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Move! the healthy weigh


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Move! the healthy weigh

  1. 1. Welcome to the Healthy Weigh!1. Everyone will be muted to keep down the background noise levels.2. If you have a question/comment during the presentation, you can type it in the chat box.3. For technical issues, please call the Genesys helpdesk by dialing *10* or 1-800-305-5208.4. We will be taking attendance. Please use your lawson # to identify yourself.5. You will want pen/paper to take notes.
  2. 2. Session 3 Move! The Healthy Weigh
  3. 3. Moderator PresenterAsja Swan, BS Greg Anthony, NASM
  4. 4. Moderator PresenterAsja Swan, BS Addie Dooley, BS, CEAS I
  5. 5. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3 ObjectivesParticipants will: Identify physical activity guidelines for adults Practice calculating target heart rate Identify 2 ways to incorporate more physical activity into your day
  6. 6. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3Exercise is Important… So why don’t we do it?“I don’t have enough time”“I am too tired!”“I don’t know what to do”“I need to take care of my family”“The gym is too intimidating”“I get bored!”
  7. 7. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3Before you begin an exercise program:1. Talk with your doctor2. Take baseline measures3. Design your fitness goals
  8. 8. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3
  9. 9. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3Make Physical Activity a Part of your Life.There are 1440 minutes in every day….Schedule 30 of them for physical activity
  10. 10. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3How can we add more activity into our day?
  11. 11. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3 Calories burned during everyday activitiesCalories per hour based on 150 lb bodyweight:Light housecleaning 170Ironing 156Putting Away groceries 170Mopping 238Vacuuming 238Walk/run playing with children 272Gardening 272Raking 292Shoveling Snow 408
  12. 12. The Healthy Weigh! Session 34 Components of Fitness: Aerobic Muscular Flexibility Body Composition
  13. 13. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3 Aerobic FitnessDefined: The body’s ability to take in and use oxygento produce energy. Aerobic activities make youbreathe hard & they increase your heart rate.Aerobic activities include:JoggingWalkingCross country skiingBicycling
  14. 14. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3
  15. 15. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3 Muscular FitnessDefined: The strength and endurance of your muscles. Activities include: • Weight-lifting • Push-ups • Sit-ups • Squats
  16. 16. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3Muscular Strength: the ability to exert maximum forceagainst resistanceTo get stronger: work with heavier weights andperform fewer repetitions.Muscular Endurance: the ability of a muscle to exertsubmaximal force repeatedly over a period of timeTo promote endurance: use lighter weights and domore repetitions.
  17. 17. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3 FlexibilityDefined: The ability to bend joints and stretchmuscles through a full range of motion. Activities include: • Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi • Stretching (Sit and reach) • Warm-up & cool-down
  18. 18. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3 Body CompositionDefined: The amount of fat tissue relative to othertissue in your body. Your body composition is notbased on how much you weigh, but rather on howmuch of your weight is fat as opposed to muscle.
  19. 19. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3
  20. 20. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3What is the Best Exercise?
  21. 21. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3 Safety First! Exercise at the right intensity Know your medical status Injury prevention Early injury treatment
  22. 22. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3 Are you exercising at the right intensity? Target Heart RateTraining ZonesWarm-up Zone 50-60%Fat Burning Zone 60-70%Aerobic Zone 70-80%Anaerobic Zone 80-90%Red Line Zone 90-100%
  23. 23. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3Measuring Physical Activity IntensityMaximum Heart Rate (MHR)220 – age = estimated MHRTarget Heart RateMHR x .60 = Minimum Heart RateMHR x .80 = Maximum Heart Rate
  24. 24. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3Example: Target Heart Rate of a 50 year oldMaximum Heart Rate220 – age = estimated MHR220 – 50 = 170 MHRTarget Heart Rate170 x .60 = 102 (low)170 x .80 = 136 (high)Range is 102 – 136 (60 – 80%)
  25. 25. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3Medical Status
  26. 26. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3 Injury Prevention Proper progression Warm-up/cool down Stretching Body mechanics (Form)
  27. 27. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3 Injury Treatment: Protect Rest Ice Compression Elevation
  28. 28. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3Safety Tips for ExerciseDrink plenty of waterCross train (vary your exercises)Listen to your body Know your limits Adequate rest time Slow controlled movements
  29. 29. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3 Tips to Stay Motivated Focus on the benefits of being physically active Set realistic goals Do something you enjoy Mix it up! Find a work out buddy Make exercise part of your daily schedule Keep a journal or use an app to track your progress Appreciate the small successes Reward yourself
  30. 30. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3 Take Home MessageExercise not only improves your health but isnecessary for successful weight management
  31. 31. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3 Assignments Make a list of ways that you can fit more activity into your daily routine. Make a second fitness goal or update the you already created to incorporate the added activity.
  32. 32. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3References• ercise/HQ01676/NSECTIONGROUP=2• cles/PMC1424738/• veryone/guidelines/adults.html• veryone/measuring/index.html•
  33. 33. The Healthy Weigh! Session 3 Questions?Email: