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Photo Essay

  1. 1. RACIAL SEGREGATION All living things long to be loved, including human beings. The feeling of living in a time where the world despises you for merely the color of your skin may cause a person to stand up and fight for his or her own rights. What would you do?
  2. 2. Colored citizens of America were discriminated against and some of their rights were taken away. Feelings of anger, loss of faith, and hate swept over America.
  3. 3. Taking away even the small things, such as being forced to drinking from a certain drinking fountain could make a person feel trapped in their own world because they knew that was happing wasn’t right.
  4. 4. The simplest rights were taken away, such as having the right to pick your own seat on a bus. They were only allowed to sit in the back.
  5. 5. Some were strong and filled with courage so they fought for their rights just like Rosa Parks. She protested by sitting in the front row of a bus. She refused to move and was taken to jail.
  6. 6. Martin Luther King Jr. stood up and spoke with wisdom, faith and confidence hoping to change the views of many people and give his faith to others. He spoke of equal rights for all man.
  7. 7. Certain places only serve one race. Colored people were not allowed in the places or they served them and only allowed certain thing ands seating.
  8. 8. People protested for equal rights such as; intergraded public transportation, schools, other public places, and jobs.
  9. 9. Instead of going to school or playing ball with friends, colored children didn’t have many opportunities; only to fight for what they never had. Even the children knew they deserved the rights that everyone else had.
  10. 10. People then fought for what they knew was right, and in comparison to then and now, a lot has changed and a lot is continuing to change; making history.
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