The Quest for Peace, Dark Moon Saga 2


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This is the first chapter of the second book of the Dark Moon Saga.

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The Quest for Peace, Dark Moon Saga 2

  1. 1. The Quest for Peace: Dark Moon Saga 2
  2. 2. The first sign of hope in restoring the Triad of Power came in the form of Seiya, the oldest daughter of Batalia and Diamos from a parallel dimension. Re-acquiring Salvation is only the first step in bringing back the full power of the Triad, the heiress has yet to learn of this new plan that Diamos has in mind to bring Talia back. Telling Atalanta Reed about Seiya will be difficult, she doesn’t have the same level of power that her uncle Perseus once had and Diamos has to figure out how to inform her. Diamos doesn’t know however, that Atalanta has other things on her mind rather than the Triad at the moment. Her oldest brother is still in the grips of Chaos. Unfortunately the kids of generation six have been too involved with their own lives and have not made any progress towards finding a way to free Icarus from Chaos’s dark grip, allowing him to slip ever deeper into darkness…
  3. 3. Atalanta stared at her oldest brother, the harshness of his words cut her deep. Atalanta: You can’t mean that, Icarus.. Icarus: I do. And don’t get in my way or you’ll be sorry. The legacy should be mine, not yours!! And I will not stop until it is.
  4. 4. Atalanta: But why? Why do you have to be like this? Don’t you believe in my ability to carry on for mom? Icarus: No, I don’t. You don’t have the right personality to lead a family of this level of power, we need to show the gods that we can rule better than they can. Our blood carries more power in it than they ever had! Atalanta: But our blood contains the same level of power as theirs through daddy.
  5. 5. Icarus: HA!! If it did, why are they the ones cowering and hiding from Chaos? Why are they the ones who are going missing and we still remain? Atalanta: Icarus, Chaos is evil; you sound as if you’re going to join it. Icarus: Maybe I am, I mean what’s the harm in betting on the winning team? Chaos is so strong Lanta, it’s a force that even the gods fear. Why not join it? Why stay on the losing side?
  6. 6. Icarus had lost the warm brown colour and brightness his eyes once had; they now bore the shadowed edges and red gleam of Chaos. Atalanta saw nothing but cold, darkness behind them now; it made her blood run cold whenever she looked into them. Fighting her brother for the heirship was not something she wanted to do, Chaos would corrupt the Peace God’s lineage and turn it evil and dark. And to her that meant the end of the world, if Chaos destroys Peace all that would be left would darkness and death.
  7. 7. Icarus: If you know what’s good for you baby sister, you’ll give up now and give me the heirship. If not, it will be—unpleasant to say the least for you. I am prepared to fight you for it, and I will win. Atalanta tried to subdue the shiver that crawled down her spine, but Icarus had seen the fear in her eyes; they betrayed her to him. Icarus: You have no chance to win; I see the fear rising in your eyes. You’re weak; and our line will be weak if you’re allowed to carry it on. Somewhere inside of Atalanta, a distant voice called to her: “ Don’t give up my child, your strength is far greater than any evil…” Atalanta: You’re wrong brother…I will not lose to you or Chaos. I’ll get you back if it’s the last thing I ever do.
  8. 8. Meanwhile… Dark Pellas: Your army grows my Lord; ever stronger by the dark of each passing night. Xylen: Hmm, yes I know my dear. My minions are doing my bidding as we speak. And the legacy is almost mine, once the fool Icarus kills his sister I’ll have it. Nothing is more powerful than blood slaying blood.
  9. 9. Dark Pellas: And if he should fail? Xylen: I have no use for a minion who cannot do what it’s asked to. I will dispose of him myself should he fail. Dark Pellas: Even if it means losing the great power their blood carries? Xylen: Oh no, I won’t let all that untapped power go to waste. I’ll bleed him like a stuck pig and once that’s done his usefulness will have ended.
  10. 10. He turned to the fire and stoked it, Pellas stretched out on the sofa and watched him. Xylen: The blood of the Olympians will be needed to give our offspring the power they need to overthrow them, we need only to collect blood sacrifices from every major pantheon on this planet and feed it to our children. With that power fuelling them, they will be unstoppable. Dark Pellas: How do you plan to do that my Lord? Xylen: Make the right kind of offer and any god will follow me willingly. I have agents in every major pantheon working secretly to achieve my goals. In fact the offering from the Norse gods should be coming due soon.
