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  • Nike Genius

    1. 1. Nike Genius!!!
    2. 2. What is Nike Genius? Is a shoe designed by Nike to increase performance by tracking heart rate, distance,and weight loss; which includes an MP3 device, in order to make physical activity more enjoyable.
    3. 3. HISTORYBEHIND NIKE. Nike was founded by PhillipKnight and Bill Boweman in 1964, it was originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports, and operated as a distributor for a Japanese shoe maker company. In 1971 the twocompanies seperated, and in 1972 the first shoe with the NIKE SWOOSH (which represents thewing of the Greek Goddes NIKE) was introduced.
    4. 4. HISTORY BEHIND NIKE In 1974, Boweman developed the company’s first self-designed product. Boweman used his wife’s waffle maker to create a waffle sole,which would improve the shoe’s grip, this shoe was named the Waffle Trainer. In 1978 the company was officially renamed NIKE INC.
    5. 5. Nike Genius Strengths and Advantages.
    6. 6. Nike Genius Strengths and Advantages.• Nike is a very competitive organization, Phil Knight (Founder and CEO) is often quoted saying “Business is war without bullets”.• Nike is a global brand and it is the number one sports brand in the world and its famous logo is instantly recognized.• Nike Genius which is the next generation to Nike + is unlike any other shoe out on the market, it incorporates the use of an MP3 player and tracks your athletic progress from week to week and measures heart rate, distance ran, and calories burned, while you run.
    7. 7. NIKE GENIUSCOMPETITOR Adidas teamed up with Samsungand manufactured miCoach, which is a phone that works withmonitors around the runners body to provide information related to the run. However, the consumer must purchase this specific phoneand sign up to a cell phone plan in order to use this running device.
    8. 8. NIKE GENIUS VS. MICOACH Nike Genius is a more practical device because it represents a onetime only investment for the buyer, in comparison to the monthlycharges on phone services required by miCoach. Also, it is not likely that consumers will switch cell phone providers in order to access a running device.
    9. 9. Target Market. Demographic Characteristics: Males and Females between 18 to 25 years old.Psychographic Characteristics:Consumers who are physicallyactive, and who can afford thishigh quality/priced product.
    10. 10. Advertising Plan
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    12. 12. Nike Genius Website..
    13. 13. Nike GeniusMagazine Ad.
    14. 14. JUST GENIUS..........