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Digital Learning Objects

Presented at Oviatt Library, California State University Northridge
April 26, 2012

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Digital Learning Objects

  1. 1. Digital Learning ObjectsLaura Wimberley, PhD, MLIS
  2. 2. Online Learning• Physical distance• Technology (usually a computer) to access learning materials• Technology to interact with the instructor and with other learners• Support for learners
  3. 3. Digital Learning Objects• Delivered online• Educational• Modular• Reusable• Open• Practice• Assessment
  4. 4. Presentations
  5. 5. Web Guides
  6. 6. Screencasts
  7. 7. Videos
  8. 8. @CSUN• Lecture capture• Quizzes• Virtual exhibits
  9. 9. The Future• More open access resources• More participation by reputable, traditional universities• More hybrid courses
  10. 10. Information Literacy DLOs• Peer review• Finding books & articles from citations• Primary sources – what they are & how to find them• Copyright & public domain
  11. 11. Near Future• Mixed media objects• Curated open access digital learning objects
  12. 12. The Future: Primary Sources• Supreme Court cases• Oviatt Special Collections
  13. 13. The Future: Gamification• Goals• Rules• Feedback• Voluntary
  14. 14. The Future: Digital Humanities• Text mining• GIS data integration• Students as knowledge creators
  15. 15. Questions?
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  17. 17. Background image Creative Commons 2009 by flickr user Gwen Vanhees