  11. 11. Dark Pellas: How so my Lord? Xylen: All I did was promise Loki full immunity once my reign begins and he was willing to bend over backwards to give me what I wanted. He’s no stranger to deceiving his kin, after all he orchestrated the death of the beloved god Baldur remember? Dark Pellas: And shall you honour that agreement? Xylen: Of course not. I can’t leave any god alive who could pose a threat to me.
  12. 12. Dark Pellas: How can you know for sure that Loki will not figure out that you do not plan to follow through on your agreement? Xylen: My dear, you sound as if you doubt me…I do not like it when I am questioned, you know this. His tone wasn’t loud, but the dangerous undertones in it made her stifle a cry of protest. Xylen’s red eyes flashed and she knew she had crossed the line with him. Her only protection from his rage came from the fact that he needed her to produce his lineage of Chaotic gods.
  13. 13. Dark Pellas: Forgive me my Lord, I am just anxious for your plan to begin. Xylen’s tone softened. “ I know my dear, and I forgive you. I am just as anxious as you are to take over this world.” Dark Pellas: When will Loki arrive with the blood offering of the Norse gods? Xylen: Soon. I know he is near. Then we can begin. He moved closer to her, all his anger had faded as quickly as it had appeared.
  14. 14. Xylen: Have I told you how lovely you are today? Dark Pellas: No, I do not believe you have. Perhaps you should remind me. Xylen: I would enjoy that, very much. ******
  15. 15. Atalanta had the chance to finally get away from her uncomfortable encounter with Icarus when Iolaus called her for another date, she welcomed the change of scenery gladly. Iolaus: Are you alright? You seem stressed. Atalanta: I’m fine really. More so now that you’re here with me. I just needed the get away from my family you know? She lightly stroked his earlobe, she had learned that it was one of his favourite things.
  16. 16. Iolaus: You know you can tell me anything Lanta. I’m a good listener. Atalanta: Yes I know, and I’m grateful for it and maybe one day I will but not today. Iolaus: Alright, just letting you know. Atalanta smiled; she was enjoying her date with him.
  17. 17. Iolaus: So you’re the heiress to a legacy huh? That must be nice to have that kind of security. Atalanta: It’s a lot more than just the money, I have to carry on the family line we have a mission to complete. Iolaus: I remember, you have to restore the God of Peace. Honestly I still don’t quite get it, you know the time I come from right? The gods I know are nothing like the ones you know. The ones I know would sooner spit on us and grind us out like dust specks on the earth rather than allow a mortal lineage to achieve godhood status. Atalanta: Maybe in your time they do, but here we’re all they have.
  18. 18. Atalanta: Actually I wanted to ask you about that. Iolaus: Ask me about what? Atalanta: My family’s legacy, my mission…
  19. 19. Atalanta bent down; Iolaus looked surprised and glanced around nervously before turning back to her. “ Will you be a part of it with me Iolaus? Will you help my in my family’s mission?” Iolaus: Lanta—I , I don’t know what to say. I thought this was my job. Atalanta: Welcome to the 21 st century honey, so will you help me?
  20. 20. Iolaus: I will, I can’t believe I just agreed to that. Atalanta: I think I could really benefit from your experience and knowledge of fighting if the worst should come to worst. I really don’t know how to fight, or even if I could survive in one against the gods. I need a warrior by my side to help me. Iolaus: I can say with certainty that my life was never one that was meant to be a family man’s, I mean I had thought about it from time to time, especially since Herc had a family and still managed to fight when he had to.
  21. 21. Iolaus: I promise you I’ll be the best husband I can be for you Lanta. Atalanta: I know you will, I can tell. Iolaus: Does this mean I’ll end up meeting Cupid? Atalanta: Of course, grandpa will be thrilled to be the Master of Ceremonies for us. He is the God of Love after all right? Iolaus: Wow, a ceremony presided over by the gods themselves. Never thought I’d see the day when that would happen.
  22. 22. Atalanta: Family is family after all, maybe even great grandma Aphrodite will come. Iolaus: Aphrodite…haven’t seen her in a long time either. Oh boy…we have history…to say the least. Atalanta: Please…I don’t want to know what great grandma was up to before I was even born! She smiled and laughed, then kissed him.
