The Quest for Peace: Chapter 20, part 3


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The Quest for Peace: Chapter 20, part 3

  1. 1. The Quest for Peace: Chapter 20, Part 3
  2. 2. Nearly all of generation six has been born, the darkness of the Days of Night continues. Still without light and a growing feeling of hopelessness has led the remaining gods to their limit, an overworked Aphrodite had been forced to take a long rest as her limits have been taxed beyond capacity, the pressure falls upon Cupid, Bliss and Euphoria to make sure the world doesn’t fall apart before the Quest is finished…but not before a new energy force was suddenly felt by the other gods just as Bliss and Cupid were about to break, it was a welcomed relief to their overworked bodies… But who and why now?
  3. 3. Darien: Daddy, why does it feel happier all of sudden? Solan: I don’t know, you’ve felt it too huh? How observant you are. Darien: I am!! My teacher said so too. Solan: I’m happy for you son.
  4. 4. The littlest Sharpe boy had been feeling a lot happier lately, he’d noticed it all around him. Even his parents, but then again they were naturally this happy anyway, at least as far back as he could remember anyway. Big brother Nathan told him that his mom and dad were triple bolt stalkers, he had no idea what that meant but when his brother said it, he smiled so Darien assumed it was a good thing that his parents were stalkers.
  5. 5. Elysium, Solan’s familiar had noticed the change in the atmosphere of the Mortal Realm where her charge lived. Her realm, the Spiritual Realm was at a loss to explain the sudden surge in positive energy lately. The Elders and Wizened Ones were convinced the Mortal Realm was about to destroy itself, being without sun for so long was unsettling to them and the mortals.
  6. 6. Elysium: Haven’t you felt it too? Solan: Of course, it’s nice for a change. But I don’t know why you’re so upset over it though. Elysium: We are not upset, just concerned. Aren’t you wondering why it suddenly feels happy? Solan: No.
  7. 7. Elysium: Well, is the tenth heir of the Quest of age? Solan: No, just the last few of generation six have had their birthdays. We’re still far off…oh. Elysium: Yes, oh is right. I think you should be investigating this don’t you? Solan: Umm, probably?
  8. 8. Solan: Have you talked to Neko Mimi about this too? I think Tavi’s familiar should be looking for an answer too don’t you? Elysium: We have, and she is. But Tavi’s been distracted lately, she’s having trouble getting him to focus. Solan: His youngest kids are just about to have their birthdays. Elysium: And you should go, maybe you can get Tavi to listen.
  9. 9. Solan did as he was told, he went to Andromeda’s birthday. She was sharing it with Tavi’s youngest son Orion, the unexpected final, final member of generation five. Today she was about to become a teenager, as she looked around her party guests she was smiling. Even if she did have to share it with her baby brother…
  10. 10. Though he was kinda cute when he wasn’t crying or pooping. Her birthday wasn’t so bad, she got to see her older siblings again.
  11. 11. Julius: Ooh the bag dress…nice. Andromeda: Yeah, I will change this later. She chose the Popularity life path and wanted no less than 20 people she could call her Best Friends.
  12. 12. She turned around and clapped for her little brother. He was cute with his blond locks and shiny black eyes, at least he was green like her, which was nice.
  13. 13. He had eyes that were filled with wonder and excitement, like he would be getting into all sorts of things once he was mobile. There was so much to explore in this new world he was in and he couldn’t wait to get started on it.
  14. 14. One of the first things though was to work on his projectile aiming of the shiny man who picked him up immediately after his grandma lady put him down. He squealed with laughter, he got a direct hit. Solan: Uhh, my kids never puked on me…yuck. Daisy: That’s what you get for bouncing a full toddler.
  15. 15. He liked the shiny man, the blue things were fun to try to catch. His daddy had the blue things as well, he thought it would nice to have his own blue things someday too.
  16. 16. Andromeda: You mean I’m going to be an Auntie? That’s so awesome!! Hey little dude, or dudette, I’m Auntie Andromeda!! Daisy: We were hoping for a little girl. Or rather I am. Orpheus wants a boy. Andromeda: Well he does have three sisters, and a little brother who’s too young to help him if he gets into trouble with us.
