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Creative coursework masque red death english.


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Creative coursework masque red death english.

  1. 1. Creative coursework Year 12
  2. 2. L.O: to understand how to craft a successful piece of courseworkAll will be able to recognise key features of a successful coursework piece.Most will be able to comment on why the features make the coursework successful.Some will be able to independently critically analyse a piece of work, commenting on key features and how they make the piece successful.
  3. 3. Take notes Year 12 Creative coursework: Recap! 16th January 2012:Creative Draft due in to Element 1 teacher Weeks beginning 30th January and 6th February: Creative tutorial fortnight Week beginning 20th February: Creative final deadline
  4. 4. Take notes What is the creative coursework? Part B of the assignment requires candidates to produce a piece of creative writing which demonstrates their understanding and appreciation of one or both of their chosen paired texts. (Poe and Chandler) The creative piece must have clear links to the set text(s) and must harmonize with the set theme( violent tendencies). Candidates are required to submit a sheet of handwritten notes as evidence of their initial planning along with their submission. Word count for creative piece: between 500 and 850 words
  5. 5. Take notes What else do I need to know? • Your creative piece MUST fall under the theme of ‘violent tendencies’. • The piece must be in a written form. E.g. A letter between two characters, an additional chapter. It cannot be a spoken form E.g. A conversation between two characters. • If you go over the word limit you will be pulled down the rank order and lose marks.
  6. 6. Take notes What am I being assessed on? AO1 – Use of written English. AO2- Use of appropriate genre conventions, language, style and form. AO4- Evidence of originality; viewpoint, harmonising with or challenging set theme.
  7. 7. The Masque of the Red DeathWe are going to read this story as a class.What is it about?Do you think this is an effective story? Why?
  8. 8. Example: Additional material for ‘The Masque of the Red Death’Let’s have another look at the AO’s:AO1 – Use of written English.AO2- Use of appropriate genre conventions, language, style and form.AO4- Evidence of originality; viewpoint, harmonising with or challenging set theme.On your post it note- write down some evidence to show an AO that is met in the c/w.Is this is successful piece of coursework?
  9. 9. What is Select an examplesuccessfulabout this Another example: of where it hits an AO.example? We sipped on the blood red wine from our seemingly eternally full glasses, talking and conversing about the ways of the world, politics and wine: in the latter topic he would always best me. Considering I remember the event in such great detail, it is surprising that I do not know what we were arguing about or how it began. At first it was a pleasant disagreement between intellectuals, but our once amicable and companionable argument suddenly turned sour and vicious, in the same way that storms out at sea can quickly become hellish maelstroms. Fortunato, for all his wisdom and brevity, could not accept that I thought that he was wrong about something or other ,and so he struck me, with the speed of a viper. This was not an entirely unusual occurance, but the look in his eye, like looking at the brink of some maddening abyss, was entirely new.
  10. 10. Band system: Coursework Grading.Looking at the coursework mark scheme – what band do you think both these pieces are?Now we are going to have a go at writing creatively.You will be working on this in class time.
  11. 11. Take notes Task: The Red Death personified. You are going to write a dramatic monologue from the perspective of ‘The Red Death’. You will describe your attack on Prince Prospero’s palace- your slyness, and violent tendency to spread. When your creative piece is complete you will be peer marking your work. I will only be marking one short paragraph of it. Today you will just be gathering ideas, vocabulary and planning your written piece. We will start writing your piece next lesson.