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Interactive Powerpoint

  1. 1. The Sweetwater Seas By: Lauren Pollard
  2. 2. Want to find out how GREAT our Great Lakes are? Click on a lake and explore it’s secrets! Superior Ontario Huron Michigan Erie
  3. 3. Erie Water Pollution: In the 1960’s Erie became infamous for water pollution due to Facts the nutrition phosphates and lake  It’s the smallest bottom sediments. In of the Great Lakes 1972 the US passed the It’s exposed to the Clean Water Act to help greatest effects of reduce the amount of pollution in Erie. Urbanization and Agriculture Click HERE for an experiment to test the The drainage basin water pollution in Erie off Lake Erie is today! intensely farmed
  4. 4. Erie Water Pollution Experiment Step 1: Take Temperature of Water Click HERE to see the temperature we read at 30 ft below the surface. E
  5. 5. Erie Water Pollution Experiment 55⁰ F Continue to the next slide. E
  6. 6. Now we need to measure the pH levels of Lake Erie. pH levels range on a scale of 0-14, 0 being high in acids, and 14 being high in bases. Seven is perfectly neutral, and is the pH level that pure water should have. Depending on what color the strip turns and by using the key given on the bottle, we can determine the pH level of lake Erie. An easy way to test the pH level, is to use a testing strip that looks like this Click the arrow to the right to continue E
  7. 7. Water Pollution Experiment In this test tube, we have collected a sample of Lake Erie’s water taken at 30 ft below the surface. Take one of the pH testing strips, and place it in the tube, leaving some of the strip sticking out. Leave it in there for about an hour, before reading the results. Let’s continue to our pH results. Click HERE! E
  8. 8. Water Pollution Experiment Base This is the result of our strip, what level does it match on the scale? What do these Neutral results mean? Click the arrow to the right to continue with Acid our experiment as we test the turbidity. E
  9. 9. Water Pollution Experiment Measuring the Turbidity of Lake Erie What is Turbidity? It’s the amount of particulate matter that is in water. Turbidity measures the scattering effect that different materials have on light. The higher the intensity of the scattering of light, the higher the turbidity. Materials that causes water to be turbid include: Clay Silt Organic and Inorganic matter Colored organic compounds Plankton Microscopic Organisms Turbidity makes the water cloudy or opaque. It’s measured by shining light through the water and is reported in turbidity units. Click the arrow to the right to continue. E
  10. 10. Water Pollution Experiment Let’s measure the Turbidity of the sample of water we collected from Lake Eerie, at a depth of 30 ft! We’ll use a Turbidity Meter to do this. Click HERE for our results! E
  11. 11. Water Pollution Experiment The Turbidity of our water sample is 410 NTU. Click the arrow to the right to continue to the next step: measuring dissolved oxygen E
  12. 12. Water Pollution Experiment Oxygen levels are extremely important to the Measuring Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Erie ecosystem within the lake. If the levels are extremely low, it is called a Dead Zone because organisms cannot survive in an oxygen depleted area. We will use this tool, an SOD Chamber, to measure the oxygen depletion in Lake Erie by placing it in the water and allowing the water to collect inside of it. Click HERE to see our results! E
  13. 13. Water Pollution Experiment: Oxygen Depletion Level: 3.01 MG 02/L/MO With a level this low, central Lake Erie is considered a Dead Zone. Click the arrow to the right to continue to the final stage of our experiment: measuring hardness of the water. E
  14. 14. Water Pollution Experiment: Hardness: The amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium determines its “hardness”. This map shows the hardness levels within the United States. We’re going to use a kit to measure the hardness of the water in our sample. Click HERE to see our results. E
  15. 15. Water Pollution Experiment: Hardness: 10 Grains. Click the arrow to the right so that we can put our data together and determine the water quality of Lake Erie. E
  16. 16. Water Pollution Experiment Experiment Results Through the analysis of our data, we can Temperature 55 F conclude that Lake Erie’s water quality is still far from perfect pH Level 3 despite the efforts of the Water Quality Turbidity 410 NTU Act. Oxygen Depletion Level 3.01 MG 02/L/MO Hardness 10 Grains To learn more about what others are doing to save Lake Erie, and to see what you can do to help, click HERE. E
  17. 17. Superior FACTS: •Superior is the coldest and the deepest out of all of the Great Lakes. •It is the world’s largest Click Here to learn about freshwater lake one of the most famous •It’s name was dubbed by Great Lake’s the French explorers Shipwrecks, the meaning “Upper Lake”, and was given the Indian name Edmund Fitzgerald! Kichi-gumi, meaning “Great Lake”.