  17. 17. Andromeda: So you went to school with daddy? You look so young… Solan: I’m a half god, I age a lot slower than a full blood mortal. Andromeda: Half god? Solan: Your dad didn’t tell you? I’m a half god, so is Bliss over there the winged guy. Andromeda: I haven’t asked him, school doesn’t teach us about half gods. Only the exceptional ones like Perseus or Hercules. Solan: Yes, so I’ve been told. I remember those days. My schooling wasn’t so fun when I was a kid, they knew I was a half god I suppose it was like friend repellent to know that, especially because of who my dad is. Andromeda: Who is he? Solan: You mean he didn’t even tell you that? I’ll have to talk to him about that. My dad is Reias, the Prince of the Underworld. Andromeda: Was the guy with the blue hair? Where is he? He used to be at all of my parties. Solan: I wish I knew… Andromeda looked at him, a look crossed his face. It looked like a sad one, but she wasn’t sure. Solan felt her curiosity about his father, her emotion wasn’t overly powerful but it was coloured a light rose pink; it was a new one on him. Maybe because she was half alien, her emotions appeared differently coloured to him. Andromeda: I didn’t mean to upset you. Solan: Don’t worry, you didn’t it’s okay.
  18. 18. Bliss: You’re curious about half gods? Andromeda: Yes, Solan told me about them. He said you’re one too right? Bliss: Yes, my father is Cupid. Andromeda: What’s he like? Bliss beamed at the mention of his father. “ Dad’s great!! I love spending time with him, he’s a great dad and grandfather to my kids. Whenever he gets a break he likes to go see them.” Andromeda: You have kids? Bliss: Yes, five of them and one more on the way. I love being a dad. It’s the best job in the world. Andromeda: How old are they? Bliss: Well my oldest Icarus is about to enter high school, his birthday is tomorrow actually. My second son Dade is a genius I know he got it from his grandmother. And I also have triplets, two boys and a girl, they’re a little older than Orion now. Pandora wanted another little girl so we’re hoping this one is a girl. Andromeda: So they’re the next generation for the Quest? How cool is that? Bliss: Oh yeah, my kids are great. One of them will make an excellent heir or heiress I’m very happy to help the Quest along. Andromeda: I’m looking forward to seeing Icarus at school. I would love to get to know my cousins. Bliss: Family is important, I was raised with that belief. My mother had a large family too, I’ve never met them though. It’s something my sister and I would love to do one day.
  19. 19. Icarus wasn’t the only one on the verge of hormones and zits, his cousins were close behind him. Castor found out he had some cousins at school that he had never met before, this was Midus his Uncle Perseus’s son. He did find it hard to relate when he would tell him about all the cool things he and his dad did, even that his dad was a vampire. They played with him at night when he was awake. He never knew his father, whenever he asked his mother about him, she would start to cry and sob a bit.
  20. 20. Castor and Pollux celebrated their birthday after their mom got home, she worked until seven so they spent a lot of time with the butler when she wasn’t here. He was good to them, he even played with the boys after school and helped them with their homework, stuff a dad should be doing. He was like a father to the boys.
  21. 21. Castor blew out his candles first, he couldn’t wait to be a teenager. His grandmother smiled and laughed as his twin thought about his wish. Even mom’s friend from work was cheering, Pollux said his mom’s friend felt “weird” but he didn’t know why. He would tell Castor about it, but Castor never thought much about it.
  22. 22. His mom’s friend had weird coloured hair, it was white like snow but he wasn’t old. He was young and it worried Pollux when he would come over. What if he wanted to be more than a friend to his mom?
  23. 23. It wasn’t just the white haired guy that came over a lot either, their neighbour Goderic Marmite was also a frequent visitor to their house. Goderic was a foreigner who had come to Hidden City a while ago and just never left, Castor thought he was a little too persistant about seeing his mom, it made him a little upset that he was always here. What if his dad came back and saw him with her?
  24. 24. What he didn’t know was that Goderic was just what Helen needed. Drinn abandoned her and his sons without even a good bye, he wasn’t coming back. She was afraid and worried about being old and alone raising her twins. Goderic was charming, compassionate and kind he offered her comfort when she needed it most it also helped that he was really attractive and famous…
  25. 25. He too was looking for someone, there was no way he was going to get back to Gotham City now, Hidden City was his new home. He did miss home sometimes, but he learned rather quickly that his new home had some hot attractions. A sexy single neighbour girl for one. His concerts were often packed to the brim when he performed, even solo he was a success. And the people here really needed something fun and entertaining, more so since the sun vanished from the sky one day. That was a day he would never forget, it happened so fast. First there was a loud crash of thunder, a crack of lightning then the sky went dark. A loud mournful cry broke across the city just after the sky went dark, it chilled him to the bone. He still had no idea what happened even now.