  23. 23. Meanwhile, back in Strangetown. The cloudless sky was shattered by the crack of a powerful lightning bolt; its crash echoed over the flat desert’s surface anyone who happened to be outside at the time would have heard it as clearly across town as if they were right beside it. It turned out to be a very bad day for one unlucky Strangetownite…
  24. 24. Dalen: Pathetic mortal; how dare you come here and demand I leave. You pissed off the wrong god. Poor Vidcund Curious just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. His recent joining of General Buzz’s Non-Terrestrial Coalition movement was cut short. He only joined under threat of death; that and the general had already taken his half alien daughter and niece in an earlier raid. He was coming to the only other house in Strangetown with a full green lawn to evict the elven woman who was seen living here, instead he ran into the God of War.
  25. 25. Dalen stared down coldly at the mortal he had just smote; the anger still raging in his icy blue eyes. Death was too kind for such insolence; he planned to make sure he suffered greatly even in whatever afterlife the Americans had here. Ani-Mei was his to kill and he would not be denied his prized victory over the goddess by some piss ant mortal. But before he could kill her, there was another godly energy signature in the town he had just picked up on, that had to be dealt with first.
  26. 26. He teleported to the local pool, where the energy signature was strongest. The other god seemed to know who and what he was and stood his ground when he confronted him there. Dalen: So there you are, you’re a long way from home aren’t you?
  27. 27. Loki Beaker stared at the pale stranger for a moment, then he knew who he was. Loki: So are you Greek War God. How did you know who I was? Dalen: Please; it’s not like you hide your godly energy very well Trickster God. Anyone attuned enough can find you. And by the way, why did you pick such an ugly mortal to change into? Loki: I can blend much easier this way rather than looking like some mythical beast or creature of legend.
  28. 28. Dalen: I have a mission here to complete and frankly you’re in my way! Loki: So do I!! We have the same master!! Dalen: I am no one’s servant; I just use them as I see fit to achieve my own ends and goals. Besides Norseman, the desert is no place for a pale snow worshipper like you anyway.
  29. 29. Loki: I was here first, establishing my control long before you were even a glimmer on the horizon! Dalen: What are you a child? Unlike you, I cannot be killed so easily. You and your Norsemen kin only exist because of Belief Made Manifest. If the Vikings didn’t will you into existence you wouldn’t be here. Loki: And you think you scare me youngling?
  30. 30. Dalen: I do; it’s all over your face. I have the power of Chaos in me, what do you have? Loki: Well care to test your strength against me War God? It would be a bloody battle royal and most likely all the mortals in this entire town would be vaporized in our combat. Do you really want the entire power of the United States Armed Forces descending on you? Secrecy is crucial to both our missions is it not?
  31. 31. Dalen scowled darkly; he wouldn’t admit it aloud but Loki was right. He didn’t have time to wipe out the pathetic mortals and their toy guns and bombs right now. A battle of the gods would bring them all down on this town instantly and that was not what he wanted at the moment. Loki could tell he understood; he didn’t want to fight either. His mission was almost done here anyway, delays were not an option for either of them. Dalen: I see you’ve come to the same conclusions as I have. We’ll settle this when the mission is over.
  32. 32. Loki: Very well. A rain check on our fight then. Dalen: I look forward to it. Loki vanished right after, Dalen hated putting off a good fight but time was of the essence right now, he had to kill Ani-Mei and bring his blood sacrifice to Chaos. Her blood would protect Chaos against the Elvendian gods, should they be dumb enough to intervene on this planet once Chaos took it over.
  33. 33. It was nightfall before Loki made it home, Circe felt the wind of his arrival and didn’t look up from her book. Circe: Troubles husband? Loki: A minor thing my lovely; nothing worthy of noting. Circe: You’re lying; what is it? Loki sighed; he really wanted to forget about his encounter with someone from his wife’s homeland but she was waiting.
  34. 34. Loki: I ran into the God of War today; I had no idea he was here at all until he confronted me at the pool. Circe: Ares is here? Loki: No, not Ares. Apparently it’s his son. The new God of War. Circe: And? Loki: And he and I are working for the same master. Chaos has him here on a mission too.
