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Interlude Chapter 4


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Just a filler chapter. But it explains some mystery about the Adriels.

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Interlude Chapter 4

  1. 1. Interlude Chapter 4: Star Traveler
  2. 2. A powerful enemy is on the horizon for the residents and their gods in Hidden City… Chaos, an entity that nearly obliterated the people of the planet Elvendia has now set its malicious sights on the young planet Earth. Brought out of banishment by the cries of the Prince of the Underworld, that cry shattered the barrier that was keeping Chaos away from the life forms of Elvendia and its system of sister planets connected through the Gateways. It found that life had continued on after its banishment and it flourished, leaving a buffet of scrumptious life energies for it to feed upon. This time it found the hearts and souls of its victims in turmoil and harbouring festering cancerous black pits, all of which make it stronger. It preferred its food to have a tasty heart and soul of darkness, they had given into their darker urges and leanings; it was irresistible to Chaos. It felt the weakness of the Triad of Power on Elvendia, that Triad was all that was keeping Chaos out of the galaxy but now its power was so weakened Chaos could easily destroy it and pass into the Milky Way galaxy and head for the pale blue planet that was ripe for the picking…
  3. 3. The last time Chaos had free reign of the galaxy it delighted in causing wars between normally peaceful races, most notably the Ancient Elves and Demons of Elvendia. The two races had co-existed peacefully so long as there was no interbreeding between them. Both races were proud and very guarded about the purity of their respective clans and species, they had fought over such things before and an agreement was reached to end the fighting; to never interbreed the two races. Chaos took the form of a demon general named Xylen Destriory and shattered this fragile peace agreement, it used its powers to influence the Elven Prince Targen to fall for the Demon Princess Tablitha. The lovers had two daughters, which resulted in mixed bloodlines; and it was the primary event that started the infamous Demon Wars, and what had torn Elvendia apart. Their oldest daughter Soraya was forced to flee the continent where she was born while she cradled her infant sister Soyala in her arms, Chaos murdered her parents in the form of Xylen and then left the demon’s body to enjoy the fruits of its labour and to watch him take the fall for what it did. Then it fed upon the hatred, fear, anger, and malice of the demons and elves and grew stronger. Soraya was endowed with magic from both her demon and elven heritages, she was a powerful mage and one of the first heroes of the Demon Wars.
  4. 4. Soraya and her sister lived a lonely and isolated life; no one would associate with the sisters or be seen near them. Soraya raised her sister alone on the island where the merchant ship she had boarded dropped her off, the ship captain gave her a small supply of seeds, grains, linens and preserves before she disembarked from the ship. It would be enough for her to survive on, he had felt pity for the two girls when she begged him for passage upon his vessel. Soraya was only twelve when she had to leave her family home with Soyala so she could only take enough baby formula to feed her baby sister and some clothes with her.
  5. 5. However, she found out later after her sister’s Age of Maturation birthday that Soyala was cursed. She would be forever doomed to remain in darkness and never see the sun again. Chaos had not let the two of them escape so easily once it had found out where they had gone. Soyala’s curse only isolated the two of them more from the native population of Islanders where they lived. The Demon Wars had eventually come to their little island where Soraya learned to grow into her role as a heroine of the Demon Wars.
  6. 6. Despite the Islanders’ hostile attitude towards her and her sister, she still wanted to do something to protect them from the war. So she called upon Lord Gabriel and asked him for the ability to create a weapon to defend the Islanders from attack. Lord Gabriel thought it was a great idea so he gave her the power to create five weapons of immense power…she became the creator of the Adriels. Each one would have a special power and a link to an element of either fire, water, air, earth or metal.
  7. 7. She was grateful to Lord Gabriel for giving her such a powerful ability, however there were some conditions attached to the ability to create an Adriel, it must never be used against a god or be allowed to fall into the hands of evil. A weapon as powerful as and Adriel could kill a god, he neglected to tell that part of it however. All he did say that the weapons could never be used against a god, or the power would be stripped from her and she would suffer the wrath of Allocarre.
  8. 8. Soraya got right down to the task of creating the Adriels. First she made Botan, the manifestation of the Starflower Adriel and the element Earth. She explained to him that he would be the grounding force for the other four should they start to fight; his element of Earth is meant to nurture and encourage harmony and growth.
  9. 9. Next she created Lunala, the manifestation of the Crescent Adriel and the link to the element of Water. Lunala was very beautiful, Soraya was most proud of her; she favoured Lunala over the others. Like Botan, she was also meant to help keep the others together, because all life begins with Water.
  10. 10. Lunala had control over the tides of Elvendia, her link to the moon gave her a pale radiance, an ethereal beauty. She would glow under the light of a full moon and always dazzled and captivated all who witnessed her Lunar Dance; a beautiful dance meant to honour the moon.
  11. 11. Thirdly, she created Sora the manifestation of the Bow Adriel and the element of Air. Sora was also an Animagus; meaning he could change form from a man to a majestic eagle if he ever wanted to be closer to his element of Air. Sora was the only Adriel who could change forms like that, Soraya added that ability during his creation to make him unique.
