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  • Introductions
  • Brent’s slides here
  • Video – 21st Century LearningHow can ADLC move schools towards an Inspiring Future for students? How can we be the place school go to help with systemic change? How can we offer efficiencies under tight budgets? How can we meet the diverse learning needs of Alberta’s changing population? How can we be agile and able to meet the rapidly changing curriculum to provide relevancy?
  • Our courses provide teachers the support they need to meet the need of their diverse learners. They can differentiate the assignments that are already built, there is text to speech on every page at no additional cost, the content contains engaging videos that have both captioning and transcripts, fort can be easily changed and enlarged. And most importantly the work can be self paced to go as fast as you can but as slow as you must. This is differentiation. ADLC provides that for teachers and students. Success makerImagine learning.
  • 21st Century Learning Video here…Video–Stop at 2:20 (MacArthur)
  • Toilet Paper Commercial
  • Text To Speech, Videos, Captions, Animations.
  • Start from 1:29 - end
  • Students are connected with resources, experts interviews and field trip experience to answer research questions.
  • This collaborative partnership with Northland School Division aligns with ADLC’s goal: Sparking Student Engagement, Diversity in Distributed Learning, as it aims to improve student academic, social and intellectual engagement, as well as achievement and completion rates in Northland School Division.  Strategies:1. Assisted Flipped Classroom:  Provide just in time videos based on collaboration with the classroom teacher and ADLC, to provide instruction for students which enables self-paced learning.2. Supportive Chat:  Provide support from an ADLC teacher during class time via chat technologies which enable students to communicate in a safe environment by a means of communication they prefer.3. Weekly Video Conferencing:  To improve relationships between the class and the teacher, weekly VC sessions will help students and the distant teacher get to know each other and create a connection between the in class teacher and the ADLC teacher at a distance. 4. Atlantis Remixed Virtual Worlds Project:  Using the Atlantis Remixed platform which is an immersive environment (virtual world), students will complete an interdisciplinary “journey” by completing quests in a collaborative online environment. The unit is “Mesa Verde” which will be linked to Language Arts, social studies and science Alberta Programs of Studies.http://atlantisremixed.org/
  • We are piloting with Evergreen Catholic, Fort Vermillion, Canmore Collegiate, Noble Central, Crowsnest Consolidated is the WOLF (Woodland Operators Learning Foundation).  Students earn credits for Forestry 1010, 1020, 1100, 2010, 3080.  Forestry 3910 is the simulator credit.  
  • Add Jason’s daughter video here.
  • First build a robust network that will include people from:K-12Post Sec BusinessNot for Profits/Community GroupsGovernmentWe need to be able to connect students to these experts to work with them in creating engaging learning experiences and deep understandings of the boarder world of knowledge, creativity and innovation.
  • We need to have access to the vast amount of digital content that could be re-purposed to create meaningful learningContent designed for training/learningContent created from workflow We need a way to repurpose this content to make it useful for teachers and students.
  • Cenovus

    1. 1. Who are our students?
    2. 2. State of Education in Alberta• Increased Student Diversity• Focus on Inclusion• Inspiring Education• Rapidly Changing Curriculum• Reduced Budgets• Limited Resources
    3. 3. • Decreased literacy, numeracy, completion and retention rates.• Difficulty meeting the needs of diverse learners.The Result
    4. 4. “Community resources shouldbe fully engaged to supportlearners, includingexpertise, facilities, servicesand learning opportunities.Community resources—whetherlocal, provincial, national orglobal—should activelyparticipate in the education oflearners.”
    5. 5. Brayden – Kate Andrews High SchoolCoaldale
    6. 6. Oil SandsCollaborativeProjectFrameworkOnline CommunityResources &AssignmentExpert InterviewsCollaborativeOpportunitiesOil Sands Field Trip
    7. 7. Northland TeachingServices PartnershipNorthlandSchoolDivisionSupportAssistedFlippedClassroomWeeklyVideoConferenceVirtualWorldsOnline Chat
    8. 8. Atlantis Remixed
    9. 9. • Three way partnership: Online courses based on CTS curriculumcreated by ADLC, Simulator and courses using WOLF/NorthernLakes simulators and Future field experience in partnership withInRoads Outfitters.WOLF – Forestry Partnership Video
    10. 10. What if….• … we could use technology to connect ourstudents to experts on any subject ondemand?• … we could take the day to day work of thosesame experts and turn it into engaginglearning opportunities for every student inAlberta?