  35. 35. Circe: I admit, I miss the days of luring sailors to my island in the Old World and feasting on their bones. I do occasionally long for the smell of salty air once more. But when the Old World comes to me, in the New World; nostalgia sets in. How did the son of Ares appear? Loki: Formidable; fighting against him would certainly end in my grisly death. He is strong wife; much stronger than Ares ever dreamed of being. He knew about Belief Made Manifest; the one thing that keeps the Norse gods alive. Circe: He may be formidable one on one but you aren’t alone husband. I am Greek as well, I have more ancient power than he does. Loki: Perhaps, but he’s also infused with Chaotic energy.
  36. 36. Circe: I have faith in your ability to prevail in a fight against the War God. We have technology and science; genetic power love. Loki: I see; thank you my dear. That helps. Circe: As I knew it would. You don’t spend 5000 years as a powerful witch without learning a few tricks or two along the way. I know the Greek gods, I was living among them in the Old World.
  37. 37. Genetic science was indeed on their side; years of torturing the spawn of the Reaper had taught them a lot about how to overcome the powerful foes they encountered. Reapers were the minions of Hades; they had links to the Ancient Greek gods and Loki and Circe knew how to break those links, deconstruct them; rebuild them to suit their own ends. This was no different. Gods may be immortal, but they are not invulnerable. They have DNA just like the rest of the life on this planet, you just have to know how to exploit it.
  38. 38. Angry warning lights and flashing screens were going off but Loki bypassed all the warnings and continued to program the genetic virus. He had a hair from Dalen’s head, he picked it up when Dalen was distracted and that was all he needed. He smiled as he named his new virus: The Titan Virus. Loki: Oddly appropriate if I do say so myself.
  39. 39. He closed the cryogenic chamber. His Titan virus was complete. Its decomposition rate was slowed down as far as it would go in the arid heat of the desert, he needed a prime opportunity to plant the virus in Dalen, and the rain check fight seemed like the most opportune time to do so. Once infected, Dalen would take it back to Olympus and spread it throughout all the gods, killing them instantly. His plan would help Chaos in the long run; save him some time in executing his plan to take over the planet, Loki knew he would be well rewarded for his efforts. ******
  40. 40. Across the ocean, back in Hidden City… Perseus hissed; it wasn’t enough, it was never enough. His thirst for the half god blood was never quenched or slaked. He had managed to find a few half gods in this city, they put up a fight; used their gods-given powers to defend themselves, but in the end his power was much stronger than theirs was. His White Warlock energy threatened to dim and fall closer to Dark magic, but it somehow managed to bounce back to the White side…it frustrated him endlessly.
  41. 41. His senses told him there was being of great power here, somewhere close; the blood that called to him was new, different than the signatures he was used to sensing, but where was it? He wanted it; he hungered for it.
  42. 42. Aeridane Starr’s senses were on high alert; something was off here, he could tell. His sky blue, crystalline eyes scoured the dark dimness of the club. His Light ability illuminated even the darkest corners and recesses of a soul and this ability was telling him, rather insistently, that something was wrong with a soul that was normally devoted to the Light; it was teetering on Darkness.
  43. 43. Perseus found it; the powerful blood. He used some of his vampiric powers to approach his prey; but he was seen this was a powerful being to be able to locate him so fast and quickly. Aeridane: Perseus Reed; I had sensed that something was off, I had not expected, however, that it would be your soul’s Light that was dimming. Perseus: How? How did you find me so fast?
  44. 44. Aeridane: What did this to you? How have you become so unbalanced and strayed from the Path of Light? Perseus: I lost something; very precious. I need it back…badly. Perseus was surprised at his immediate answer; who was this guy? And how could he affect him so strongly? Aeridane: You…were feeding off godly energy were you not? I can see all that is reflected in your soul. It is crying Perseus; you have damaged it by doing what you have been doing to your kith and kin.