  12. 12. Fourthly, she created Drinn the manifestation of the Axe Adriel and the element Metal. Drinn was difficult for her to create; he had a very stubborn attitude and he was defiant and disobedient to her. He saw no reason why he had to obey a master, let alone a half-breed woman. He saw no point in fighting against either the Demons or the Elves since his so called creator was half and half of both. Why should he obey anyone? He was his own man, his own master.
  13. 13. Lastly, she created Pellas the manifestation of the Crystalline Adriel and the element of Fire. Pellas came out extremely powerful; Soraya nearly lost her lab and her sister when Pellas was created. She was born in a blinding, dazzling flash of white fire and light; ultra-violet level light. Her sister was nearly burned to death, but Soraya had managed to shield her sister enough from it so that she only suffered minor burns. Despite her violent birth, Pellas was the kindest and most gentle of all the Adriels Soraya created. Soraya was very proud of her; Pellas would be very valuable in the war.
  14. 14. Soraya had created her Adriels to be weapons in the fight against the Demon Wars, but more often than not she found that they were adopting Drinn’s attitude of disobedience. Botan had taken a liking to Soyala, a little more than Soraya would have liked. Soyala was delicate and anything to upset her would be devastating to her condition, Soraya used that justification to give rationality to her discomfort at the situation; she was also very protective of her baby sister.
  15. 15. When she confronted him about it, Botan lashed out at her; calling her unreasonable and paranoid. He even insinuated that she was just jealous that he liked Soyala better than her. She called that pure fantasy and irrational; she made the mistake of calling him a spoiled, rotten child who had no idea what true love was even about.
  16. 16. He was even caught flirting with Lunala; seeing that made Soraya even angrier. She was about to apologize for what she had said to him when she caught him. It was after this point that she made the move to extremism; she removed all freedoms, including that of choice. She took away their free will; in order to make them more effective weapons against the elves and demons. ******
  17. 17. History recorded that the five Adriels were the primary reason why the Demon Wars were won; the innocent people who were left alive after the two hundred year war, would tell anyone who asked that it was Soraya and her Adriels that saved them from total annihilation. Now, once more the power of the Adriels is needed to save another generation of innocents from a violent and painful death at the hands of Chaos…
  18. 18. Drinn and Botan now have the task of relocating Lunala and Sora so that they can once more be united against Chaos and their former ally Pellas. Two-thousand years is a long time and finding them will be difficult.
  19. 19. Drinn: Do you think Lunala will still be mad at you for the thing with Soyala? Botan: Oh gods, you had to bring that up didn’t you… Drinn: Well you did play them both…at the same time. Botan: You’re one to talk; you never listened to Soraya, you always had be the difficult one.
  20. 20. Drinn: Well you know me, I do like to stir the pot a bit every now and then. Botan: You were the one who got our free will taken away in the first place dumbass; only afterwards did we get it back…two-thousand years later. Drinn: Yeah…I’ll admit it, I do have regrets about being an asshole back then. Soraya was our mother in way you know.
  21. 21. Drinn: But I was the cool one, still am. Botan: You’re the younger one; I’m the oldest. If anyone should be the cool one, it’s me. Drinn: In your dreams Green Boy. I’m the coolest one.
  22. 22. Botan: So where do we begin? We have no masters and no ability to find Lunala and Sora without one. Drinn: We don’t need masters; I say we look in the last places they were seen. Seems as good a place as any to start don’t you think? Botan: You think they’d really still be there? Drinn: Dunno, that’s why we go find out. ******
  23. 23. Back in Hidden City… Clotho called Lachesis and Atropos into the room, she had to inform them about Pollux and his twin Castor. They knew as well as she did that the two should not even exist, she didn’t spin their life threads and Lachesis never measured them out.
  24. 24. Clotho: You know as well as I that no life form on this planet can exist unless we weave and measure their life threads. Lachesis: I do, and something must be done about it. Atropos: I would terminate them; but I cannot see their threads or even locate them on the loom.
  25. 25. Clotho: We can find the thread for the mother… Lachesis: She is linked to them by blood… Atropos: And she was born here on this planet… No one could see it, but the festering cancerous black pits within their hearts thrived happily…
  26. 26. And that’s all folks. Y’all can go back to your regularly scheduled BoolPropping… oh come on you really think I’d end that there? Naw. I do have some other entertaining pictures of what happens when I leave my Adriel Guardians running too long unsupervised and un-micromanaged… Turn the page for total free will, unaided by ACR since I don’t have it…
  27. 27. Botan: Oh come now, I didn’t really mean that you were jealous… Soyala: *grins dumbly* Soraya: I knew you wouldn’t mean that… Botan, Fortune/Romance this is him picking up Drinn’s bad habits on free will.
  28. 28. Lunala: Oh Sora, take me sailing on the winds with you. Sora: Why Lunala, I had no idea… *hears boinging* >_<
  29. 29. Botan: CHEATIN’ HUSSY!! HOW DARE YOU!! I knew you were flirting from all the way up here with Bird Boy!! Soyala: *stares blankly*
  30. 30. Drinn: I was a jerk, forgive me? Soraya: Oh Drinn… Not free will but he wouldn’t drop the want to Fall in Love with Soraya…so I figured eh, what the hell?
  31. 31. Pellas: Looks like we’re the only good ones in this mad house huh Sora? Sora: Yeah, no red fury pics in my panel. We’re the good kids. And this is truly the end. ^_^