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Online community hubs


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Published in: News & Politics
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Online community hubs

  1. 1. ONLINECOMMUNITY HUBS A feasible approach
  2. 2. Suzanne Yada@suzanneyadaLauren Rabaino@laurenmichell
  3. 3. A solution:Build a Basecamp forlocal government/communities with easypublishing capabilities
  4. 4. RuralTowns
  5. 5. Case Study:Cooter, Missouri
  6. 6. Case Study:Cooter, Missouri
  7. 7. Case Study:Cooter, Missouri
  8. 8. Case Study:Cooter, Missouri
  9. 9. Case Study:Cooter, Missouri 1. People want a place to talk.
  10. 10. Case Study:Cooter, Missouri 2. People want to talk about news
  11. 11. Topix and Wikipediawon’t suffice.
  12. 12. Local governments andcommunities need totake ownership.
  13. 13. The key lies in gettinggood data on the web.
  14. 14. BASECAMP FOR LOCALGOVERNMENTA project-managementtool for helping smallgovernments get theirinformation online.
  15. 15. BASECAMP FOR LOCALGOVERNMENTOnce we get the data,create skeleton sites andlet communities/localgovernment takeownership
  16. 16. The finalproductmightlooksomethinglike this.
  17. 17. The finalproductmightlooksomethinglike this.
  18. 18. How this benefits everyoneSmall governments can use the tool to organize themselves,relieving headachesOne-click publishing gets good information onlineResidents have a forum that’s truly local
  19. 19. How we roll this out to allcommunitiesImplement a rollout plan using something similar to Jay Rosen’s100% solution (cover 100% of one topic, in our casegovernment data)Start in one county as proof of conceptTake lessons learned from that rollout to reshape the softwareand workflow for nationwide usage