  45. 45. Perseus: Who are you? What are you? How do you know that? Aeridane: I am the Elvendian Sun God Aeridane. I was sent here at the request of my mother, Lady Ani-Mei to save this world from the Days of Night. I know because I carry the Sword of Light; the second last one of the seven Elemental Swords of Elvendia. It affords me certain insights, such as the power to see one’s soul and determine its element. Yours is a soul of Water and Light, two very powerful combinations. Perseus: You can see all that? Aeridane: I can, and you must stop feeding off the blood of the half gods in this city; or else the savage carnality of taking their Life Forces will darken your soul and put it on the radar for Chaos to seed. Perseus: You don’t understand…I need it!! I am so weak without the power of the gods’ energy in me! Aeridane: No, you do not. You have not learned how to commune with the powers of your soul. That is by far a much greater power than living off of godly energy like a leech could ever give you. Perseus: I—I don’t know what to do. I’ve been so lost without Diamos guiding me and honestly, I’m scared. Aeridane: I can understand that, being without guidance is a feeling I know too well. But that is a long story, I sensed something was wrong in this place from the moment I came within reach of it; I understand now that it was you that I was meant to find. Perseus: So what does that mean? Aeridane: I am meant to become your mentor, a teacher in the art of Soul Communion.
  46. 46. Perseus: You’re supposed to teach me? Why? Aeridane: I am aware of your special nature and unique position. You will be the only one alive once the final battle begins who will know both the past and the future; and who will be the living link between them. I am to teach you how to read souls as I do; it will be valuable in the remainder of the fight against Chaos. Perseus: Are you sure it has to be me? I mean…look at what I’ve done… Aeridane: I know; and because of what you have done, there can be no other than you who would be best suited for this training. Perseus: I don’t understand; can’t you speak plainly for once? Aeridane: Very well, you chose to take the steps into immortality with offering yourself to become a vampire, then you supplemented that with the power of witchcraft. Both abilities and natures allowed you to become the median through which the Peace God was able to return to the Mortal Realm and retrieve Rebirth from being lost to Chaos. Perseus: Okay, I think I’m beginning to understand now. I’m the only one capable of preventing the loss of Rebirth again to Chaos because of my connection to Dee and Reias. Aeridane: Each generation of your lineage has one who is the strongest of the one they were born into. As fifth generation, the middle generation; you can balance both the past and the future. You are the only one capable of this training because of when you were born; the last and youngest of the main line’s fifth generation.
  47. 47. Aeridane had told him a lot; and it probably saved him from making the biggest mistake of his life. Once he vanished, Perseus was left to think about what he offered. It all seemed clear now; he was lost in the darkness after Dee left him but Aeridane was sent to bring him back to the Light. Truly a gods’ sent; Perseus knew what he had to do now, accept. He had to add another layer to his power, Soul Communion. His sister’s children, his nieces and nephews, would need him to guide and help them after Pandora’s time came to join their father in the Elysian Fields. It helped clear away the emptiness he had felt after Diamos left, it gave him a new purpose. *******
  48. 48. Part B: As one finds a new purpose, another is just beginning to recover an old one. Aiden’s time on Elvendia in the company of Lady Ani-Mei and Lord Adahy has given him a long time to think. His memory has returned for the most part, but his skills are still missing. Young Saraya has grown quite attached to Aiden during his time staying with her family and she has grown on him as well, like an adorable baby sister who follows her big brother around everywhere. Her help has been the biggest factor in his recovery, her powers have restored his soul’s innocence. Everything he did before is now gone; a bitter memory to be forgotten. Saraya has the power to help a soul recover its purity, Aiden has only recently come to understand that. He gets to go back to Hidden City with a clean slate, a fresh start; another shot to save his child from falling like he did.
  49. 49. Saraya giggled at his little picture, she loved it. Saraya: Cute helicopter onii-chan. Aiden: Since when did you learn Japanese? Saraya: Cousin Arwyn taught me. I am pretty good at it. Aiden: I see, but it’s pretty bad I mean for me.
  50. 50. Saraya: I don’t think it’s bad. Aiden: Well thank you, at least someone likes it. Saraya: Can I have it? Aiden: Uhh, sure. I was gonna sell it but if you want it. Saraya: YAY!!
  51. 51. It felt like the last year and half here was well spent. Even though on Earth, only three months had passed, he hadn’t smiled like this in a while. He had gotten so lost in trying to overthrow Dalen that he forgot how to. All that seemed like a dark, distant memory now; a nightmare that he had just awoken from. He knew what he did, why he was sent to Exile and for a while after he remembered he was angry; furious even. But Saraya had shown him how to forgive, now all he had to do was make amends with Callisto and Psyche. He prayed that they would forgive him for being gone most of their lives, that they wouldn’t be angry when he returned home to Earth.
