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Traid Event
Traid Event
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Traid Event


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This is an event idea i produced for the charity Traid, to help raise awareness and donations.

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Traid Event

  1. 1. Traid Charity Event Traid Charity Event SWAP SHOP & VINTAGE FAIR That most reflected the brands image and would raise both awareness and money would be a swap shop with a catwalk show, live music and vintage fashion stalls. The fashion show would Traid remade clothing used to increase awareness of Traid and their products and to create a fashionable and upbeat atmosphere at the event. The swap shop will be the main attraction at the event; with local EVENT vintage retailers and students selling alongside in exchange for a small fee. A popular DJ will attract customers and create a cool and fashionable vibe at the IDEA event. Popular, stylish celebrities with an interest in ethical fashion were also contacted to create more awareness around the event and the association between this type of celebrity and Traid would be a good marketing tool for the charity.As primary research a questionnaire they would attend a swap shop eventwas conducted asking Nottingham in Nottingham. People will pay a small fee to attend theTrent students if they were aware of A swap shop hosted at the Orange tree event to contribute towards the £2000the charity Traid and if they would pub on the 16th February was visited we need to raise for interested in an event hosted by to provide more information on suchthe charity. an event. This allowed us to get a feel of how a swap shop is run and howThe results showed that brand popular an event like this could be inawareness was relatively low Nottingham.amongst students with only 21%people knowing about the brand. As secondary research we looked atStudents seemed very interested in fashion blogs and magazines whichthe idea of a swap shop as 83% said had covered the trend of Swap shops.
  2. 2. Traid Charity Event Traid Charity EventTARGET MARKET VENUE Spanky Van Dykes is a bustling bar A £5 entry charge to the upstairs and restaurant in Nottingham city event will be charged. With a centre. Spanky’s hosted a vintage fair capacity of 300 people, £1750 could in 2010 and is a hot spot for vintage be raised if all 300 tickets are sold wearers and students. The venue’s at £5. capacity is 500 people with an RAISING BRAND upstairs area holding 300 people. The swap shop will be in the main room with the DJ’s and the vintage AWARENESS After visiting the location and contacting the management, Spanky stalls dispersed between the main room and balcony. This allows for a Traid’s newsletters and leaflets will be scattered Van Dykes were very interested in flow of people across the event. around the event to introduce the charity to unaware hosting the event. It was agreed the consumers and ensure people know why the event is event would take place on the 10th taking place. A slideshow presentation will also play May from 6pm-late. continuously on a projector showing consumers the work that Traid does.
  3. 3. Traid Charity Event Traid Charity Event ENTERTAINMENT Local popular DJ group The Elementz agreed to play on the night but required a small fee of £100. Alongside The Elementz, Spanky Van Dykes have offered their in house DJ at a cost of £50. This cost can be covered from the money raised on the night of the event. PHOTOGRAPHERVINTAGE FAIR FASHION SHOWVintage stores were contacted to to sell Traid remade fashion show will featureat the event for a fee of £30. 10 female models. The show will help to raise awareness of Traid Remade ‘Vintage Obsession’, ‘White rose’ and clothing and give customers an idea of‘Braderie’ have agreed to sell at the what is on offer.event. Online vintage retailer ‘Rowdy &Rebellious’ who sell via ASOS are also The fashion show clothing will be pickedkeen to come and sell at the event. Kai Cem Narin, a photography student at Nottingham Trent whose by Traid and then sent by recorded post two days before the event. images have featured in Vogue has agreed to be the photographer atThese brands were all chosen for their the event. The models used in the catwalk will beethical reputations and work on prolong- Having a photographer at the event would be a great way to capture the life of clothing, which fits well the atmosphere and drive attention towards Facebook and twitter,with Traid’s values. where the images will be portrayed after the event. This will help drive traffic towards Traids social media sites and raise awarness of the brand.
  4. 4. Traid Charity Event Traid Charity EventSPONSORSHIPSeveral companies such as Capital FM,Paul Smith, Monkee Genes, WILD cloth-ing and Vitamin Water were contacted tosponsor our event. We offered a range ofsponsorship options such as•Donation money to help with event costs•Donating products to be auctioned or given away•Providing discount vouchers for guests,offering 10% off their brandWILD clothing agreed to sponsor the eventby giving discount vouchers to all guests. CELEBRITY Having a celebrity at the event would help create publicity and would attract more customers. It is important to get a fashionable and stylish celebrity who maintains a good reputation with the press and who has similar values to Traid. Jameela Jamil a T4 presenter, was con- tacted to make an appearance and act as a stylist to two competition winners. COLLECTING CLOTHES Rosamund Hanson an English TV ac- tress, and a lover of vintage fashion was emailed and approached via Twitter. Susie Bubble a popular English blogger was also contacted. However as of yet no confirmation has been received for Collection will start a month before Donation bags will be door dropped the event, a drop off point will be at privately rented flats within the city TICKETS these celebrities to attend the event. arranged for people to drop their centre. As this area is where young unwanted clothing off for sorting in a affluent professionals live. Large Tickets will be sold prior to the event at university building. One token per item companies, for example Boots and £5 in Waverley and outside of Newton. they donate will be given to people. Speedos head office will be sent Tickets will also be available from the Once the clothing is collected, it will be donation bags asking employees to bar in Spanky’s and on the door on the sorted and arranged into pricing cat- donate any unwanted clothing. night. egories for example £1 = 1 token. The online ticket vendor ‘company. These collection methods allow for a ticket’ will also be used to sell tickets to People will be able to purchase goods range of good quality donated customers online. This enables people with tokens and money. This allows clothing. to print their tickets off. This page can anyone to shop the swap shop and be linked to the Facebook event page purchase. allowing people to see the online event and purchase tickets immediately.
  5. 5. Traid Charity Event Traid Charity Event PRESS PACK & MARKETING PLAN Before the event, a number of marketing methods will be used to cre- ate awareness. A press pack has been created to advertise the event to press. The press pack will be sent to local press and a national ethical magazine. It will include press releases information on the brand and 2 tickets to encourage these companies to come and cover the event. Flyers and posters will be distributed around the University and be dis- played in Spanky Van Dykes and the vintage shops selling at the event. The posters and flyers will have QR codes on allowing people to scan to find out more information. Social Media sites Facebook, Twitter will cover the event prior to and after the event to attract young consumers and to drive people towards the Traid brand. A blog will be set up in the run up to the event, which will connect to both social media sites. The blog will show potential customers new donations received for the swap shop, which brands will be selling, new music from The Elementz and information about Traid. This will help to create hype and interest around the event. Press pack and social media will be used after the event to show its success and promote Traid further.
  6. 6. Traid Charity Event Traid Charity Event CONCLUSION We feel that our event will be successful in covering all of our objectives. Our figures show that if we sell 300 tickets as well as selling tables for independent sellers and sell donated clothes to consumers, we should make over the £2000 Traid require. Brand awareness will have increased as our swap shop ensures Traid is well advertised to consumers before, during and after the event. This swap shop and vintage fair will enable a mass amount of clothes are collected, traded and sold. Any items that are not swapped or sold will be donated to Traid.MEASURINGSUCESSTo measure the success of our event,we will look at the attendance andthe number of tickets sold. During theevent we will ask customersquestions on a video camera aboutthe event and ask them to fill in ashort questionnaire after the event.Facebook and other social media siteswill also help measure how successfulthe event has been in raisingawareness from the amount ofmembers/ followers gained.