Shaun Of The Dead


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Shaun Of The Dead

  1. 1. Trailer begins with UNIVERSAL clip. First shot – high angle shot of feet stumbling into room – puts into the viewers head that this is a zombie from the way the person is walking.The camera tilts upwards toreveal character ‘Shaun’yawning – showing he’s not azombie but tired man – this isaccompanied by the sound of ayawn. The next few quick shotsare accompanied by fast pacemusic representing every dayroutine – toilet flushing andtooth brushing – all beingextreme close ups.
  2. 2. Introduction to character – close up.Over the shoulder shot –showing characters back andface in mirror with narration ‘Doyou ever think modern life I notfor you’ – reference to life, couldbe suggesting something to dowith zombies.Another series of quick cuts – extreme close ups of more routineactivities – tea making + jam on toast with the diegetic sound thatcomes with making these things.
  3. 3. Continued narration ‘same dead end job’ still with perky, juxtaposing, non-diegetic music.All cuts – simple/quick straightcuts – lots of short little shots.Humour in dialogue and action – he givesher flowers, she says ‘to mum’ and doesn’tlook impressed. Medium close up of Shaun looing upset after being kicked out.
  4. 4. Music changes – builds tension – narrative ‘You’re not alone’ Text – white font on black back ground – stands out. Quick cuts between TV screen with no signal (noise accompanying), firs view of the zombies taking over and a news report which narrates these events.Extreme close up of news readers’mouth as he says ‘Judgement Day’ –builds a scary atmosphere.
  5. 5. Mid close up of zombie – first time Shaun sees Close up of one, typically covered in protagonists. blood and in a vegetative state.Normal lighting, notdark – showing that thisfilm is not only horrorbut comedy too. Acts of violence – typical conventions – weapons. Over the shoulder shot highlighting the weapons.
  6. 6. Continued dialogue throughout on ways ofkilling zombies and introducing the storyline. Humour incorporated – rather then making the effort to kill the zombies – they have time to stop and take a photo.Loud noises and screaming throughout – helping to enhance theatmosphere of chaos and panic. Increase rate in music –shorter shots and quicker cuts for a sequence of ‘zombie killing’ to show a lot of action occurring.
  7. 7. Group shot – high angle looking down on swarm of zombies reaching out making it more intense. All quite dull and pale – contacts use to create zombie eyes.Mid close up of eye-levelgroup shot, end of gunpointed at camera – creatingsense of danger.
  8. 8. ‘Courage has a new name’ – white cracked and distressed font on a black background. After this you hear the shouting of ‘Shaun’ so this statement refers to him.Film title continued inthe style how all theprevious text hasbeen displayed – veryconsistent.
  9. 9. Nicely framed shot – mid close up – zombie in the background – characters sing whilst zombie groans behind them – very relaxed, reinforcing comedy. Very dark setting, helping mix the horror and comedy.Companies,websites andlogos. Informs audience of the genre at the very end – texts zooms into the centre of the screen.