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M7 A2 Psy492 Lit Review


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Power Point presentation summarizing literature review

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M7 A2 Psy492 Lit Review

  1. 1. ProcrastinationThe Relationship between Procrastination andFear of Failure
  2. 2. Roots of ProcrastinationPerfectionismFear of FailureSelf-efficacySocially Prescribed ExpectationsHigh Cognitive DemandsTask Performance AnxietyLaziness
  3. 3. Early Conflicting FindingsProcrastination and fear of failure are shown tobe unrelated.Fear of failure may be one out of manyconcurrent factors in procrastination.Fear of failure may occur as a result ofprocrastination.
  4. 4. Recent Supporting Evidence Self-regulation of failure in chronic procrastinators has been found to exist during times of high cognitive load. Self-regulation of failure in procrastination has shown to correlate substantially with self-efficacy and task aversiveness. Academic procrastination resulting from fear of failure has strong correlations with academic anxiety and self-confidence.
  5. 5. Final ThoughtsFear of failing to meet personal and external demands can be a cognitive burden which may trigger anxiety that can manifest itself in a number of coping behaviors such as procrastination.
  6. 6. References