2012: Humankind at a Crossroads: A Call toAction


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Undoubtedly, you have heard much about 2012, cataclysm and “end times.” However, one crucial piece of this story has been omitted: Ancient secret knowledge was destined to be unveiled at this precarious point in our evolution so that we, as humankind, had the tools to resolve the myriad challenges we are now facing and to create a promising future. However, although this knowledge is being revealed right now, an unsuspecting power seeks to block our progress and derail our efforts: our own resistance to explore what lies outside of our comfort zones. Past civilizations also reached the same evolutionary crossroads we find ourselves at today but ended in cataclysm. Seeking to alert our civilization to the deeper meaning behind this galactic juncture, they left countless monuments, manuscripts and essential advanced knowledge so that we could utilize this unprecedented opportunity as it was intended: to move into the next stage of evolution. Although the task of resolving our issues and creating a hopeful future may seem Herculean, it is indeed within our reach. To learn how you can help to create a promising future, view this presentation and pass it forward for we are all in this together.

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