Perou's work.


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This is a presentation about Perou's work.

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Perou's work.

  1. 1. Perou.
  2. 2. “When photography first came out people said it would be the end of painting. It wasn’t, but painting became an art form: the day to day making of images was taken over by photography” -Perou.
  3. 3. About Perou.. • Ralph John Perou (born May 1970), known professionally as Perou, is a British fashion, portrait and music photographer who has also appeared as a judge on ‘Make me a supermodel UK’ and on season 2 of ’Bravo’s TV’ American Make Me a Supermodel. He was part of the T.V series called "Dirty Sexy Things" on the British network E4 which aired in 2011. Perou photographed models to be put in his exhibition at the end of the series.
  4. 4. About Perou.. ew-with-perou/ 1/perou-photographer-42242.html
  5. 5. This photo must have been taken a few months or weeks before it was published. The play started on the 15-26 November 2011. Factual- This photo was taken by Perou for a play by Abi Morgan called ‘LOVESONG’. The play was released on the 15th of November. Technical- This photo was probably taken with a digital camera. The grass effect was either real grass (brought into a studio) or was photoshopped in. Aesthetic- I like this photo, its very natural and sweet looking. It doesn’t look like it was a forced picture, or set up too much.
  6. 6. Published- 18th November 2012. Factual- This photo was taken as part of a campaign raising awareness of homelessness by James McNaughton a homeless activist. The campaign was funded by ‘O2’s think big’ programme. Technical- This photo was probably taken with a digital camera, taken in Manchester or Liverpool (where the campaign was shot). Aesthetics- I like this photo because its very natural, people in the background are doing their daily business. The see-through effect tries and represents the harsh reality of homelessness and how invisible and unimportant the people feel. With this effect and the people behind its very good at showing a realistic representation for the girls life.
  7. 7. This photo was recently published on Perou’s website, around September time. Factual- This photo is of the ‘Arctic Monkeys’. It was recently published onto Perou’s website. Technical- This photo was probably taken by a digital camera on location. The red smoke is coming from a smoke machine out of view of the photo. Aesthetic- I like this photo even though it is a ‘typical band’ piece. It was originally a simple photo but the smoke was added and it makes it a little more interesting.
  8. 8. This photo has no date as it was published on the ‘Personal’ section of Perou’s website. Factual- This photo is of Perou and was added onto his website without a date. Technical- This photo was probably taken with a similar camera to the one in the photo. Although the camera in the shot could be a more interesting camera in which he wanted to take a picture of and it was taken with an ordinary digital camera. Aesthetic- This photo is really nice, although this is a reoccurring trend for photos around the world. I like the black and white, vintage effect put onto this photo. The large lens is the focal point of this photo.
  9. 9. I can’t find the date that this photo was published. Factual- This photo was found on the fashion section of Perou’s website. Technical- This photo was taken outside with a digital camera. Aesthetic- I like this photo because it is simple yet effective, The clear sky makes the structure of the tree stand out as a strong focal point.
  10. 10. This photo was taken for Madness’ album cover ‘Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da’. The album was released on 24th of October 2012, so the photo was probably taken a few months before. Factual-This photo was found on the Music section of Perou’s blog. Technical- This photo was taken on set with a digital camera. Aesthetic- I like how this photo arcs at the bottom because the members of the band have been told to jump at certain heights.
  11. 11. Context. I decided to put context all together in a separate slide because I didn’t want repeat myself on every photo. I don’t think that Perou has a specific type of work, none of his photo’s fit in his ‘body of work’ because he doesn’t really have one. His photo’s are all very diverse.
  12. 12. “It’s about creating an impact and provoking a reaction.” -Perou.