  52. 52. Saraya: Onii-chan? Aiden: Yeah? Saraya: You have to leave soon don’t you? Aiden: Yes, I do unfortunately. I have to go back home and try to repair the damage I’ve done there. Saraya: Will you come back? Aiden: Of course Bright Star; I’ll make sure of it.
  53. 53. Saraya: I’ll miss you. Aiden: I’ll miss you too; and don’t worry, I’ll tell Aeri to drop you a line so you know he’s alright too okay? Saraya: You mean it? Thank you!! Aiden: I should probably go talk to your parents.
  54. 54. Ani-Mei closed her eyes; she couldn’t help but feel like she would be sending away another son, and so soon after too. She had grown to love Aiden while he was here, like a seventh child, she was going to miss him. Adahy: We had a feeling that this would be why you asked to see us. It is time for you to go home.
  55. 55. Aiden: Yes, it was your Lordship. I wish it didn’t have to be this way but I have to go. Ani-Mei: We have grown to love you, you know? Like a son. It will be hard to send another one back to Earth. Aiden: Me too, I mean about the fondness thing. You two are the best surrogate parents I’ve ever had. Adahy: I shall give you a Gate Stone so that you may use it to return here if you wish to. It must be used in the Atlantian gateway however.
  56. 56. Aiden: Why only the Atlantian gateway? I thought the one on Pacifica was connected to here as well? Adahy: It is; however the Atlantian gateway comes directly into Allocarre, the Pacifican one goes to the Calameraine temple on Elvendia. The Western Lands are not safe at present. We have told Andwyn and Maritol to look in on the situation there, but as of yet we have received no reply.
  57. 57. Aiden: What do you mean they’re not safe? Do you need help? I can stay longer if you need me. Adahy: It is geological my son; nothing that you need be concerned about. Aiden: My mom has the power to control the earth, through my grandfather Poseidon; and I can control it as well. I can help. Adahy: I appreciate the offer; but you must return home.
  58. 58. Ani-Mei: Perhaps…he can help my love. We have not made any progress on it alone and Keitaro no longer has the connection the earth as he did when he wielded the Earth Blade. Adahy: Beloved? You know as well as I that Aiden must return to Earth; its need is far greater than ours at present. Aiden: It can wait, I don’t want to leave knowing I could have done something, I’d hate to come back here and have nothing to come back to.
  59. 59. Adahy: I sense your reluctance to let him go Beloved; I do not wish to myself. He has to reclaim his daughter from Chaos, and that should be of higher priority to him. We are parents as well and we would do the same for our children. Ani-Mei: I know; but it does not ease my discomfort. I have not heard from Aeridane at all since he left for Earth…I do not want to lose contact with Aiden as well. Aiden: Oh don’t worry about Aeri; give me one of those communication mirrors and I’ll make him call you. Trust me.
  60. 60. Aiden: Anyway, if I can’t stay here to help at least let me send someone who can. My mom, Mokosh. Dad had forbidden Hope and I from talking to her when we were growing up but that’s all over with now. Dad made a mess of things back home and I have to clean it up. Adahy: We are grateful for your offer. Thank you.
  61. 61. Ani-Mei: Please be careful when you go back, there is no telling what has happened since you have been away. Aiden: Sure. You know I will. I’ll give mom my Gate Stone so she can get here. Adahy: We shall miss you, my son. Do remind Aeri to call home will you? Aiden: First thing I do when I get there; promise.
  62. 62. A little while later, Aiden was ready to go. He had everything he needed to go back with, the stone, the mirror and his message for Aeri. He headed down the crystal steps towards the Gate Room; he tried not to look back at the home he had known for eighteen months because he feared if he did, he’d change his mind. Nightfall was coming, he could feel the chill in the air; he loved sunset on Allocarre; the light bounced off the waterfalls that surrounded Allocarre and sent rainbows of colour dancing in the air. One thing he’ll never forget is the dance of the twilight faeries; something like that is a once in a lifetime thing to see.