  26. 26. Helen was delightful, he remembered the first day he met her; she looked so sad and lonely as her twin sons romped and played around their new house, she watched them with a sad smile on her beautiful face. He was struck immediately by it; it brought up memories for him, like the sad smile his mother had on her face (when she was coherent enough) after Galinda’s accident when he was younger.
  27. 27. Goderic knew he was falling in love with her, and she felt it too. They both followed the Pleasurable life path so they loved a lot of the same things. A good couch jumping session never got old, or just having a pyjama day either. Even his stalker-ratzzi weren’t out today following him; today was just for him and Helen. And he had seen no sign of any simselves around or even Ani-Mei.
  28. 28. And what better way to top off an excellent date? This Ferrari would need some suspension and shock work after they were finished with it… *ahem ‘scuse the custom car window glitch…*cough*
  29. 29. Helen’s boys were making good use of the matchmaker and their mom’s good job pay, both chose to follow the Family life path so finding a girl to carry on with was top priority for the Family-minded twins.
  30. 30. Clotho: By the gods… Pollux: What does that mean? Clotho: You look like…your father. Pollux: You knew him? Clotho: Yes. I knew him quite well. Pollux: How? You’re my age… Clotho: Do you not know who I am? Pollux: A hottie? Clotho blinked at him; how could he not know she was one of the Three Fates? And that she got to know Drinn very well while she was with Dalen’s son Jason. Offspring of an Adriel Guardian was extremely rare, since they are alien, the Fates have no control over their life threads nor can they see them. It shouldn’t even be possible for them to be born on this planet and yet here she was standing in front of one of them. Clotho: I am one of the Three Fates, I am the Spinner of Life Threads. Pollux: You’re a goddess? Clotho: Yes. Pollux: You said you knew my father, who is he and where has he been all our lives? Clotho: Your father…he was very powerful, and very dangerous to the Olympians. Pollux froze; his father was dangerous? Why? Pollux: Why was he dangerous? Clotho: It is a long story…I am not sure I should even tell you…
  31. 31. Clotho didn’t tell Pollux everything about his father, she vanished rather suddenly after she told him she knew him. Her confession only strengthened his conviction to find out all he could about who his father was and why Clotho said he was dangerous to the Olympians. He told Castor about it and Castor came back with a cell phone for him, to keep in touch. The boys would make it their mission to find their father and find out why he left them…
  32. 32. For the main line, Bliss and Pandora had triplets. A little girl with white, feathery wings like her daddy Atalanta, a little boy with different shaped wings named Xenon and another boy named Iolaus. Pandora was surprised when two of her triplets were born with little wing buds, she wasn’t sure if Cupid’s genes would be that strong in her kids. Her oldest two didn’t have them, it would explain why the birth of the triplets was harder on her than with the older two. Each of her children had unique gifts that would serve them well as they got older, two of them could fly, one was a bit of a daredevil and another was a child prodigy. She often wondered how Paris would have been with her kids, she was close to her triplet siblings when she was Dade and Icarus’s ages; Paris would have loved to see her triplets. It made her wonder how amazing her sixth child would be when it was born, but for now it was time for Icarus to join his cousins in the world of teen hood.
  33. 33. Pandora looked on as her son blew out his candles; she prayed he wouldn’t be too much of a daredevil, getting into trouble at school; she would be lying if she wasn’t really terrified about how he would be in school.
  34. 34. Icarus grew up to resemble his father quite a bit, he had the same jaw line and angelic face as his father. He would be trouble, that was for sure. He chose the same life path as his cousin Andromeda, to be Popular with his own 20 Best Friends. The Wishing Well was his first stop after he changed clothes, he wanted a head start on those 20 Best Friends.
