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media front cover presentation :)

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Media front cover presentation

  1. 1. • This logo i have created using my other existing ones and i have developed them all into this on e the font that was used previously has been used again however it was green and red now i have changed it to pink and green. As i think it gives a more girly look and feels less like the apple colours as i wanted it fresh but pastel at the same time. I have also developed it by adding the juice drops to the end of the logo i think this helps create a unique feel for the logo and makes it more interesting by adding visual aids rather than having it text-based. This is my second draft of my developed logo as i changed the drops to have texture in them the first two i think this also gives the logo character. As i looked at existing logos for magazines they didn’t have any textures or shapes used i wanted to change this however not drifting away from the main point of a logo – to be simple and be easy to recognise. I also added a stroke to the bottom of the logo to create a shadow i think this looks better than a flat logo that doesn’t stand out. The ‘I’ of the ‘juice’ reminds me of half a watermelon and this is why i thought the font was perfect to create this. I wanted this to be the main heading on the magazine sp i have worked with it to creating my first draft of my front cover and this is the process…
  2. 2. • This is my first juice logo as you can see its a lot simpler than the one i have added above on this draft i wanted to perfect the shapes and colours of the logo. The logo is very simple and would be effective for a logo still however i want my magazine to have a bold stand out logo so this on wont do.
  3. 3. Step 1• This is the first process to creating my front cover i have opened a page in Photoshop and made the background for my cover white as i think it adds a professional feel in a very simple way. Then i have opened my finished logo and placed in directly in the middle of the page. The image i edited earlier in Photoshop using masks and i then opened it in this front cover – i have placed it to the right hand side to leave room for the cover lines which i have decided at this point will go on the left hand side. I have placed the picture in front of the logo because i wanted the logo to look like it was placed on top of the models head. At this stage the magazine cover is looking very simple but will look more developed later on.
  4. 4. Step 2• This is process two and here i am starting to add cover lines i have chosen them to tie into the logo colours as this now is my colour scheme to be followed through the whole page. I like the font of these words ‘exclusive’ and ‘Cheyenne’ it is different from any other covers i have seen before but i think it works. The fact i have chosen this size of font is because Cheyenne the model is a exclusive to the magazine and there will be a double page spread included so this has to be the biggest font on the page. Use of exclamation marks in the cover lines are common so i thought this would be good to add these to my cover.
  5. 5. Step 3• Here i am just adding more text to this cover still using the colour scheme however i am alternating text from green to pink and so on so the text is blocked all on colour unless the information of it links.
  6. 6. Step 4• Here in this process i have added more text to the cover lines however this time i am stating what features can be expected in the interview - to do this i have added dashes to state one on top of the other i like the structure of doing this as its neat and can be seen on a professional magazine. Here i have also changed the font of ‘exclusive’ as i noticed it was getting lost among all the text so i changed this to a bolder more apprate font and now i think this is one of the words you noticed first – which this is the way it should be. To also make sure it wasnt lost i have changed the size of the font to a bigger one – it should be bigger than the words ‘Cheyenne’. ‘reveals all’ has also been added and chosen a pink colour. Now the font of the features listed in the magazine matches the ‘exclusive’ ‘reveals all’ and the bottom banner - this is now my signature font used through this cover. The size of the font in the features is smaller and i have noticed it should be in existing magazines on the shelves. A bottom banner has been added too this is a block pink colour with green font placed on – includes the words ’posters chosen by you’ i found this used on the cover of shout magazine and thought it would look effective on mine too.
  7. 7. Step 5• I decided to add a win on my front cover as that’s what sometimes attracts people to buy it if they think they are gaining something from the magazine they want to know more. The way i looked into this was to look at magazines and how they use this to real in readers into buying their magazine. I saw on the cover of shout magazine they had added the work ‘win’ then underneath they had put bullet points including more information about what, where and how. Instead of bullet points as i thought it was too simple i used the brushes from Photoshop and used a star replace this. In the same font as before i added more information such as what you can win in this case it was a meet and greet with the band the Popsicles and tickets to see them live. I wanted the win section to tie in with the model on the front page.