Cvm library clinics research guide 2013


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Cvm library clinics research guide 2013

  1. 1. Laurel Sammonds Crawford, MLISCVM LibrarianCVM LibraryClinical Research Review
  2. 2. CVM Online Research GuideScan or click on the code to the left to go to theCVM Online Research Guideat the Clinical Resources tab, you’ll find clinicalreference e-books, print books, and links to moreresources.You may also want to check out the VeterinaryProfessional Development tab and the Manage YourInformation tab.Get a QR Code reader at
  3. 3. Agenda• Fast and reliable searching• Alerts• Get Help! CVM Library Details
  4. 4. EBM Pyramid of EvidenceVINMessageBoards andtextbooksCriticalreviews ofresearch, ofeitherindividualstudies or asynthesis ofmanyOriginalresearchFind these specifictypes of evidence byentering their namesas search terms, orby using PubMedArticle Type filters
  5. 5. Fast and reliable searching:up-to-date researchStep 1: Search the veterinary databases (see next slide) to find:• Journal articles, conference proceedings, and professionalmagazines• Results of recent experimental or exploratory research• Case studies• Explanation of controversies or debates• Focused information and news on specific pathologies• Most articles are now online!Whether you’re in the AHC at a computer or out at a farm on your iPad, youcan access most scientific articles and lots of books online. Here’s how:
  6. 6. Remember:start at MSULibraries’ vetdatabaseportal andthen clickthe “Find It”button to getonline accessto full-textPDF’sFast and reliable searching:up-to-date researchKey Databases InfoPubMedFree, comprehensive database ofmedical researchPubMed tutorialsPubMed Help ebookScopusA powerful scientific database withcomprehensive life sciencesinformationScopus trainingVetMed ResourceCollects all of CABI’s veterinaryinformation into one placeSearch or browse articles grouped bytopic; contains datasheets written byveterinary expertsProQuestSearch theses and dissertations bytopic, author, or schoolSearches unpublished, yet scientificliteratureGoogle ScholarLimits to scholarly work; also showswho cited a paperGoogle Scholar FAQGood supplemental database, seewhat you may have missed elsewhere
  7. 7. Fast and reliable searching:summaries and background infoStep 2: Search Veterinary Clinics of North America• See cheat sheet—most are now online!• Up-to-date information on diagnoses, techniques and therapy• Articles (chapters) grouped on a focused theme within a bookStep 3: Search the Online Catalog for Books• Broad, background supporting information• Diagrams, charts, anatomical drawings• Review specific pathologies, techniques• Useful for researching unfamiliar situations and species• Drug info and other reference• You can limit to e-books by setting Type to “electronic books”
  8. 8. Search Tips ‘n’ TricksSearch Tip ExampleUse correct spelling—some databasesdon’t autocorrectophthalmologyTry different keywords, synonyms, andlarger or smaller category terms•pig: try swine, artiodactyla, ungulate•theriogenology = breedingEnclose phrases in quotes “blood brain barrier”Search in specific fields by using theAdvanced SearchDepending on the database, you cansearch by author, title, institutionalaffiliation, even journal title orpharmaceutical actionFilters are your friend! After searching, use filters to narrowresults by publication date, language,type of publication, and more.
  9. 9. Search Tips ‘n’ TricksHow to find an incomplete citationIf you only have part of a medical citation, fill in this form with what you do know, andit will find the rest of the information: you know what article you’re looking forPaste the title into the “Discovery” box at to jump directly to itHow to use InterLibrary Loan (ILL)• If MSU Libraries doesn’t have something you need, you can borrow otherlibraries’ items—from around the world• Have it delivered to the CVM Library for pickup• Fill out the form at get off-campus access to online library resources• Go through MSU Libraries’ website and enter your NetID and password whenprompted
  10. 10. • Set up database email alertsfor new publications on acertain topic– Pubmed (“MyNCBI”)—lookfor Save Search– Agricola, MEDLINE, CABAbstracts (“MyEBSCOHost”)—look for Search Alerts andJournal Alerts– Google Scholar (uses yourregular Google account)—look for Alerts• Set up alerts for tables-of-contents from your favoritejournal at News Alerts inYour Area of InterestPhotograph : Hi, Im New in Town - Heard Youre The Big Cat InCharge , 2009, by godserv, is used under a Creative CommonsAttribution license
  11. 11. Example of aPubMed(MyNCBI)alert
  12. 12. Get Help! CVM Library Details• Hours:• ContactMonday – Thursday 7 AM – 11 PMFriday 7 AM – 5 PMSaturday 10 AM – 6 PMSunday 2 PM – 10 PMLaurel Sammonds,•Call and ask for quick assistance•Schedule an appointment tobuild an in-depth searching plan•Report problems•After hours, Ask A Librarian viachatYour CVM Librarian is here to help with your clinicalresearch…