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Internet of Things Revolution & Home Automation - IoT Sydney meetup


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After 30 years full of promise, hundreds of protocols, thousands of products, the highly-anticipated home automation revolution is yet to happen. Are smart homes doomed to stay a geek's hobby? What is refraining mass-market adoption of these technologies? And how the Internet of Things revolution is about to change the deal?

Presented by Laurent Goudet at the 1st IoT Meetup in Sydney:

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Internet of Things Revolution & Home Automation - IoT Sydney meetup

  1. 1. Where the f**k is my Smart House!? A short & sweet introduction to the Internet of Things
  2. 2. All I wanted is a Smart House
  3. 3. After 30 years full of promise I’m still waiting! Unity Systems Home Manager ― 1985
  4. 4. I’m not even 30! but that’s not the point
  5. 5. Why no one cares? Less than < 5% equipped homes in the U.S.* * Melanie Panetta, Ain Group for SDM Mag
  6. 6. Who needs to use a touchscreen to turn ON a light?
  7. 7. Answer: A Geek! 5% of geeks in the U.S.?
  8. 8. Connected devices ≠ Value smart (’smärt) very good at learning or thinking about things - Merriam-Webster
  9. 9. Solving problems = Value Solving problems = Data + Algorithms = More Connected Devices + Smarter Software “The true power of connected devices lie in connecting them together” - Me, just now (+ everyone else for the past 30 years)
  10. 10. Getting objects to speak together is not easy x10, Z-Wave, KNX, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Universal Powerline, Bus, Insteon, Wi-Fi
  11. 11. Home Automation 101 Communication protocol press release kit “<Your product> sets a new standard in home automation: all home automation devices will now be able to communication together provided they are using <your product> as a common protocol.” This Home Automation press release generator is license under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
  12. 12. Software guys did what they do best: frameworks Google Android @Home, Qeo, Technicolor
  13. 13. Home Automation 201 Framework press release kit (extended business jargon version) “<Your software product> is a software framework made of a core set of modules from which can be developed fully-fledged software solutions for consumer devices in order to realize a full interoperability between them. Some of these modules can also be added to existing software solutions to maximize interconnections.” This Home Automation press release generator is license under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
  14. 14. Each company wants to be the center of the eco-system Because it’s where the big money is
  15. 15. And run into the “chicken-and-egg” problem
  16. 16. “Single home automation standard not going to happen”
  17. 17. Enter the Internet of Things revolution
  18. 18. Do one thing and do it well - Unix philosophy Philips Hue
  19. 19. And there’s an App* for that! *App is not a trademark of Apple Inc.
  20. 20. There’s an App for this too Flower Power by Parrot
  21. 21. And for this too Lockitron
  22. 22. And this LIFX
  23. 23. Even many of them! “Holiday comes with dozens of apps to delight and entertain the whole family” Holiday by MooresCloud
  24. 24. Who needs dozens of apps.. ..for a Christmas tree?
  25. 25. Answer: A Geek! But that’s not the point
  26. 26. What do all these devices have in common?
  27. 27. For the first time in years, connected objects start to play well together By providing APIs for others to play with Based on open Web standard: TCP/IP, HTTP, REST (RESTFull)...
  28. 28. And that’s what the Internet of Things is all about “The Internet was about sharing of knowledge, the Internet of Things is about sharing what your device can do”
  29. 29. The eggs being there, the chickens showed up Ninja Blocks Ninja Blocks Smarttings Providing APIs too, because my needs are different than yours
  30. 30. New business models are left to be defined Spartacus’s Home Cloud Plans $0 month $5 month $10 month Up to 100 connected devices Up to 100 connected devices Unlimited connected devices Ad supported* Your data stay private Your data stay private *Share anonimized data with selected partners (how much time you spend in the shower, what food you have in your fridge..). Terms and conditions may apply.
  31. 31. PaaS anyone? “Smart object vendor? Join a community of thousands of supported devices and millions of AHS users, starting at only $0.005 per 1,000 request (GET, PUT, COPY, POST, LIST)”
  32. 32. “Comes with 2 years of Amazon Home support*” *And stop working after
  33. 33. Security is also a concern Honey, the Roomba is trying to kill me!
  34. 34. And while app overload is around the corner Look, I found a new app for my home!
  35. 35. The future is already on Kickstarter (and it rhymes!) “Your Ninja Sphere learns about you, and your environment. It uses data from sensors and actuators to build a model that can inform you if something is out of place.”
  36. 36. Btw, I’m Laurent! Embedded software engineer I get paid for playing with kewl objects Connected objects geek Otherwise my green plants would die Open source advocate So we progress faster as a society Rainbow unicorn trainer Twilight Sparkle & Co. shall die
  37. 37. And I build useless things WatchDuck: pool safety duck 3-Axis accelerometer + 433MHz RF transceivers M&M’s Sorter: because the blues! Color sensor + RC servo + Cat EleRider: catch the elevator OpenCV + Arduino 3D printed design, schematics, source code:
  38. 38. Who-hoo we’re saved! Aren’t we?