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  • Just a few of the thousands of free Web 2.0 tools there are currently availableFocus on collaborationSocial netMany of them do the same or similar thibgs in different ways so pick one you like and give it a try.I will be uploading ideas, tutorials and Help Guides to Fronter over the summer but please email me if you want a session or any help with using any of them.I am not an expert – just an interested practitioner who has been exploring some of the possibilities offered by these tools since 2007.Some have fallen by the wayside but some are popular.The first few sites on the krunchd highlight educational practitioners recommendations and practical ideas of ways in which they have used these tools to enhance their teaching and learning and engage their students . Utilise the new technology we now all have in school. ( well some of us!!)These are a few examples of some I have used here at Addeys in the last year.Some will be tools for you to use and others to also introduce students to
  • All freeTry them out
  • FeedbackKWL Best work – class can embed their ppts ( if saved to slideshare) Anonymous questionsAfLPost-it notes or stickiesLots of suggestions on Tom Barrett’s Interesting ways bloge.G menus, Safe – can protect and limit access to a particular group of students by giving them a Password.Can embed images, links, videos, or just write a comment or a question or discussion point on the board.
  • Great for visual learnersEmbed into Fronter or any blog or webpage
  • Of possible particular interest to Arts and visual subjects – again collaborative. A virtual pinboard.Personal use but also for projects, topics, group work in textiles, Art etc
  • Addeys tools for teachers final 2

    1. 1. 10 Tools for Teachers Laura Taylor Taylormade Libraries
    2. 2. Web 2.0 tools • Animoto • Voicethread • Edublogs • Pinterest • Padlet • • Livebinders • Evernote • Socrative • Diigo • Wordle • Tagxedo • Glogster • • Prezi • Quizlet • Cramberry • dropittome
    3. 3. Edublogs
    4. 4. Animoto • Create videos quickly and easily • Select a theme, embed images, videos, add text, • Free educators accounts available • Easily accessed by students • Embed on Fronter or any webpage or blog
    5. 5. Padlet (Wallwisher) • A virtual wall of stickies • Embed links, images and videos • Password protect 32 Interesting Ways to use Padlet
    6. 6. Glogster Create online posters- embed video, images, sound Glogster ideas and inspiration
    7. 7. Interesting Ways to use Voicethread in the classroom Voicethread for Education • A collaborative multi-media show that allows students to comment on images, documents, ppts and videos verbally or by text. • Moderated by teacher. No special equipment needed • Embed in Fronter or any blog/web-page
    8. 8. • • • • • • • Create on-line booklets from your Word documents and embed on Fronter • A simple tool that makes your resources look more attractive on the web
    9. 9. • Create a virtual pinboard • Visual – particularly useful for Arts and technology • Share boards and pins- collaborate, collate and comment on a mood board of photographs, images , weblinks etc. Organised by Themes. • Group projects or to gather and share information in one place Using Pinterest in Education
    10. 10. Livebinders Livebinder of Ipad Apps • An on-line ring-binder of websites, Word documents, pdfs, images, videos etc • Share and search other people’s binders • Search by subjects and themes
    11. 11. Diigo • Bookmarks available anywhere, not just on one computer • Share bookmarks (favourites) with others • Set up a class / subject account for your colleagues to share bookmarks • Annotate bookmarks, and highlight useful parts of webpages. Tag or keyword so searchable and retrievable. Organise into folders. • Phone app - so bookmarks can be saved anywhere • Online community you can join to share bookmarks with your peers
    12. 12. Evernote • An online folder – make notes, record sound/speech, photograph, etc • Syncs with any device- phone app, Ipad, laptop, desktop etc • Highlight parts of webpages and save them into notebooks- add tags to make them searchable. Tag what you save to make it easier to search • When you save from the internet, Evernote automatically saves the weblink so that you can go straight back to the story • Share Evernote folders with others, so that you can all share into the same folder. Great for student collaboration. • Evernote in Education • Some useful websites for staff and students
    13. 13. Cartoons and Comic Strips • • • • • • • • creator-30021.html •
    14. 14. Other fun tools • • • • •
    15. 15. Acknowledgments • Thanks to colleague Caroline Roche, Librarian at Eltham College for useful resources.