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Feedback presentation


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Feedback presentation

Published in: Education
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Feedback presentation

  1. 1. The Deeds Don’t Go Upstairs Other In my pre film pitch, I mentioned that I was thinking about using the title ‘The Deeds’. 13/21 people agreed with that title. My other suggested title was ‘Don’t Go Upstairs’ which 7/21 people suggested I should use. Despite more people liking the title ‘The Deeds’, I would like to use the title ‘Don’t Go Upstairs’ as these people suggested that it creates enigma which I do agree with.
  2. 2. Yes No The majority of people said that they liked the concept of my short film. 19/21 people voted that they liked it and 2/21 didn’t. These people who said they didn’t like it said it may be difficult to make my film seem original. To improve the originality of my film, I will include bits of interview from the main characters point of view to break up the scenes and have the characters reactions showing when they’re telling the story.
  3. 3. Yes No Unsure The majority of people said that they liked the plot for my short film. However, some were confused about the beginning and ending of my film and some were confused as to what the deeds were. To improve this I have included an explanation of the film through an interview of the two brothers. I have also extended the ending and added more scenes of the psychotic uncle.
  4. 4. Yes No Unsure Most people said they liked the structure of my short film. However, there were a few people who didn’t like it and were unsure of it. To improve the structure of my film, I added a few flashbacks explaining some parts of the story, including the interviews with the brothers.
  5. 5. Yes No Unsure Most people said that they liked the twist in my short film, but there were still a few people who were confused about it. At first, my film came to a random stop that wasn’t really explained, so to improve I will include the flashbacks of the psychotic uncle and some voice overs of the brother explaining what had happened.
  6. 6. Yes No Unsure The majority of the people liked the enigma that is included in my film. No one said they didn’t like it but there were a few who were unsure. To create enigma I will change the title of my film to ‘Don’t Go Upstairs’.
  7. 7. Yes No Unsure The same amount of people who liked the ending to my film, didn’t like the end of my film and the rest were unsure. I agree that the ending was a bit random and didn’t have any explanation so I will add voiceovers to explain this.
  8. 8. Believeable Not The majority of people found the characters in the film believable. The people who said that they weren't, were confused about the spirit woman in the house. I will try to make it more obvious that the spirit woman is the woman the uncle used to do surgery on by adding flashbacks.
  9. 9. Effective Not Most people found the setting of my film very effective, however, those who didn’t said that the room was quite dark and caused the scene to lose effect. To improve this, I will use the editing programme to alter the brightness of each scene that may come out as too dark.
  10. 10. Effective Not A lot of people found that my costume and props were good and suitable for my movie, however the people who said they weren’t said that the white dress for the woman spirit was dull or corny. I don’t think I will change this as I think that it creates a contrast between the regular characters and the spirit woman so its recognisable that they’re different.
  11. 11. Effective Not Everybody found the lighting effective in my short movie because the dark scenes create more tension. However, I do think at times they can be too dark and they begin to lose quality in the image, so I will edit this on the editing programme.
  12. 12. Effective Not
  13. 13. Effective Not