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  • -Our group chose Problem #1 regarding off-campus housing choices for students and parents. -We have done research and narrowed our choices down to three great options for students and parents to consider when determining where to live in Clemson and the surrounding communities. -
  • Our presentation consists of these steps: (click)We will explain the situation that students and their parents face when they begin choosing off-campus housing. (click) This section is followed by our explanation of the criteria we used to determine three practical choices for housing. (click) Next, we will give our three choices, the three best “deals”, for off-campus housing. (click) The next several slides will help us demonstrate the criteria we used to determine why each is a good choice for off – campus housing. Our research lead us to determine that University Village is the best choice for off-campus housing in Clemson and the surrounding communities. Finally, we will briefly summarize our recommendation.
  • One reason students are faced with the decision to move off campus is because freshmen are required to live in on-campus housing. However, sophomores and other upper-classmen are not, and Clemson has limited on-campus housing available. This forces students to find housing in the available sites in Clemson, Central, Pendleton, and other surrounding areas. Depending on the choice that students and their parents make, off-campus housing can also help offset the rising price of tuition combined with other university fees, including on-campus housing. Many students and their parents do not know where to begin when starting the search for reasonable, practical and comfortable choices for off-campus housing. There are many options to choose from, and starting from scratch can be overwhelming. This can get even more complicated if students and their parents are having to look at and for choices from other locations. Our goal is to offer students and their parents three solid choices for their living situation off campus.
  • In determining what would be good, practical choices for off-campus housing, we primarily considered three criteria, which we will expound on in a few moments. Our three main criteria for determining off-campus housing are: The cost of utilities and what utility bills are included in rent. The distance that the apartment is from campus. The layout of the apartment and apartment complex, which includes the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and roommates that one would live with.
  • We took into account the cost of utilities as well as what utilities are included in the price of rent. The flat rate charged by Clemson for housing includes all utilities, so this is definitely something that potential residents want to consider when exploring their options for housing. It is also a change for students to go from having everything included in one bill at the beginning of the semester to billed monthly and separately for each utility. - For example, a student living in a 2-bedroom Lightsey Bridge apartment will pay $2,950 for the semester per resident. If we include the full month of August, this comes out to $590 per month with all utilities included. Keep this figure in mind later in the presentation when we discuss specific costs of the different apartments. The distance an apartment is located from campus has a significant impact on the resident and their school schedule. Students have the option to walk, ride a bike, drive or take the CAT (Clemson Area Transit) bus to campus. Being one mile from campus or ten miles from campus could definitely influence a students decision to choose one apartment over another. All three off-campus housing alternatives that we have offered are less than three miles from campus. The layout of the apartment and apartment complex is also something that students and their parents will consider when choosing off-campus housing. Many students live and plan to live with roommates. The number of bedrooms and residents that each apartment will rent to varies. This is an important factor when making this choice.
  • After reviewing many available off-campus housing choices in Clemson and the surrounding communities, we have determined that Clemson Place, The Reserve, and University Village are the best choices for off-campus housing. They will give students and their parents the best “bang for their buck”.
  • Clemson Place was constructed in 1998 and is located at 133 Clemson Place Circle, Clemson South Carolina (29631-3102). It is located approximately 1.31 miles from campus. Clemson Place offers only one type of apartment layout: 3 Bed/ 3 Bath - $370/Month (A duplex for privacy reasons) Additional fees and utilities that a resident must pay on top of rent include: Electricity to Duke EnergyWater/ Sewer to City Clemson WaterCable/ Internet provided by Northland CableA one time Service Fee of $75And an Application Fee of $25
  • The Reserve was constructed in 1999 and it is located at 103 Sumter Lane, Central South Carolina (29630). It is approximately 2.8 miles from campus. At the Reserve there are two types of apartment layouts: a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment for $469/month (per bedroom), and a 4 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment for $329/month per bedroom. The price of rent includes the residents water bill, high-speed internet and cable. In addition to rent, the resident is also responsible for paying: An application Fee of $25, a one time Service Fee of $75 and monthly electricity fee to Duke Power
  • University Village was constructed in 2000 and is located at 423 West Main Street, Central South Carolina (29630). It is approximately 2.9 miles from Campus.When living at University Village you get to choose from four different types of apartment layouts: a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom apartment for $370/month, a 4 bedroom/4 bathroom apartment for $325/month, their “Townhome A” model, 4 bedroom/4.5 bathroom for $325-345/month, or the “Townhome B” model, 4 bedroom/4 bathroom apartment for $330/month. The residents water bill, high-speed internet and cable are included in the price of rent. All of their apartments also feature a fully equipped kitchen and private bedrooms and bathrooms with deadbolt locks. Residents may choose to rent fully furnished apartments for an additional $25 per month. University Village is also pet friendly for $250. The additional fees include:9-month Option $50/MonthElectricity $30/MonthFurniture $25/Month
  • This map gives you a relative idea of the locations of each apartment complex and their distance from Clemson. JYou can see Clemson University in the lower left quadrant of the map. Just abovie it across highway 123 is the location of Clemson Place. If you were to follow highway 93 towards Central, The Reserve would be on your right and then just after it University Village would also be on your right. Their locations can be seen in the upper right quadrant of the map.
