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Presentation for pe

  1. 1. Why should PDHPE be taught inPrimary Schools?The implementation ofPDHPE in Primarycurriculum has thepotential to contribute toimproved and ongoingquality of life for allindividuals within thecommunity!
  2. 2. PDHPE is an important key learningarea within the primary curriculumbecause…• It encourages an understanding and valuing ofself and others• Promotes physical activity• Emphasises informed decision making leadingto effective and responsible action
  3. 3. The Aim of PDHPE:To develop in each student the knowledge andunderstanding, skills and values and attitudesneeded to lead healthy, active and fulfilling lives.This is achieved through specific content andlearning experiences.
  4. 4. What skills are we teaching ourstudents?• Problem-solving• Moving• Communicating• Interacting• Decision-making
  5. 5. Values and Attitudes Outcomes inPDHPE CurriculumV1- refers to a sense of their own worth and dignityV2- Respects the right of others to hold different values andattitudes from their ownV3- Enjoys a sense of belongingV4- Increasingly accepts responsibility for personal andcommunity healthV5- Willingly participates in regular physical activityV6- Commits to realising their full potential