  35. 35. The next day, the youngest member of the main line for generation six made her appearance, baby Dione was the last child for Pandora and Bliss. Pandora got her wish for another little girl, her family was now complete. She handed her to Icarus, he took her gently into his arms. She stared up at him with her big brown eyes and giggled. He smiled, what a good chance to add to his friend count. She was adorable too. Icarus: So, you’re the baby of the family huh? I’m going to love chasing off all the boys who come after you. It’s the oldest brother’s responsibility isn’t it? Pandora: I knew you two would get along well. Icarus: No guy is going to get near my baby sister as long as I’m around. Unless I approve him first.
  36. 36. Over at Perseus’s house, the quads had recently had their childhood birthdays. It was the eight of them in the house, Perseus and Steph, their five kids and Dobby. Epiony had recently moved out into her own place with her partner Maura Simpson. As much as she loved it there, Dobby was getting older and she really had no family of her own save for Epiony. She decided soon after the kids grew up that she would move out too to go and live with her pod baby and her girlfriend to live out her golden years.
  37. 37. No matter how many times she saw it, Dobby was still surprised when the kids spurted up. Vance was still the older one but soon enough he would be joining Icarus and Andromeda in the teen years.
  38. 38. Epiony had wanted to have her girlfriend become a White Witch for some time now, she cast the spell when she was least expecting it. Maura was a Family life pather but it didn’t bother her to become a witch. It meant a deeper connection to her girlfriend if they shared the same interest and craft. Epiony would love to make her mother part of her coven, three witches closely bonded together under the same banner of light is a very powerful triad…
  39. 39. Vance, who was going to have his birthday that night thought it would be fun to pull one last childhood prank. He would peek at his father in his coffin. It wasn’t a good idea, he had heard about it from some kids at school. He said he wouldn’t be scared, that it wouldn’t get to him. He grew up around vampires, so this little thing wouldn’t scare him. He was right after all, he found it quite funny actually.
  40. 40. Vance could barely contain his smile. He was excited to be finally able to stay out late and drive, that was a big plus. His parents were vampires so he had grown up learning how to play at night and to learn how to function in perpetual darkness. The candles danced playfully atop his cake, a simple but elegant sort of dance; musical in way. Vance smiled, seeing the Fire Dance of the candles was just one of the many new things he had learned to do recently. He found out he could understand and see things that no one else could, he didn’t know how to describe it to anyone, it was like he could see the energy of something. Living thing like plants and animals had a unique vibrancy to him, their own type of dance…
  41. 41. Vance had his own unique dance, it was usually blue in colour. Everything he owned was a shade of blue or had blue on it. He decided to follow the Romantic life path and to one day make everyone see how beautiful his dance was. He wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps as a World Class Ballet Dancer. A ballet was one of the most scenic and pleasing type of dance there was. He would use his unique ability to see energy and transfer it to his dancing.
  42. 42. The legacy bloodlines were not the only ones who were joining the teens, Lyra had been waiting for this for a long time, her powers as a half god would really jump in level and strength as she became a teenager. It was a critical time of development for a half god; if they are not properly guided along the right path during this phase, their powers can become seriously unstable. She hadn’t missed the look of apprehension on her mother’s face as she came closer to blowing out the candles, she didn’t understand it however.
  43. 43. Her grandfather was happy, he clapped and whooped enthusiastically for her. Her sister Hope remained neutral, like she was waiting for something to happen.
  44. 44. Poseidon looked over at Mo; he sent her a telepathic message: “Honey, try to look happy. Lyra will pick up on it if something is wrong. She won’t be taken away from you this time I swear.” Mo managed a smile: “ I know daddy, it’s just bad memories is all.” Hope, who had heard it all scowled. They must know she can hear them too. If only Lyra knew who her real mother was, she glanced at Becca who was grinning moronically. Weird simself…
  45. 45. Lyra grew up into a decent outfit, Mo thought it was rather cute on her even if it was a little short… Hope: You’re gonna knock the boys dead little sis!! Mokosh: No, she won’t. I have some other clothes picked out for you upstairs.
  46. 46. Back at the main house, the triplets were ready for their birthdays. A lot of growing and changing was happening for everyone, it was a good step forward. Despite the fears about Helen’s twins and his other grandsons, Julius managed to smile a little for their birthdays.
  47. 47. Marsha was happy for her granddaughter’s choice for clothing was something at least cute. It suited her so well, the lilac purple went with her blond hair.