  • This chart gives the semester and monthly cost to live in on-campus housing. As you can see, only one option is in the $325-380 range offered by all but one of the apartment choices in our top three suggestions for off-campus housing. The least expensive on-campus housing is Bryan Mall, offered only to freshmenBy comparing on-campus housing choices this way, it is easy to see that one can potentially save a few dollars by moving off campus.
  • Figure 1 gives a side by side comparison of off-campus Clemson apartments’ prices and fees. The first fee compared is rent, which varies depending on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms offered per apartment. University Village offers competitive prices and more choices for apartment layouts than the other two complexes. Figure 1 then compares the utilities and services included in rent for each apartment complex. As you can see, Clemson Place does not include any services and utilities in their cost of rent, while The Reserve and University Village both include water and swear, cable and Internet service. Last, the table compares any additional fees or deposits required by the apartment complexes. When it comes to additional fees, University Village does not require any additional fees unless the resident chooses to own a pet, which is not even an option at The Reserve or Clemson Place.
  • (click)All three complexes offer multiple amenities and features to residents.(click) `Figure 2 offers a side by side comparison of the amenities and features of each apartment complex. As you can see, University Village is the newest of the three complexes having been constructed in 2000. Although it is not the closest to campus of the three, it is still just under 3 miles. All of the apartments can be rented fully furnished, and all three offer fully equipped kitchens as well as a washer and dryer in the unit. University Village and Clemson Place are both “pet-friendly”. Out of the three complexes, The Reserve is the only one to offer an alarm system and panic button in each room. When it comes to the special featured and service offered to residents of the complexes, all three offer a campus shuttle service, club house, fitness center and pool as well as a business center and some sort of sports facility. They also all offer a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week courtesy officer for maintenance emergencies.
  • After reviewing all of our research and criteria, we chose one of the apartment complexes that met our criteria best overall. Parents and students can both be satisfied through its reasonable prices, distance from campus, various apartment layouts, and many amenities while still including the most utilities in the price of rent. Because of these factors, we determined that University Village is the best deal for off-campus housing in Clemson and the surrounding communities.
  • After completing our research and comparing all of the apartment complexes, we have determined University Village to be the best option for off-campus housing. The apartments at University Village are not as old as the apartments at Clemson Place and The Reserve. They also offer several different apartment layouts to choose from. Because the community houses mostly Clemson students, certain aspects of it still reflect an on-campus feel. It also provides great community features and 24 hour access to the club house for studying, events, and parties.We chose University Village because its affordable prices and many options will fit most peoples needs in off-campus housing. However, students and parents should choose the apartment that fits their needs the best. Our other two choices are also very good choices for off-campus housing and there are many more out there. We hope that this will break the ice in your search for the best off-campus housing option for you!
  • Recommendation Report

    1. 1. The Best Bang For Your Buck: Three Off-Campus Housing Alternatives<br />Compiled by Lauren Hart, Cate Miller and Chris Richardo<br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br />The Situation<br />The Criteria<br />Three Practical Choices for Off-Campus Housing<br />Clemson Place <br />The Reserve<br />University Village<br />Distance Comparison<br />Figure 1: Comparison of Prices and Fees<br />Figure 2: Comparison of Amenities and Features<br />“The Best Bang For Your Buck”: University Village<br />Summary and Conclusions<br />
    3. 3. The Situation<br />Few upper-classmen live on-campus<br />Off-campus housing can save money<br />There are so many choices!<br />
    4. 4. Three Criteria<br />Cost and inclusion of utilities.<br />Distance from campus<br />Layout of apartment and the apartment complex. <br />
    5. 5. Importance of criteria<br />Cost is important for all students, inclusion of utilities helps save money. <br />Students travel to campus on foot, by bike, car, or bus. Distance to campus is important for this reason. <br />Apartment complex layout is important for students who have roommates as well as students who may want to meet roommates. <br />
    6. 6. Three great off-campus choicesbased on our criteria:<br />Clemson Place <br />The Reserve <br />University Village<br />
    7. 7. Clemson Place<br />This community does not include any utilities in the price of rent. <br />Located 1.31 miles from campus<br />1 type of apartment layout<br />3 bed/3 bath: $370/month*<br />*per bedroom <br />
    8. 8. The Reserve<br />Includes free water, free high-speed internet and cable<br />Located 2.8 miles from campus<br />2 different apartment layouts<br />2 bed/2 bath: $469/month*<br />4 bed/4 bath: $329/month*<br />*per bedroom <br />
    9. 9. University Village<br />Includes free water, free high-speed internet and cable<br />Located 2.9 miles from campus<br />4 different apartment layouts<br />3 bed/3 bath: $370/month*<br />4 bed/4 bath: $325/month*<br />Townhome A: $325/month*<br />4 bed/4.5 bath<br />Townhome B: $330/month*<br />4 bed/4 bath<br />*Prices are listed <br />per bedroom <br />
    10. 10. Distance Comparison<br />
    11. 11. On-Campus Housing Fees<br />
    12. 12. Comparison of Prices and Fees<br />
    13. 13. Amenities and Features Comparison<br />
    14. 14. #1 Choice:<br />University Village<br />Reasonably priced<br />Close to campus<br />Choice of apartment layouts to fit different needs<br />Includes the most utilities while still offering multiple amenities. <br />
    15. 15. “Bang For Your Buck”<br />We chose University Village because it has options that will fit many people’s needs. <br />Ultimately, students and parents should choose an apartment that fits their needs best; get the most bang for your buck!<br />
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