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Why I LOVE Working at Heritage Auctions


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Noah Fleisher, PR Director at Heritage Auctions expresses why he LOVES working at Heritage Auctions with a slideshow of pictures.

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Why I LOVE Working at Heritage Auctions

  1. 1. Why do I love workingat Heritage Auctions? A pictorial by Noah Fleisher, PR Director
  2. 2. Who am I?My name is Noah Fleisher and I have the good fortune to be the Public Relations Director at Heritage Auctions. I don’t mind telling you I have the best gig in the place – I get to see everything and I never know what one great day to the next will bring.Rather than tell you in words what I love so much about this amazing place, I thought I’d simply let a few (of the thousands) of amazing things I’ve gotten up close and personal with over the years do the talking for me.
  3. 3. Meeting the Energizer Bunny
  4. 4. Calvin and Hobbes original art
  5. 5. William Shatner’s Wrath of Khan Starfleet tunic
  6. 6. Never talk bad about cats around Hellboy…
  7. 7. A 22-pound Chinese gold coin
  8. 8. The largest set ofshark jaws ever assembled
  9. 9. Page 1, Issue #1 original art from the Watchmen
  10. 10. The First Lady of Rock n’ Roll, Maria Elena Holly
  11. 11. John Wayne’s saddle
  12. 12. Jim Lovell’s Apollo 13Lunar Module Checklist
  13. 13. Ted Williams’ 1972 Texas Rangers jersey, worn as team manager
  14. 14. The original John Romita, Sr. cover art for Spider-Man #169
  15. 15. Paul Revere hand-crafted silver spoons
  16. 16. Jimi Hendrix’ personal jewelry with autograph book
  17. 17. The Berwick Discoveryof Lost Movie Posters
  18. 18. John Wayne’s screen-worn cowboy hat from Rooster Cogburn
  19. 19. Frank Miller’s original issue #3, page 10 Splash Page art from The Dark Knight
  20. 20. The only known teaser poster from 1931’s The Bride of Frankenstein
  21. 21. Tyrannosaurus bataar
  22. 22. The $1 million+ Batman comic – aCGC-graded 8.0 Detective Comics #27