  63. 63. The hum of the magic surrounding Allocarre’s gates rang pleasantly in his ears. It seemed in tune with the stars themselves; it was such a unique sound. He felt his heart breaking as he prepared to enter the veil that separated Allocarre from the Gate Room; this was the only real home he’d ever known, even if it was only a short time. It made up for the lifetime of misery he’d endured in the darkness of the Temple of Ares. He would return here; he knew it deep down. And when he did, he would bring his daughter with him. She had to know the joy and happiness he knew here, he owed it to her. ******
  64. 64. ARRGHHH!!!! The ear splitting cry rang through the house as Psyche doubled over in pain. Why now of all times did the baby have to choose to come? They just had the floors redone and she went and ruined them again, and in the same spot as Callisto was born as well. Marc Antony: We really should invest in a different floor my love. Amy: Hmm. Indeed.
  65. 65. The pain was momentary however; soon it was over and the beautiful baby girl took her first look at her mother. Psyche knew she would be special; all the pain she caused her would be worth it. Psyche: I can say that you were worth the pain small one. Look at her daddy, she’s beautiful. Marc Antony: I know, we’re so lucky to have her.
  66. 66. So the youngest of generation six was born, a blond haired, blue eyed baby girl named Althea. Named after the two time dance partner of Hercules in the TV series, Althea was talented dancer who saw her fair share of teasing from the more “popular” girls in town. And I say, who’s awesome? I beat dominate genes twice in one generation!! *raises roof* (Oh by the way, if you didn’t know already; Althea is going to be the Light to Callisto’s Dark)
  67. 67. The memory of that night; it haunted him. The night that started this all; that opened the first lock on the door that released Chaos back into the galaxy. Aimi’s death, the passing of the Adriels to new masters. Diamos could remember holding back a lot more than he showed when he saw Aimi struck down by Dahak; he had to tell her family, her siblings. Once they were freed from Dahak, the aftermath damage would be tremendous.
  68. 68. He returned to Tokyo to find them, Arwyn waited for him out in front of one of the many temples scattered around the city. It seemed appropriate to deliver the news to her in a place of such serenity and peace as if it would ease the pain of hearing what happened to her sister. He felt the energy here as Peace God, it amplified his own.
  69. 69. He managed a small smile, he set to put her at ease. She studied him, her green eyes scanning his face for any sign of what was to come. But he kept it neutral enough, he wanted no false pretences before he could tell her. Arwyn: Diamos, Peace God. What brings you to see me? Diamos: I have news of the battle… Arwyn: Oh?
  70. 70. Arwyn: What news of my sister? I have not seen her. Diamos fought hard to contain the sorrow that threatened to choke him; she looked so hopeful, so eager to hear good news. He had none to give her. He told her as gently as he could, the colour drained from her face she began to wobble…
  71. 71. He caught her as she fell into his arms, sobbing. He too felt new tears fall as he watched her break like a fragile winter blossom in the wake of a biting cold wind… Arwyn: She cannot be…dead…my baby sister. I was supposed to protect her!! Diamos: You were possessed… He trailed off, saying she couldn’t have helped it was not right.
  72. 72. She regained her senses long enough to ask: Arwyn: Did she suffer? Diamos: No, of course not. She died in the arms of the man who loved her, my best friend. Arwyn: That helps, at least she was happy. It was all that I could ask for her to be.
  73. 73. Diamos: Her Adriel is safe; she left it to Reias before she died. Arwyn: That is good to hear. I am glad. I will miss her, dear Aimi-chan. She leaned in and held him close. It was a gesture of comfort, but he had felt she meant something more…it could only have been the grief talking right? His dream ended after this, it always did. In the years since Dahak he had never been able to find out for sure just what she meant with that close hug…and it seems he never will now. End of Entry Thirty-Six.
  74. 74. Diamos starts having dreams again about Aimi’s death and the events that followed it, but what does it mean? And why now? Aiden is returning to Earth to put right what Dalen made wrong and once there he’ll find out that he has another daughter; one that was conceived while he was in Exile. What will the circumstances of her birth bring about? And why am I asking questions at the end of chapter like a noob? *has no answer* >_<  next page for fun shots… 
  75. 75. Don’t EVER piss off the God of War with a stupid prank… As Vidcund found out, he’ll bitch-slap you into the next millennium. ^_^ Till next time.