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Discover! Library Catalogues and RA Services


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Discover! Library Catalogues and RA Services

  1. 1. Discover! @ Halifax Public Libraries HPL’s New Library Catalogue and How It Can Be Used As a Readers’ Advisory Tool Laurel Tarulli Collection Access Librarian
  2. 2. The catalogue as a Readers’ Advisory Tool  Uniformity in headings/access points not found in other databases  Personalized for your readers’ and library’s needs  Allows an RA to find titles for the reader that we have in our collection  The experts on this database are in-house – us!
  3. 3. In the past, not a popular RA tool  Mindset – “Myth” that the catalogue is hard to use  Lack of expertise for the different search functions which leads to frustration  Use and knowledge of subject headings and genres  Limitations of catalogue and its content  Traditionally considered inventory list, not a discovery tool
  4. 4. Why should we use the catalogue?  We control the catalogue  We are the experts  Enriched content/description  Reading lists  Personalized annotations  Local/specialized access points  RA collaboration  Narrative Non-fiction genre headings
  5. 5. Improving your RA skills in the Catalogue  Become familiar with the genres used in your library catalogue  Successful searches combine genre headings with subjects  How do I know what to search?  Look at the records to see what is being used  Adult fiction records usually include:  Setting/Place  Occupation of protagonist  Genre
  6. 6. What is Discover?  New catalogue using the product AquaBrowser. HPL is calling it “Discover”.  How many of you are familiar with Discover?  How many of you have started/looked at the tutorial on Discover that was recently sent out?  How many of you have had training on Discover, in addition to the tutorial?
  7. 7. Discover for RA Purposes  Faceted Navigation  Sort by feature  My Discoveries
  8. 8. Faceted Navigation  A reader comes up to you and tells you about a great book they just read, “Beautiful Creatures”. Based on your RA interview, you extract the main themes that the reader enjoyed about this book. Let’s imagine, in this example, our reader enjoyed the supernatural and imaginary feel or imaginary culture that was created by the different characters in the book.  With that information, how can you find similar titles that our reader may be interested in? There are two components here:  The Title “Beautiful Creatures”  Two topics or themes: “Supernatural” and “Imaginary Feel/Culture”
  9. 9. The easiest and most direct way to find similar titles to this book is by searching the book itself, Beautiful Creatures.
  10. 10. Genre Read-Alikes  A list of genres used for Fiction and Non- fiction can be found on Catawiki   Once you determine a specific genre or two that you’d like to search, enter the genre(s) into the search box on the main page of Discover and Search!
  11. 11. Genre Read-Alikes Let’s use the Genre Headings:  Chick lit, Romance, Humor
  12. 12. Once you choose an author, you can sort by factors such as location and date
  13. 13. My Discoveries  What is My Discoveries?  Social, collaborative feature that allows users and staff to tag, review and rate items within the catalogue.  Enables users to create lists (public or private depending on preference) of their favourite items, or to organize their reading, listening and viewing interests.  Users can interact and contribute to content in the catalogue.
  14. 14. How can it be used as an RA tool?  Allows a patron to “discover” another reader with similar reading interests.  Sharing or collaborating  Reading lists  Sharing through Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Reviews  Tags – with appeal factor terms?  Fast-paced, Moody, Edgy, Bittersweet
  15. 15. Examples  A book: Fallen by Lauren Kate  2 Reviews  Written by Community Members: Bookworm 95 and Pepsicola  Click on Bookworm95 and see a list of books also review by the same user; or  Type the username into the search box to find other reviews or lists that community member has created/contributed to the catalogue
  16. 16. Examples  An Author: Stephenie Meyer
  17. 17. Local Examples  RA’s can contribute content:  Reviews  Tags with appeal factors  Searchable read-alike lists  Example: SarainHalifax  Lists created by one of our staff members at HPL
  18. 18. “Sarainhalifax” – Sara Gillis from Spring Garden Library
  19. 19. Questions or Comments? Laurel Tarulli Collection Access Librarian 490-2704