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Dr dre and the deep note2


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Dr dre and the deep note2

  1. 1. Lauracopyright
  2. 2.  Copyright Top Story versus Top Story My Opinion The End
  3. 3.  You could get sued or go to jail You could get expelled or suspended It helpful towards students Copyright gives the owner of something the right to make copies, reproduce, and license something that they own for their lifetime and fifty years after that.
  4. 4. DR DRE THE DEEP NOTE Dr Dre copied the deep note  Lucasfilm has filed suit but lighter and then it sounds exactly like the deep note. against Dr. Dre seeking some time ago Dr. Dre asked unspecified damages for for permission from copyright in fragment Lucasfilm, the purveyor of the THX technology, to use the famous sound for incorporation into one of his songs. According to Lucasfilm, they denied Dr. Dres request to use the sound.
  5. 5.  In a way he copied the deep note I don’t think the deep note people should sue him because he did ask but he made it a little lighter then make it the same. So its not completely the same
  6. 6.  My information came from px