Healthy eating website research


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Healthy eating website research

  1. 1. Website slogan that is read when you see Children’s food in The ‘K’ for kids in the the title the centre of the page so itsTitle with the red shape of the child to something theyand blue theme, in make it look fun a recognize and canfriendly child-like relate to whichfont with the makes them more‘healthy’ in red to interested in themake being healthy site.look important Search boxNavigation bar A box to enter your email to receive news updatesA fun, blue (probably forbackground with a parents)faded gradient tolook interestingand appeal tochildren.Popular links with Fun diagram aboutpictures so it looks ways to have amore interesting than healthy lifestylejust a title. (appropriate forBeneath is a preview of children) so it makesthe sections with links it fun and interestingif you see something for them to interactinteresting. with the website
  2. 2. A healthy food section with pictures, to lookmore exciting and interesting. Below is a link to Facts & stats to make itrecipes (adults rather than children) sound more believable and respected. (Actual fact figures rather than just the word of the website).2 Charities to getrespect from thereader to lookofficial. Other links for the user, which are not included in the main of the page. Used as a banner for the page to show the end of it.
  3. 3. Search box andTitle and navigation bar to remain navigation bar to makeconsistent it easier to get to other Horizontal navigation pages bar Similar background with a different pattern Interactive section for and colour to look the children to interest consistent but show it is them in healthy eating a different section rather than just lots of informationDifferent sectionsof the websitechild/teen-relatedso that they havetheir own personalsection rather than Different sectionslooking for separating teens andinformation that children for informationappeals to them they would like to see
  4. 4. Website Title in bright orange to Search box to make it easy to logo next to stand out. find what you want rather than the title having to look through the whole website Horizontal navigation bar Advertisements to do with the website (losing Titles to show what the weight cheap, etc.. information below is ) about (the reader can skip to what part they want to read). Pictures used to interest the reader and to do with the subject Calendar which can be used to prioritize diet/healthy eating and exerciseDate to lookmoreprofessional Importantand like the information inwebsite is the top rightupdated hand cornerregularly Drop down box for decoration and for easier Advertisement as if you could navigation instantaneously choose a dress size
  5. 5. Repetitive layout to remain consistent, including the navigation bar, title, logo and advertisements.Picture to look moreinteresting and matchthe subject of the page Lots of information for the audience to digest
  6. 6. Information on the home page to interest theWebsite banner with a reader on toslogan below the title other pagesHorizontal navigation bar Advertisements Search box to make it easier to find what you want on the website Extra page links on a vertical navigation bar Other links to do with healthy diet and recipes Information on the home page that links to other pages (links that are in the vertical navigation bar) as a preview for other pages to interest the audience
  7. 7. Search box to make it easier for the reader to find what they wanted on the The same banner to remain website consisent InformationThe same layout about the page tofor horizontal/ interest thevertical links for reader and makeconsistency them continue to read further Advertisements Links to do with the information on the page for the reader to interact with
  8. 8. Search box for the reader to be able to findLogo to make what they wantthe company on the websiterecogniseable more quicklyHorizontalnavigationbar thatmatches the A member’s logincolour box which thescheme of members will thenthe website receive newsletter and other parts of the website to helpSky blue them with healthybackground to associated issuesmake it lookchildish butalso interestchildren readers Information on the page for the reader to look atVertical navigation bar with anopposing colour to thebackground to look brighter andmore colourful Pictures to make the page more interesting to look at andAudio/visual information attract theto make the website more readers attentioninteresting