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Lyric analysis lily allen 'knock em out'.


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Lyric analysis lily allen 'knock em out'.

  1. 1. Knock Em Out – Lyric Analysis Introduction reveals girls getting ready in bedroom for a night, lots of makeup, trying on of clothes, doing hair, etc.Alright so this is a song about anyone, it could be anyone. Setting outside of two main femaleYoure just doing your own thing characters talking to the camera as ifand some one comes out the blue, chatting to one another. Against a brickTheyre like, wall to make the characters look like they"Alright" hang around on the streets, this showing theWhat ya saying, artists down to earth approachable nature"Yeah can I take your digits?" and means the artist can relate to her targetAnd youre like, "no not in a million years, youre nasty audience which are teenagers.please leave me alone." Shot of girls entering pub. Clearly dresses up and wearing things typical teenagersCut to the pub on our last night out, would wear. Tight, fitted clothing, short skirts and heels. Setting should for the majority be in a pub instigated by the lyrics. Shots will show different angles of pub and fillers such as shots or pints being lines up on the bar. Shot of actor at bar drinking a pint whoMan at the bar cos it was his shout,Clocks this bird and she looks OK, turns and nods, checking our girls that have entered the pub, dressed like a typical ‘chav’ again to relate to the audience.Caught him looking and she walks Girl walks into shot of guy at bar. The his way,"Alright darling, you gonna buy us a colloquial language suggests the sort drink then?" of characters the actors are portraying."Err no, but I was thinking of buying Close up of guy’s reaction to girl. Theone for your friend..." lyrics clearly show he isn’t interested. Lead singer sings to camera over theShes got no taste hand on his waist, bar while action takes place behindtries to pull away but her lips on his face, her. Exaggerated performances to show the funny nature of the song, lyrics and video. Other female character, clearly"If you insist Ill have a white wine talking to male at bar. Close upspritzer" reveals heavy make up which again exaggerates her character and appeals to the target audience.
  2. 2. Close up of ‘chavy’ guy at bar trying to get rid of the girl. The lyrics ‘Sorry love’ targeting the audience"Sorry love, but you aint a pretty specifically as again the colloquial picture." terms used represent how the target audience speak. This again makes the artist appear down to earth and normal in comparison with other artists on the charts. The song is almost spoken and to reflect this, in editing I will use some subheadings at certain points to reflect what the character is thinking, for example a close up of a guys face, followed by a close up of the girls face with a sub heading of ‘no thanks!’[Chorus] The chorus will include non linear,Cant knock em out, dream like sequences. For example to represent this line ther lead singer will be seen putting on a piar of boxing gloves to physically represent wanting to knock the guy out. Again lines like this can show nonCan’t walk away, linear, dream like sequences of the girl literally running away from the guy. These will be made clear as fictional toTry desperately to think of the the audience by close ups of thepolitest way to say, females facial reaction as she considers these ideas. These close ups may come instantly after or before the daydream shots to make it apparent that they are not real.Just get out my face, just leave me alone, The sarcastic nature of the song will beAnd no you cant have my number, shown through head shots of the female"Why?" character which will be cut in betweenBecause Ive lost my phone. shots of a guy talking. The shots will include her yawning, looking at her watch, falling asleep and other typical sarcastic things you may do when bored.Oh yeah, actually yeah Im pregnant, Head shots of the girl in the actually having a baby in like 6 months so no, conversation with the guy trying toyeah, yeah... politely find an excuse will be shown to contrast with the shots that show what she would like to do. This again adds humour and exaggerates the artist image of being young and down to earth, coming across someone fun to be around.
  3. 3. The setting at this point on the song will change as the action decided by the lyrics takes place outside. The background will be a brick wall as this can represent the outside of a pub and also gives the impression of teenagers again hanging around on the streets which will appeal to the target audience. The harsh orange background of brick also looks really bold against the actors costumes who are mainly wearing black. Shots in this section will change"I recognize this guys way of thinking..." between the female lead singer directlyAs he comes over her face starts sinking, singing to camera to the action takingShes like,"Oh here we go.." place. Costumes for the action takingIts a routine check that she already knows, place shall stay the same as the pubshes thinking: "Theyre all the same." scene to suggest the same time, whereas costume for the girls singing directly to camera will be different to show that the characters are reflecting on a situation that has already taken place."Yeah you alright baby?You look alright still, Close up of the guy talking shallyeah whats your name?" exaggerate his geeky nature. He shall be wearing glasses to represent his character.She looks in her bag, takes out a fag, The girl will have a handbag and willtries to get away from the guy on a blag, be wearing a jacket to show she hascant find a light, gone outside. The guy follows the"Here use mine" girl out of the pub which will later"You see the thing is turn into another daydream, nonI just dont have the time." linear sequence of the girl literally running away from the guy. By the second and third chorus’s the dreamlike[Chorus] sequences will become more extreme. A boxing match will actually take place and the girl will win. The guy will literally chase the girl down the street and she will be wearing shorts and a hoodie and carry a water bottle as if she were running a race. Shots of the characters facial expressions actually in the real life scene taking place in the pub will link these shots and also shot a reality to the video, showing its still the girls imagination.
  4. 4. Go away now, let me go,Are you stupid? Or just a little slow? The middle eight is spoken which againGo away now Ive made myself clear, will appeal to the artists target audienceNah its not gonna happen, as it reflects a rap. Shots of the girlNot in a a million years, talking to the camera and her friend as if in a conversation will be shown as if they were talking about what happened the night before.Nah Ive gotta go cos my house is on fire, In the end section to the song the lyricsIve got herpes, err no Ive got syphilis... just run through different ways ofAIDS, AIDS, Ive got AIDS! getting rid of the guy and different excuses a girl could make which are all extreme and couldn’t be used in a real life situation. Shots will show the girl doing anything she can to get away from the guy and shots of the girls the day after laughing and joking.