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  1. 1. Amy Warsop answers your questions.Hype exclusive!The small town girl from Hull who rose to fame thanks to being recognised on MySpacewhen she was just 14 years old.Hi Amy, we haven’t heard much from you in a while, what have you been up to?Hi! Recently I have been working on new songs for a new album and promoting them! I also have a new make-up range coming out soon and I’m currently focusing on my clothing line and promoting that aswell! It’s doingreally well.Does that mean we can expect a new album being released in the near future?Yes it most certainly does! I hope to have the album out early next year, it’s difficult to juggle my music careerwith the other things I do. But yeah, hopefully it will be released soon!We have all heard about your recent break up, how are you feeling?Yeah it was a very ‘big’ break-up in the eyes of the media, but actually we’re still friends and I feel great, it’snice that I can focus more on work and being solo mean just because my relationship is over, doesn’t mean mycareer is. I feel happier than ever.It was almost worldwide news!It was, I have no idea why. I didn’t even think anyone would care half as much as they did. It was just a littlebreakup they happen all the time! It hasn’t affected me much though; I mean all publicity is good publicity.Apparently.Good to know! We all want to know, what’s your secret to staying fit?Oh my, I have no secrets! I do what every woman should do, exercise and eat a healthy balanced diet. RecentlyI have discovered zumba and body balance classes; they really help me keep fit.Well you always look ace. Your younger fans seem to love your look!Thanks! Yeah I get loads of fan mail from young girls wanting to know what makeup I wear, what clothingrange I wear etc. etc. I’m flattered; it’s lovely getting noticed for my look.We all think it’s amazing how your career kicked offI think it is aswell! There I was, sat in my room recording my songs and posting them onto MySpace for myfriends to watch and now look at me! I’m shocked, it all happened so fast it feels like yesterday I was recordingmy songs!
  2. 2. Well you’re certainly a big star now! Your parents must be so proudMy family are so proud of me and so supportive! They come to every show and are backstage every night! Idon’t know where I would be without them, they are my rock. They are the reason I haven’t gone mad withfame haha!Well we’re all very proud of you, us here at Hype and all of your fans! Thank you for coming today!Aww thank you all!