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Numina - "Masks for the Elemental Powers" 2014


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Masks by Lauren Raine MFA, and choreography from "The Awakening" by Ann Waters, giving voice to the "Numina", Spirits of Place.

Published in: Spiritual
  • I own several of Ms Raine's masks and look forward to owning or possibly commissioning more. It always amazes me how quickly I can disengage and assume the character of one of her pieces when worn for a faire or costume event. When worn in ritual the force invoked in circle is palpable.

    Thank you for posting this Lauren, and thank you for making you work available to us.
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Numina - "Masks for the Elemental Powers" 2014

  1. 1. Numina: "An indwelling intelligence or power felt in a particular place, or in the whole world...... The origins of the Roman gods may be the sense of numinous presences underlying all the processes of the natural world."
  2. 2. Making a mask can be a way to find a face for what is sensed, elemental, invisible, and sacred…..
  3. 3. Creating Story and Ritual is giving them a voice
  4. 4. In traditional cultures masks are power objects, tools for the Gods to be embodied. To bless, speak, even prophecy.
  5. 5. Wearing a Sacred Mask is invocation, and requires psychic preparation. Care is taken to devoke as well.
  6. 6. "When you create within a sacred paradigm you find you are communicating with what is within you - but also has a greater source somewhere else. You collaborate with something timeless.” Elizabeth Fuller, Actress, Playright THE INDEPENDENT EYE
  7. 7. Each time a mask is worn by a new person a new dance is discovered… a community, a new story is told.
  8. 8. “Genus Loci” – “Spirit of Place”: What Faces do they wear? What might they say?
  9. 9. “The Pollinators” Transformation
  10. 10. Corn Mother Sustainer of the Americas
  11. 11. WATER
  12. 12. THE GREEN MAN
  13. 13. VOLCANO GiViNG birth tO New LANds
  14. 14. Flowering – “Flora”
  15. 15. The Weaver
  16. 16. ICE
  17. 17. “Our Lady of the Waters” The Desert Spring
  18. 18. “Dawn”
  19. 19. Holy Wells The Lady of Avalon
  20. 20. RAINBOW For The Global Tribe
  21. 21. Forest
  22. 22. The TRICKSTER Chaos and Order
  23. 23. Drought
  24. 24. Storm
  25. 25. Spider Woman Weaver of the Web of Interdependency
  26. 26. MOTHER EARTH
  27. 27. With special thanks to Ann Waters, Mana Youngbear, and the Community of Willits for stills from “The Awakening” and to J.J. Idarius for the use of her photographs.
  28. 28. All masks are by Lauren Raine MFA. All images and photos are copyright Lauren Raine and J.J. Idarius (2014)