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The Joys of Dog Adoption


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In this unique presentation, Lauren discusses the the joys of dog adoption.

Published in: Spiritual
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The Joys of Dog Adoption

  1. 1. THE JOYS OF DOG ADOPTION Created by Lauren Yurick
  2. 2. It Helps End Homelessness Every year, millions of sweet, healthy, ›_ - 6 ready to be loved dogs are killed at animal i shelters across this country just because of the lack of cage space. Like with people, bad *" ' y luck can cause good dogs to become ' i . '- y . , homeless through no fault of their own. By I . « _ adopting a shelter dog, you're doing your ' ' ' “o i' ' part to help solve the nationwide crisis of x “ ' homelessness. : I: N p' * “ _ p i _['<L j . _, -_ '. w-
  3. 3. Its Just Cool id* “i” ' ' Look at all of the celebrities you see Walking around With their adopted dogs by their side. It's clear adoption isn't just the right thing to do- it's the cool thing to do too! Think of it this way, to your adopted dog, you are a true rockstar!
  4. 4. Flaunt Your New Best Friend Adopted dogs are the super-smart mutts of the dog world. Skip the honor student bumper sticker. Flaunt your new best buddy with a cool collar or even a t-shirt.
  5. 5. The Companionship The love you recieve and give to your . i g i , 7:41, adopted dog is mutual. You will , l' i* Mjå' . A , 'i , instantly fall in love With your adopted ' “ i i n i , 3 i' ' , dog, and your new best friend Will _ ” , ya' i" .1 a/ J, “få” return those tender feelings tenfold. ;3 , Lgmx/ _/ i i i i e _ i You'll never be lonely again, because . var . áiänig i <1; , ›; ':1': i"“ii'i* › x you'll always have your buddy.
  6. 6. The Love Is Unconditional This goes without saying, but do you're adopted dog, you a1'e their best friend, rescuer, and rock star. You can't and won't beat your adopted dog's uncomplaining, adoring presence.
  7. 7. Shows Who You Are As A Person Adopting your dog proves you're a person of great inner depth Who values substance over style. Think about it, selecting to adopt a mystery dog of unknown parentage over a predictable pedigreed purebred.