Millennium development goals child mortalit


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My religion project on child mortality

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Millennium development goals child mortalit

  1. 1. Millennium Development Goals Child mortality
  2. 2. Fact progress • Globally, the number of deaths of children under five years of age fell from 12 million in 1990 to 6.9 million in 2011. • In developing countries, the percentage of underweight children under five years old dropped from 28% in 1990 to 17% in 2011. • While the proportion of births attended by a skilled health worker has increased globally, fewer than 50% of births are attended in the WHO African Region. • Globally, new HIV infections declined by 24% between 2001 and 2011. • Existing cases of tuberculosis are declining, along with deaths among HIVnegative tuberculosis cases. • The world has met the United Nations Millennium Development Goals target on access to safe drinking-water but more needs to be done to achieve the sanitation target.
  3. 3. Target 4 Target four was to reduce child mortality rate by two thirds between 1990 and 2015. • Globally, a huge amount of progress has been made in reducing child mortality under five years of age. • In 2011 only 6.9 million children under five died but in 1990 12 million died. Between 1990 and 2011, under-five mortality declined by 41%, from 87 to 51 per 1000. The rate of decline has accelerated in recent years – from 1.8% per year during 1990– 2000 to 3.2% during 2000–2011. even though this improvement, the world is unlikely to achieve the MDG target of a two-thirds reduction in 1990 mortality levels by the year 2015. In 2011, measles immunization coverage was 84% among children aged 12–23 months. More countries are now achieving high levels of immunization in 2011, 64% of Member States reached at least 90% coverage. Between 2000 and 2010, measles deaths decreased by 74%, this meannt one fifth of the overall decline in child mortality.
  4. 4. Changes The United Nations children's fund- UNICEF says 90 million lives have been saved in the past 20 years from a pledge to reduce child mortality, but more action is needed.
  5. 5. Delays on reducing child mortality the goal won't be reached until 2028, and delay could see as many as 35 million more children dying. The people in cities have mostly been helped and its time to now spread out around different countries for this goal to finally be reached. Over one third of all child deaths are linked to malnutrition, this can easily be prevented with the right food supplies. Most of these children are dying in developing countries from preventable causes in which there are known and cost-effective ways to help. Unless efforts are increased there will be little hope of decreasing 5.4 million child deaths per year More than one billion children are severely deprived of at least one of the essential goods and services they require to survive
  6. 6. This is all they need
  7. 7. player_detailpage By Lauren Mc Donald, Aoife Fagan and Marketa