Power Searching Google And Google Scholar


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Power Searching Google And Google Scholar

  1. 1. Power Searching Google and Google Scholar<br />Laura Wilson, Reference Librarian<br />Framingham State College<br />September 23, 2009<br />
  2. 2. 2<br />Advanced Google Search<br />Click here for<br />advanced search<br />
  3. 3. The Advanced Search Page<br />
  4. 4. Boolean and Phrase Search : AND, “ ”, OR, NOT<br />Puts AND between each keyword – broad search (default setting for basic Google search)<br />Example : American soccer teams retrieves<br />American AND soccer AND teams<br />any of these words anywhere on the page<br />Puts quotation marks around the keywords, search as a phrase – more narrow search<br />Example: “American Soccer Teams” retrieves<br />pages that have the phrase<br />American Soccer Teams<br />
  5. 5. Boolean and Phrase Search: AND, “ ”, OR, NOT<br />What your advanced search looks like in the basic search box<br />Phrase search<br />“American Soccer Teams”<br />
  6. 6. Boolean and Phrase Search: AND, “ ”, OR, NOT<br />Puts OR between your keywords – very broad search<br />AMERICAN OR SOCCER OR TEAMS<br />any of these words anywhere on the page<br />Eliminates unwanted terms that are retrieved from the search<br />Example: “American Soccer Teams” –college<br />Retrieves pages that mention the phrase American Soccer Teams<br />and not the word college<br />
  7. 7. More Tools<br />Here you can : <br /><ul><li> Increase the number of websites listed per page
  8. 8. Select websites written in a particular language
  9. 9. Select the type of file that your search retrieves
  10. 10. PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, Excel Spreadsheets, </li></ul>and more!<br /><ul><li> Example: filetype:pdf , filetype:ppt
  11. 11. Search within a particular website or type of website
  12. 12. Example: site:cnn.com , site:.edu , site:.gov</li></li></ul><li>Even More Features!<br /><ul><li>Date will retrieve recently updated pages
  13. 13. Find the latest news on your topic
  14. 14. Where your keywords show up
  15. 15. Anywhere in the page : very broad, may not be relevant
  16. 16. In the title of the page : Probably relevant to your search
  17. 17. In the text of the page: broad, may only mention your keywords once
  18. 18. In the URL of the page: Probably relevant to your search, but may not retrieve other useful sites
  19. 19. In links to the page: Find links to other websites related to your keywords</li></li></ul><li>Even More Features!<br />Find pages similar to the page: searches for websites related or <br /> similar to a specific URL<br /> Example: related:www.framingham.edu<br /> Retrieves pages similar towww.framingham.edu<br />Find pages that link to the page: searches for websites that link to<br /> the URL you input<br /> Example: link:www.framingham.edu<br />Retrieves pages that link to www.framingham.edu<br />
  20. 20. Synonyms ~<br />Use this symbol to retrieve synonyms for your keyword<br />Example : ~feminism , ~basketball<br />Nesting ( ) <br />Use this to search for synonyms under a certain subject<br />Example : cats (Persian OR Himalayan) <br />Retrieves sites that mention Persian cats or Himalayan cats<br />Wildcard *<br />Use this as a placeholder for unknown words in a phrase<br />Example: “Obama voted * on * bill”<br />Other cool advanced search tips<br />
  21. 21. GOOGLE SCHOLAR<br /><ul><li> Search scholarly literature using Google
  22. 22. peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, articles and abstracts
  23. 23. Information that generally is NOT free on the web and </li></ul>NOT accessible through a regular Google search<br /><ul><li> Connects with our library
  24. 24. For example, if you find an article you need, there may be a direct link to that article in one of our databases</li></li></ul><li>Be certain to access Google Scholar through the Henry Whittemore Library<br />http://scholar.google.com.fscproxy.framingham.edu/<br />Connects directly with our holdings – saves you time in finding articles and books!<br />Find the link in our A-Z list of databases on our homepage<br />GOOGLE SCHOLAR<br />Click here for advanced search<br />
  25. 25. Advanced Search : Google Scholar<br /><ul><li> This box is very similar to Advanced Google search
  26. 26. All words : AND between keywords
  27. 27. Exact phrase : “ ”
  28. 28. At least one word: OR between keywords
  29. 29. Without the words: -term</li></ul>“American Soccer Teams” –college<br /><ul><li> Where my words occur:
  30. 30. Anywhere in the article : broad search, results may or may not be relevant
  31. 31. In the title of the article: more narrow, results may be more relevant but may also miss good sources</li></li></ul><li>Advanced Search : Google Scholar<br />Search by AUTHOR of an article, book, theses, etc.<br />Search for articles published in a particular Journal<br /><ul><li>Results may be narrow and incomplete
  32. 32. There may be different ways to spell the name of a journal</li></ul>Search for current information on your topic by Date<br /><ul><li> Search by year only</li></li></ul><li>Advanced Search : Google Scholar<br />Search in a particular subject area<br />
  33. 33. Google Scholar supports most of the same Advanced Search operators from the Google search engine<br />Synonyms ~<br />Nesting ( ) <br />Wildcard *<br />Advanced Search : Google Scholar<br />