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2012 06 Saving Energy In China


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Presentation for Kunshan Expat Associattion on 2012 June 20

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2012 06 Saving Energy In China

  2. 2. China DC ‐ TaicangFeatures Challenges & advices绿 LEED Platinum Accreditation Specify constraints at design phase绿 Solar Panels for Water Heating Leveraging all capabilities of BMS绿 Ground Source Cooling System Align Shell Design with Operational绿 Sun shades requirements绿 Reflective roof & Yard Sourcing compliant components绿 Optimized Light Control system & zoning locally绿 Building Management System Specify the “green” elements in your list of criteria for the decision绿 Low Consumption T8 Lights making and vendor selection绿 Rain water harvesting绿 Vacuum sewerage system V
  3. 3. Energy Consumption in China
  4. 4. Energy Consumption in China Energy demand steady growth is a real challenge for China Buildings represent a significant portion of the energy consumption Main power consumption categories are space heating, water heating, Lighting and cooling Energy saving target will rise from 50 to 65% Energy quotas will likely be introduced for large public buildings Graphs Source: China Greentech initiative
  5. 5. Energy Savings is a top priority for China GovernmentKey Policy Focus Areas in 12th Five-Year Plan Source: China Greentech initiative
  6. 6. How to save on your utility bills, now? CHALLENGE SOLUTION How to keep control over fuel bills Energy audit of the building while expanding capacity? Energy conservation measures BENEFITS • 45% savings on utility bills • Improved productivity and image
  7. 7. Company ProfileCompany Profile
  8. 8. A comprehensive range of solutions…
  9. 9. Energy Performance ServicesYOUR GOALS Reduce power consumption and save on monthly electricity bill p p y y Leverage government energy saving policy Increase staff productivity in the office environment Enhance customer comfort in Retail and HospitalityOUR SERVICES Energy Audit Financial Modeling Project Supervision Performance Monitoring
  10. 10. Organization model and benefits
  11. 11. Energy Services Track Record in China Retail – Energy Performance Program: assessed a 5,000sqm retail  space and started implementing sustainability program. space and started implementing sustainability program. Hospitality  Energy Performance Assessment initiated a  Hospitality ‐ Energy Performance Assessment : initiated a project at a large 5 stars hotel (600+ rooms) Distribution Center ‐ LEED Platinum certification: project  coordination throughout Design & Construction (personal reference) Facility Management – Training:  addressed sustainability  issues at remote construction/mining sites. Art Gallery ‐ lighting optimization: improved quality and  reduced power bills with LED lighting solutions.
  12. 12. Ecosource: Your Green Team in ChinaEcosource, established in 2005, is a Shanghai‐based Energy Service Company (ESCO) and exporter of energy performance products around the world. Ecosource was created to bring its clients and partners energy efficient solutions in the face of climate change. partners energy efficient solutions in the face of climate changeTEAMMulti‐cultural: 7 nationalities, 12 languagesSkilled: 100+ years cumulated experience in energy, finance, consulting and procurementEntrepreneurial: independent, committed, pragmatic N. Froissart Li Peng A. Mentzer L. Cochet J. Shi D. Gershoni S. Liu S. Zhou Founder Finance Strategy Innovation Procurement Sales Engineering Quality ConsultingCHINA BASED. GLOBAL REACH.Local focus: energy savings solutions delivered in ChinaGlobal reach: best practices and knowledge sharing amongst our global partnersGlobal reach: best practices and knowledge sharing amongst our global partnersTop value: comprehensive, well‐positioned product base
  13. 13. Ecosource Ltd. E Ld Suite 1002, 1 Dapu Lu Shanghai, China 200030 Tel: +86 21 5396 0122Contact Us Laurent Cochet 13916790471