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Eat well! the healthy weigh! session 4


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Eat well! the healthy weigh! session 4

  1. 1. Welcome to the Healthy Weigh!1. Everyone will be muted to keep down the background noise levels.2. If you have a question/comment during the presentation, you can type it in the chat box.3. For technical issues, please call the Genesys helpdesk by dialing *10* or 1-800-305-5208.4. We will be taking attendance. Please use your lawson # to identify yourself.5. You will want pen/paper to take notes.
  2. 2. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4Eat Well! The Healthy Weigh
  3. 3. Moderator PresenterLinda Sweeney, CHES Whitney Voorhees, MPH,RD
  4. 4. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4 ObjectivesParticipants will identify: The role of macronutrients in health & weight control How to identify and choose proper portions Effective diet strategies to lose weight and keep it off
  5. 5. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4 Balanced Diet Calories are made up of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats A healthy balance of all three is ideal at each meal USDA recommends 45-65% carbs, 10-35% protein, & 20-35% fat
  6. 6. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4Carbohydrates• Choose whole grains• High fiber• 45-65% of diet
  7. 7. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4Protein• Choose lean & low fat options• 10–35% of diet
  8. 8. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4Fats• Choose unsaturated more often• Limit saturated• Avoid trans fats• 20-35% of diet
  9. 9. The Healthy Weigh! Session - Make half your plate fruits and vegetables - Make at least half your grains whole - Include lean sources of protein - Add low fat dairy
  10. 10. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4Which of the following is most responsiblefor weight control? Calories  Net carbohydrates Total fat  Sugar Saturated fat  Added sugar Total carbohydrates
  11. 11. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4What is a Calorie? A standard unit of heat equal to the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 g of water by 1 °C. = Energy Supplied by the foods and drinks we consume Consumed by bodily processes (thinking, breathing, digesting, moving, etc)
  12. 12. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4Calorie Counts 1 gram of fat = 9 calories 1 gram of alcohol = 7 calories 1 gram of carbohydrate = 4 calories 1 gram of protein = 4 calories Calories from fat = x grams fat * 9
  13. 13. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4 Calories on food labels represent the total calories in 1 serving of that food/drink. “Low fat” and “fat free” do not guarantee “low calorie” or “calorie free” “Low carb” and “sugar free” do not guarantee “low calorie” or “calorie free”
  14. 14. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4Read the Nutrition Facts– Not Just the Nutrient /Health Claims
  15. 15. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4Estimating Calorie Needs
  16. 16. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4How Does Weight Loss Happen?
  17. 17. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4Strategies for weight management1. Proper portion sizes2. Take your time3. Satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way4. Feel full on less5. Eat 4-5 times per day6. Do not drink your calories7. Plan your meals ahead of time
  18. 18. The Healthy Weigh! Session 41. Understand & eat proper portion sizesAs portion sizes have gottenlarger over the years, so have we!
  19. 19. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4 Portion Sizes1 cup fruit, vegetable, yogurt, cereal or cooked = A fist or a baseball grain3 ounces cooked beef, = A deck of cards or a chicken, or fish checkbook1½ oz cheese = 4 stacked dice1 teaspoon oil/fat = 1 dice2 Tbsp peanut butter or = Ping pong ball hummus
  20. 20. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4 Plate Size Dishes are now bigger than ever Replace larger plates with smaller ones, this way you still have a full dish but end up eating less
  21. 21. 140 calories 350 calories A difference of 210 calories!
  22. 22. The Healthy Weigh! Session 42. Take Your Time! Take the time to savor your food, eating slowly also helps with digestion Be mindful of what you eat
  23. 23. The Healthy Weigh! Session 43. Satisfy your Sweet Tooth in a Healthy Way Choose naturally sweet foods, like fruit, yogurt, etc. Seek out fat-free or low-fat dessert options – but still limit portions Take small portions and eat them slowly & mindfully
  24. 24. The Healthy Weigh! Session 44. Feel full on less Drink more water! Eat foods that are low in fat and have fiber Include protein at each meal
  25. 25. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4  1 cup cooked spaghetti  ¾ cup canned tomatoes 1 cup cooked spaghetti  ¾ cup cooked summer squash ½ cup Alfredo sauce  ½ cup cooked mushrooms  1 cup cooked broccoli  2 tsp olive oil  2 tsp Parmesan cheese  Basil & oregano From The Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan by Barbara Rolls, Ph.D. & Robert A. Barnett
  26. 26. The Healthy Weigh! Session 45. Eat 4 to 5 times a day Do not skip meals Plan healthful snacks, one or two a day
  27. 27. The Healthy Weigh! Session 46. Do not drink your calories Liquid calories do not satisfy  20 oz water = 0 calories  20 oz sweet tea = 190 calories  20 oz fruit juice = 240 calories  20 oz soda = 250 calories  20 oz (Venti) flavored latte = 320 calories
  28. 28. The Healthy Weigh! Session 47. Plan your meals ahead of time  Plan a weekly menu  Emphasize recommended foods  Use recipes  Cook once, eat twice  Make grocery list  Shop according to food labels  Prep ahead as able
  29. 29. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4 Plate meal and serve from kitchen Balanced plate technique Use measuring cups/spoons to serve Store leftovers before eating Eat mindfully Plan for snacks Plan ahead for events Portion distortion aware Setbacks are opportunities
  30. 30. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4Take Home Message: Balanced diet + regular exercise is the BEST option for successful weight management
  31. 31. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4Assignment: Practice 2 of the 7 weight management strategies discussed today
  32. 32. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4 Food Groups Build a Healthy Meal groups/downloads/TenTips/DGTipsheet7BuildAHealthy Meal.pdf
  33. 33. The Healthy Weigh! Session 4Contact Information: BSV-