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21st century icon


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An investigation into one of Apples most iconic products, using just quotes and images.

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21st century icon

  1. 1. iPod a 21stCentury Icon Lauren Mitchell
  2. 2. Lauren Mitchell N0299038 2012 Design & Visual Culture Visual Product Code DAVC20022
  3. 3. iPod a 21st Century IconApple launched the first iPod in 2001 (iPod history, 2011,online) sincethen it has become an instantly recognisable product selling over 304million January 2011. (Costello, 2011, online). The iPod is a brilliantexample of how a global brand can create a product that goes on torepresent a whole market. (The personal music market). It is throughApple’s ability to create desire and fuel consumption that the iPod hasbecome such an influential product.For something to be considered iconic it must be instantly recognisableand with cultural significance to particular a group of people. Apple’siPod has become an iconic product representing music and the personalmusic market. Few other brands can boast that their product defines amarket whilst being accessible to all.The iPod is one of the most recognisable products of our time. They areeasily accessible but still maintain the feeling of exclusivity and luxurydue to the minimalistic and clean design.I will be exploring how, through both the design and marketing of theiPod, Apple has created one of the most iconic products of the 21stcentury that has gone on to have a huge effect on society and ourculture.
  4. 4. Design “The iPod branded by Apple is the first cultural consumer icon of the 21st century; it represents a perfect marriage between aesthetics and functionality, of sound and touch – the auditory world in the palm of the hand.” (Bull, Figure 1: Steve Jobs introducing the iPod Nano, 2005
  5. 5. Figure 2: Holding the iPod Nano, 2005Design“The design is just flawless. It feels good, to hold it in your hand,to rub your thumb over the navigation wheel and to touch thesmooth white surface. It looks nice, I’m proud of owning such adevice. I have never cherished anything I bought as much as thislittle device.” (Bull,
  6. 6. Figure 3: Limited edition iPod men inspired by Lego and iPod created by Artist Tomi, 2005 Earphones “ And then there’s the lucky accident with the earphones. On the street, the distinctive ear buds serve to advertise the player hidden in the wearer’s pocket. It is immediately obvious that it is not a Sony or any other pedestrian brand” (Kahney, 2006. pg 241)
  7. 7. Figure 4: One of the first iconic iPod adverts, 2003ADsThe iPod advertising campaign used a distinct visual style thatbecame instantly recognisable; television commercials, printadvertisements and posters featured dark silhouetted figures againstbright, colourful backgrounds. The silhouettes are listening to theiriPods and usually dancing. Since then, the Apple iPod advertisingcampaign has been referenced across all areas of popular culturefrom cartoons and movies to talk shows and magazines.(Ad Madness,
  8. 8. Figure 5 : Spoof AD depicting the iPod as a perfume, 2004 Spoofs The widespread parodies and homages to Apple’s various ad campaigns are a testament to their iconic and recognizable nature. Imitations of the ads have shown up everywhere from YouTube to Saturday Night Live, sometimes with surprising results. (Moren, 2007. online)
  9. 9. Figure 6: A Spoof Adfeaturing Darth Vaderbased on the iconic iPodadverts, 2004
  10. 10. Figure 7: The cover of the Newsweek magazine declaring America an iPod nation, 200410
  11. 11. Everyone has one“Ive got an iPod. My neighbour’s got an iPod. Most of thepeople work with have iPods. We’re fast becoming an iPodnation. Heck its fast becoming an iPod world. Even thepresident of the United States has an iPod, as do the Queen ofEngland and Channel designer Karl Lagerfield who has at least70” (Kahney, 2006. pg 235) 11
  12. 12. Sound track of lives “ Rarely does an electronic gadget become so ubiquitous that it defines an entire market category …Our iPods could always be playing--on the bus, on the street, when working out, or while drifting to sleep-- focusing our lives through a new musical lens. With the iPod guiding us through life experiences good and bad, each one of us becomes a star in our own private movie.” (Walster, 2011. online) Figure 8: Communters both listening to iPods, typical of modern day rush hour, 201112
  13. 13. 13
  14. 14. Figure 9: iPod plan to create your own 3D paper model, 200214
  15. 15. Paper models“ Many Mac modelers want to remember machines theyloved. “ These paper models serve as tangible remindersof cherished devices” ( Kahney, 2006. Pg 186) 15
  16. 16. Figure 10: Michael Kors iPod case / purse for Apple, 2012 Figure 11: Chanel perspex briefcas with a Chanel iPod, 200916
  17. 17. Fashion Designers“Ever since the invention of Apple’s advanced techgadgets, such as the Macbook laptop, iPod, iPhone andiPad, there have been designers right behind themcreating chic carrying cases for them all.”(Gahagan, 2011. online) 17
  18. 18. Figure 12: Sony Walkman a once groundbraking product, 1979 Figure 13: The now iconic iPod, the representation of personal music players, 2009 Define music era “The iPod is a genuine cultural phenomenon…It is fast becoming the signature music technology of its era like the jukebox in the 50’s and the walkman in the 80’s. The word ‘iPod’ is already a brand eponym, it has come to signify all MP3 players.” (Kahney, 2006, pg 241)18
  19. 19. Conclusion“The iPod is the first cultural icon of the twenty firstcentury. There is nothing else like it in terms of the mix ofstyle, functionality and consumer desire. The technology isappealing because it can be programmed very quickly andeasily. This is a market leader and, like the Walkman before,it will change the way people manage their experience ofmusic in urban space. It allows users to listen to whateverthey want non-stop, providing a soundtrack to their world.”(Bull, 2006. online)Figure 14: The current iPod Touch, a perfect exampleof ‘the desirable’ product, 2012 19
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