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  1. 1. NordstromBy Lauren Drago
  2. 2. About: NordstromNordstrom, Inc. is one of the nations leadingfashion specialty retailers, with 225 U.S. storeslocated in 29 states. Founded in 1901 as a shoestore in Seattl, today Nordstrom operates 117 Full-Line stores, 104 Nordstrom Racks, two Jeffreyboutiques, one treature&bond store and oneclearance store. Nordstrom also serves customersthrough its online presence and through itscatalogs.
  3. 3. Challanges and GoalsChallanges:1. Department store reputation: many people have theperception that department stores only carry expensive,luxury brands. Nordstrom must prove that they do havereasonable priced items.2. Economy: When the economy isnt doing well, peopleprefer to shop in discount stores as oppose to departmentstores.Goal:1. The focus is on the customers needs, individually. Insteadof categorizing departments by merchandise, Nordstrom hascreated fashion departments that fill individuals lifestyles.2. Offer the customer the best possible service, selection,
  4. 4. Integrated ThemeThere is a fit for everyone atNordstrom because of the high rangeof prices. Customers will receive thebest quality customer service in everymedium—whether in-store, phone,email or social media.
  5. 5. TwitterThere are many social media pages by Nordstrom. They havea very active Twitter page, •The twitter page is very active. It is a portal for customer service responses and they Nordstrom team responds to customers queries in a very timely matter. •They tweet about specials, events and promotional deals. •They also discuss the latest fashion trends and how to recreate them with Nordstrom products.
  6. 6. FacebookThe Facebook page is similar to theTwitter page. •The Nordstrom team is very responsive to the customers comments. •They promote in-store events and cater to local stores.
  7. 7. Nordstrom BlogNordstrom also has a blog, The blog isupdated with quick blog stories aboutgreat new products and trends.The blog is very responsive to trendsthat the consumer is interested in.
  8. 8. Future SuccessThe key to the success of Nordstromis to continue promoting through socialmedia. Their social media presence isvery strong and they can continue thepositive response they have receivedfrom the public. They can maintainprices as they are because they havea great range of prices for everybudget.
  9. 9. ProposalI propose that we maintain the socialmedia strategy through more contestsand giveaways. I believe the customerservice aspect is strong for Nordstrom,so they should continue this and therewill be money allocated for thecustomer services representatives.
  10. 10. Budget and TimelineBudget:$15,000 for contests and giveaways through Facebook,Twitter and Foursquare.$25,000 for customer service representatives to do whateverthey deem neccessary to maintain the positive imageNordstrom has created through the customer servicemediums.TimelineThis proposal needs to be most heavily promoted during theholiday season. This is when consumers are doing the mostshopping and will be in the store the most. Between buyingpresents and returns, people are constantly in the store. The