  48. 48. Little Xenon and his adorable wings made her so happy… … his choice of outfit, however was not so nice.
  49. 49. Atalanta came home with her cousins on her first day of school, she had never met her uncle or his wife before but when she arrived at their house she immediately felt something different…a kind of pure happiness she’d never felt before. She went to talk to her uncle. Atalanta: Uncle Perseus? Is that you?
  50. 50. Diamos tried to figure out how best to explain it to her, she was still young enough to see him as he appeared in Perseus’s body. She saw his real features, but he was told she had never seen Perseus before now. His appearance in the Mortal Realm was recent, but timed perfectly. He knew that his energy was radiating outwards even in this form, every realm felt his arrival. And it had produced some interesting effects; the Spiritual Realm was slowly starting to materialize in the Mortal Realm. Only those who were attuned enough to it could see the veil thinning between them, young Vance was one of those individuals. He could see energy, and soon would learn to manipulate it. Diamos: Umm, yes. It is me Atalanta. Atalanta: Why is your hair black? And your eyes, they’re pretty. Diamos: Umm…I can look like this if I want to, it’s a glamour I learned. Good save, he thought. Atalanta: Oh. But where are your blue sparkles? Diamos: I can hide them too. She seemed to buy it…hopefully. Atalanta: Can you teach me how to do that one day Uncle Perseus? Diamos: Maybe, when you’re older. Atalanta: I like your eyes, they’re a pretty purple, it’s my favourite colour. Diamos: Thank you.
  51. 51. Diamos figured that her brothers would see him as he was too; Xenon was especially curious about him. He found it endearing that his lineage hadn’t lost their thirst for knowledge over the generations. Perseus was happy too, he loved seeing his niece and nephews during the day.
  52. 52. Perseus’s quads were too old to see him as he was, they only saw their father when he played with them. Dee wondered if they would notice that his hands were warm when they touched them, Perseus would be cold to the touch.
  53. 53. Atalanta: You mean my cousins can’t see you as we do? That’s funny!! Diamos: Yes, so keep it our little secret okay? Atalanta: Okay.
  54. 54. Back at home with Helen, her boys were at school and while she was in the kitchen for a snack she heard a strange noise coming from behind her. The Sentry Bot her brother Paris made for her in college was running amok, she feared that the electric beam of it was going to target her. It had already chased off the butler for the day.
  55. 55. The frantic button mashing didn’t help to stop it, it electrocuted her anyway. The one at the Greek house never did this, why was this one screwy?
  56. 56. Then it got her again immediately afterwards, the current surged through her setting her every limb and joint aflame with pain…her boys were coming home any minute, she prayed she would still hang on long enough to get rescued by them…
  57. 57. Thankfully, it let up and she was able to get away from it; for a minute anyway. It followed her upstairs, she heard its angry beeps behind her the chair luckily had rubber cups on the legs so if it did try to fry her again she would be somewhat protected. She strained her ears and picked up the sound of the front door opening; the boys were home. Thank the gods. They could fix this damn thing before it killed her or them.
  58. 58. Castor did eventually fix the renegade Sentry Bot, just in time too. For Helen had just learned that her date with Goderic had left her a gift… Pollux: You mean I’m going to be a big brother? Cool. But I have to ask…why? What if dad comes back? Helen: Honey…your father…he…I don’t know if he’s ever coming back. Pollux: I don’t want to give up yet; I will find him. Helen: Pollux… She broke off, what could she say? He had a right to look for Drinn if he wanted to didn’t he?
  59. 59. Pollux: We won’t give up on dad, mom. We will find him again. But that doesn’t mean Castor and I are going to hate this baby if that’s what you’re afraid of. Helen: It’s not that which I’m afraid of…how do you know where to look for your father when I don’t even know where to start myself? I don’t want to lose you two either, I couldn’t bear it… Pollux: We won’t die, don’t be scared mom; please.
  60. 60. Evil? Yes, yes I am. But pace yourselves people, I don’t want to leave you hanging too long. The good thing about hour cuts at work and having a four hour class during the day, is that I have a lot of simming time to work on this long chapter for you. If you’ve noticed I stopped adding the entry number closings for these chapters…why? Cuz I forgot to add them that’s why. But if you are keeping track anyway, this is: End of Entry Thirty-Three.