  18. 18. S
  19. 19. The Edmund Fitzgerald On November 10th, 1975, somewhere between 7:20 and 7:30pm the Edmund Fitzgerald sank about 9 miles from Whitefish Bay in Lake Superior. This shipwreck holds the most mystery, legends, and controversy out of any in the Great Lakes Waters. So why did the Edmund Fitzgerald sink??? Using the tools below, explore the shipwreck, the timeline of events, and the popular Gordon Lightfoot song to come up with your own conclusion on the final events and the sinking of the ship. The SS Edmund Listen to The Wreck of Fitzgerald online the Edmund S Fitzgerald
  20. 20. Ontario FACTS: •It has the highest ratio of watershed area to lake area. •Approximately 80% of the water flowing in Lake Ontario comes from Lake Erie Click Here to take a through the Niagara Falls tour around •93% of the water leaves through the St. Niagara Falls, Lawrence River, the other 7% learn about its through evaporation. history, daredevils who tangoed with its waters and pictures of the beautiful falls.
  21. 21. Niagara Falls O Niagara Falls is located between the United States and Canada and is one of Americas most monumental natural features. Click on one of the four topics before to learn more about the falls, their history, their splendor and their beauty! History Daredevils Map Pictures
  22. 22. History Efforts are currently going on to harness Wisconsin the natural energy Glaciations ice from the falls and to sheet carved control the out the Great developments and Charles Ellet’s Lakes and pollutions that Niagara Falls Niagara First non-native threaten the falls citing of the falls by Suspension Champlain Bridge was built 8000 1604 1837 1848 1920s 2009 1700s bc During the Carolina affair, the rebel Tourism booms supply ship was at the end of Tourism became burned and sent the war thanks popular around the over the edge to automobiles falls O
  23. 23. Daredevils 1928- Jean Luster survived the falls in a rubber ball 1901- Annie Taylor is the first to successfully cross the Niagara Falls in a barrel. 1911- Bobby Leach plunged in a steal barrel and broke both his knee caps and his 1995- Robert Overcracker jaw went over the falls in a jetski O
  24. 24. Interactive Map of Niagara Falls Click HERE to follow a link to an interactive map of Niagara Falls online O
  25. 25. Click HERE to see pictures online O
  26. 26. Michigan FACTS: It is the only Great Lake located entirely in the United States. The word “Michigan” was first used to describe the lake itself, before naming our state. It is the largest lake entirely in one country. One of the most famous land marks along the shores of Lake Michigan are the Sleeping Bear Dunes. Click here to begin an investigation to discover the origins of dunes.
  27. 27. Sleeping Bear Dunes The Sleeping Bear Dunes are huge, enormous geological mysteries, however, using your tools shown below, your task is to unlock the mystery of the dunes and draw your own conclusions on their origins. Timeline of Events Britannica's Take Wikitravel on the Dunes National Parks and Services Website M
  28. 28. Huron Click HERE to explore Mackinac Click HERE to explore the Thunder Bay Marine Island! Sanctuary Website, located in Alpena Michigan. This sanctuary is the first in the Great Lakes and explores the exciting Shipwreck Century! Facts: •Lake Huron has the longest shoreline of the Great Lakes counting the shoreline of its 30,000+ islands. •It has the two largest bays out of all the Great Lakes! •It was the first lake to be discovered!
  29. 29. Click on a video below to see the island during the different seasons of the year! H Winter Fall Spring Summer
  30. 30. Sources: Common Water Measurements: Measuring Oxygen Depletion: The Edmund Fitzgerald: Great Lakes Facts and Figures: Niagara Falls: Mackinac Island: