 12-13, 2012 New York City