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Quick writes


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Published in: Education
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Quick writes

  2. 2. What are Quick Writes Open Ended Statements Brief timed (3-10 minutes) writing assignments Make students employ writing skills with critical thinking Help teachers assess students writing ability and understanding of concepts.
  3. 3. When to use Quick Writes Brainstorm prior to reading Assess student knowledge about a concept Summarize what has been read Promote reflection Encourage critical thinking Make predictions and/or inferences
  4. 4. Group Scenarios Quick writes can be used in cooperative group learning. It is easy to adapt quick writes into a Think-Pair-Share lesson. Students are encouraged to think about a given concept, respond appropriately and share with the small group. In a small group students may apply the use of graphic organizers to respond to quick write topics.
  5. 5. Graphic Organizers
  6. 6. Examples of Quick Writes: “Boy, right now I wish I could…” “The best thing that happened to me so far this school year…” “I spend too much time…” “ The President of the United States should focus on…” “We need to be less dependent on foreign oil because…” “Technology in the classroom is benefcial because…”
  7. 7. At the end of the day… Quick writes can do the following things for students: 1. Build confidence 2. Make writing more accessible and less intimidating 3. Make students better READERS, THINKERS and LISTENERS 4. Develop overall language fluency