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Codal Analysis of Adverts 1


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Codal Analysis of ads.

Published in: Education
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Codal Analysis of Adverts 1

  1. 1. Codal Analysis.
  2. 2. Innocent drinks Visual • English town • Clock tower - associate with Big Ben in London • Modern Clothing - First World • Product is shown in a good light. • People being helped are happy • Bright clothing represents happiness • Traditional African setting.
  3. 3. Innocent Drinks Audio • Sound effects - positivity • Upbeat music • Happy humorous narrative • Cheering • Positive comments -thank you.
  4. 4. Innocent Drinks Narrative • Man buys a drink in England • The drink makes the man feel good as it is healthy • Buying the drink also helps benefit a Ugandan family • Buying the drink makes the man and others in third world countries happy. • Everybody is happy because the man bought the drink.
  5. 5. Innocent Drinks Action • Man buys drink • drink makes man healthy • Man feels good • charity of drink • Beneficial to a Ugandan family • Positive outcome for both consumer and receiver of charity. Happiness, no poverty.
  6. 6. Innocent Drinks Enigma Code • Will I not be benefiting myself or others if I do not buy this drink?
  7. 7. Innocent Drinks Technical • Short cuts, fast paced. • Bright lighting. • Close up of product makes us aware of what is being advertised. • Animation suggests a fun lightheartedness.
  8. 8. Haribo Starmix Visual • Office setting • Suits • Formal • Adults • Office conference • Middle class • Iconic Haribo bear
  9. 9. Haribo Starmix Audio • Haribo theme tune • professional adults with childlike, high pitched voices.
  10. 10. Haribo Starmix Action • Adults eating and playing with sweets as if they were toys • In depth conversation about haribos in a meeting • Acting exited, interesting body language.
  11. 11. Haribo Starmix Narrative • Female brings product to a table in order to discuss it • Childlike conversation about the product in a humorous, unexpected accent
  12. 12. Haribo Starmix Technical • Close up of product • Bright, natural lighting. • Professionals
  13. 13. Haribo Starmix Enigma Code • Why are the adults acting like children? • Why aren't the adults behaving in a professional manner
  14. 14. Cravendale Visual • Animated • Boy made out of cookies • River of milk • Typical fairy tale scene, hansel and gretel type.
  15. 15. Cravendale Audio • High pitched voice of a young boy. • All speech sung in rhyme • Fast attention drawing theme tune without.
  16. 16. Cravendale Action • Boy made out of cookies makes a loud entrance • The milk that the boy was swimming in was so good that he lost his head. Relates to dunking cookies into milk for just the 'right time'. • Baker fixes cookie man.
  17. 17. Cravendale Narrative • Boy indulges in cravendale so much that he 'looses his head'.
  18. 18. Cravendale Technical • Cartoonlike animation • Fast cuts
  19. 19. Cravendale Enigma Code • Are the characters from a fairy tale or are they invented from scratch in order to entertain?