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First NABJ Meeting


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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First NABJ Meeting

  1. 1. +
  2. 2. +WHO ARE WEWe are more than just a collegiate organization. We exist to bridge the colorgap in the media industry while connecting our members to the biggest andbrightest in the field. We are a personal network and build strongrelationships with students that share similar interest. NABJ Alé takes pridein community service and mentorship programs. We are here for you.
  3. 3. +MEET JAMALPresidentGoal for NABJTo be a more well-roundedorganization and a true resource forblack journalism students atMizzou.
  4. 4. +MEET LAURENVice PresidentGoal for NABJGrow membership. Increase thenumber of interactive meetings somembers can develop and enhanceprofessional skills.
  5. 5. +MEET DERONCommittee ChairGoal for NABJBuild a stronger connection with thenational chapter and earn the awardfor Student Chapter of the Year.
  6. 6. +MEET DESHAWNPublic Relations ChairGoal for NABJConnect with the black community andcampus.
  7. 7. +MEET STACYMentorshipCo-ChairGoal for NABJBecome a safe haven for students thatwant to strive and accomplish theirjournalistic dream.
  8. 8. +MEET PAIGEMentorship Co-ChairGoal for NABJ: Encourage likemindedjournalist to captivate the Mizzoucommunity and discover opportunitiesin their future careers.
  9. 9. +MEET ALEXISSecretaryGoal for NABJTo have dedicated and willingmembers that will make a difference inthis organization, major and campus.
  10. 10. +MEET ARUTHURTreasurerGoal for NABJCreate more fundraising events andactivities that excite members andkeep them involved.
  11. 11. +MEET PAANIISergeant-At-ArmsGoal for NABJTo be the most well representedorganization on campus and to bringall black journalists together.
  12. 12. + ANNOUNCMENTS  First fundraiser of the year atThe Groves! We made: $1,300.  Come out to the J School Welcome Thursday August 8th at 3:30 P.M.  Upcoming Mini-Media Tour. Visiting KOMU and Columbia Missourian and many more.
  13. 13. + NABJ Alé is now on Facebook and TwitterTwitter: NABJMizzouFacebook: Nabj Missouri- Ale ChapterBlog: