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Research Paper


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Published in: Education, Art & Photos, Business
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Research Paper

  1. 1. Pounds1Lauren PoundsMrs. LesterAdvanced Composition11 October 2011 Digital Cameras BBC News conducted a survey asking how many people own some form of digitalcamera. About eighty-nine percent of people who answered owned a digital camera or a camera-phone. Since the first camera was ever made, there have been a few ways of capturing specialmoments. Ever since the digital camera first came about, film has rarely been used. For peoplestill using it, it will not be around much longer. The world of photography has made dramaticchanges in short period of time including new technology, especially the digital camera, whichhas made it possible for anyone to become an amateur photographer. Digital cameras have revolutionized photography by making it accessible to the masses.First of all, there are many features and accessories a photographer must take in to consideration(Prakel). If someone is interested in becoming a photographer or just making photography, theprices and amount of equipment needed can get very expensive. There are always new cameramodels coming out with new and improved features to them. Cameras of course are the mainthing one must have in order to excel in photography. Other things someone will need include:lenses, memory cards, external flashes, tripods, extra batteries, battery chargers, and more. Thereare many skills one must know in order to be a photographer (Prakel). Along with the long anddedicating hours one must put in, photographers have to stay up-to-date with the latest
  2. 2. Pounds1improvements in cameras and Photoshop. Photoshop can do many things and are always comingout with the latest and greatest improvements. Not only do photographers have to keep up withimprovements in technology, they also have to know the many settings on cameras and thingssuch as lighting and aperture. With those two settings alone, there is so much a photographer cando. For example, aperture is an opening in a lens which light travels. Doing so can capturemovement of light and creature a very unique photograph. People need to learn how to organize,preserve, and print their images… One of the biggest worries is that many memories could belost forever (LaGasse2). From personal experience, preserving digital photographs seems like asimple task, but the process is more complicated than it is expected to be. For a photographer,this is a very important part of the job. Keeping images on a computer is a common way, but onemust either print any important photos that they may want forever or back the photos up on adisk or external hard drive. In case anything happens, backing up photos on a disk or externalhard drive saves a lot of time, money, and stress. People may find it hard to define the issue withphotography, but the change has made a drastic impact. Throughout the years, digital cameras have made a drastic impact on photography. Nowdays, people heavily rely on digital cameras (LaGesse2). Digital cameras are everywhere. Peopleuse them to capture memories, as art work, or even to portray a message. Digital cameras maketaking photographs easy to do so, because the newer the camera, the smaller it is. Manyimprovements have started to be made to new models because it makes it easier for a person towork with. Many advances have been made with the flashes, USB connectors, video recording,small size, better flash, and all together, better photographs. There used to be few models, butnow there are so many to choose from. Deciding is the hardest part (Seymour). A while back,there were limited amounts of camera models and lenses. Now, there are so many models and
  3. 3. Pounds1lenses to choose from that it is recommended to do research for the one that will best suit thecustomer. It also depends on the type of objects or events the photographer is going to shoot. Ifsomeone is just going to use the camera to carry around and take photos of their family, a simpleone is all that is needed. If someone wants to shoot a sporting event, nature scene, or a wedding,more advanced cameras and lenses are essential. Eastman Kodak Company is struggling forsurvival because they are trying to get through bankruptcy due to the fact that no one uses filmanymore (Dobbin). Film cameras, for the most part, have been long gone. Kodak has beenstruggling to stay on its feet. It cannot keep up with the digital technology that other companiesare using and that all the customers are buying. Kodak was taken over in the market by Sony andPanasonic. Unlike Kodak, those companies knew what their customers wanted and how to gettheir needs to them. Recently, Kodak has been trying to make a comeback, but is not succeeding.Altogether, photography used to be a small profession, but technology has transformed it in tovery popular career choice or hobby. One solution would be new technological advances in photography that has madeviewing images faster and easier. That does not always make that a good thing. Digital camerasmade everything easier by being able to view photos instantly and being able to share them via-email (Holmes2). Being able to view images instantly is admired and helpful for anyone with acamera, but the privilege can be abused. A lot of people have cameras on their cell phones andfor many people that can be dangerous if they are not careful with what they send out. Manypeople use camera phones in a bad way, for example, sexting. If photos are sent out, you neverknow who is going to see and what you could get yourself into. Another disadvantage of digitalphotography is that you never know when someone else has taken a photo without the otherperson knowing (Lasen). It could be someone you know, but sometimes they are complete
  4. 4. Pounds1strangers. With knowing that, people get freaked out because that can lead to things like stalkingor humiliation. Also, the photos are not going to be seen only by the person who took it mostlikely. People will post photos on websites and soon a bunch of strangers are seeing your facewithout you knowing. Public and private boundaries are being changed because of this issue(Lasen). With the use of cameras and phones, the limitations have changed. What one personthinks is private is not so private to someone else. For example, Facebook has privacy settings,but the page can never be permanently deleted and the photos will be out in cyberspace forever.Advances in technology have made photography much more efficient and reliable. There are many solutions people have come up with to resolve these problems withdigital cameras. After people send inappropriate photos to at least one person, it is out thereforever and that person will have to live with it forever (Lair). To try and get over sendinginappropriate photos, there was a group that talked about what encouraged them to do such athing. Many answered it was just something they heard of celebrities doing. The technology isalso easily available so it makes it a simple task. Parents sometimes feel like it is their faultbecause kids are getting phones and cameras at early ages. When kids are younger they arevulnerable to peer pressure. When one kid does it, everyone starts to do it. Some states have evengone so far to ban sexting and make it illegal (Oberschneide). People in the photos will becharged and so will people who have such images on their phones. Cameras and cell phones areeasily accessed and receive them instantaneously. With photos being shared so fast, who knowswhere they will end up. There are basic guidelines that can help parents prevent their childrenfrom sexting (Oberschneide 1). Many parents find it a good thing to give their children the sextalk before the kids hear it from someone else. Also, discussing how dangerous sexting can bemight scare the child. Sending photos can be very dangerous to even receive. Many websites
  5. 5. Pounds1offer information and advice for people who have a hard time with explaining it. They can showthe dangers of digital cameras and cell phones. The world of photography is constantly changingwith new ways of sharing memories and photos that can cause a dilemma. Thinking about the issue of people abusing digital cameras and cell phones should notdiscourage anyone. As long as people use cameras appropriately, photography can be veryrewarding. People have control over their own lives and can make their own decisions.Personally, I think people should continue to pursue photography as a career or hobby becauseyou control what images are taken and where they go.